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General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 05-11-2017, 21:11:56 »

General Discussion / Re: Forgotten Hope Youtube
« on: 31-12-2016, 16:12:44 »
Ramelle-Neuville footage in a tiger tank with some singing.

Ending with a horrible teamkill...

Gaming / Re: Cossacks 3
« on: 21-09-2016, 21:09:22 »
Can't get the multiplayer to work right now, otherwise a great game.

General Discussion / Re: 130 Player Server back online!
« on: 12-08-2012, 14:08:04 »
Crashed for me on battle of keren when entering the airplane.

Meuse River / Re: Meuse River 64
« on: 21-05-2012, 21:05:01 »
The map is quite small and have lots of armour and artillery and I think it can be alittle too much if you're playing as infantry.
What I think is needed is more cover for infantry inside the town both especially the west side of the town where you just get killed every second or so with the constant artillery bombing and tank shells flying around.
And as I started with is the map small so I think it fits better with more focus on the infantry.

What i'm feeling right now is that there need to be some way to keep tanks outside of the central town and have tank battles at sawmill and farm(?) by having some clever debris on the roads leading to it, or maybe just remove that annoying artillery(rant!).

Gaming / Re: Battlefield 3
« on: 28-07-2011, 16:07:33 »
Been playing the alpha today and honestly it feels like it's something between MoH and BC2 :)

FH2 Help / Support / Re: weird lag
« on: 24-10-2010, 23:10:04 »
not much of a problemsolver with computers but try to uninstall your anti-virus and test in one game and see if there is smoother. Had the same problem on my old computer with norton antivirus.

Suggestions / Re: Transports?
« on: 21-10-2010, 21:10:17 »
Are you possibly suggesting just more transport vehicals for the game?

asking for a possibility to transport anti-tank guns.

kinda sad if it's not possible on this engine  :( well well quess we can't get everything.

Suggestions / Transports?
« on: 21-10-2010, 21:10:32 »
hey guys, I have a suggestion that isn't gamechanging by any means but puts in a nice gimmick into this awesome game!.

So one problem I see in some cases,  is the lack of Infantry methods to kill tanks. So my suggestion is to add trucks or cars for Anti-tank gun transportation so we get to see more anti-tank guns on the field! :)

for allies.

for germans.

What do you guys think about adding trucks or cars for transportation?

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