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The 82nd Airborne could use a few more good men to join are ranks and help us defeat the Axis.

Join to day and select the 82nd Airborne

No mate as above just the Fh1 branch. This will be the last ever FH1 campaign so if you have played the game or want to try the game this is your last chance.

Forgotten Honor is still going strong and getting stronger and stronger with loads of new campaigns and groups.

Forgotten Honor Proudly Presents

Back in 2004 Forgotten Honor was born shortly after the first campaign took place. After a epic 9 years of some of the best game-play around we find ourselves at the end of the road.

Forgotten Honor invites you to join us one last time for the campaign that really will end all campaigns.

<b>[DAK] DAK Deutsches Afrikakorps</b> vs <b>[7AD] 7th Armoured Division </b> 



With this brand new Forgotten Honor campaign, Burning Sands, you will experience:

Forgotten Hope 1 with its best gameplay without comparison
Fight Forgotten Hope 1 using our well acclaimed FHTmod
8 intense battles on the hot desert terrain every Saturday at 19:00 GMT.
2 sides led by best with teamwork oriented armies employing strategies and co-operation with promotions and rewards for your achievements.
Fighting on a full 100 player server
New friendships with like-minded people from all over the world
New, innovated gameplay.
It is free, and everybody is welcome

Forgotten Honor has vast experience in arranging campaigns for Forgotten Hope 1 and many other games. We are an international online community of players, created by players, run by players and maintained by players. We always strive to make the best campaigns for you, and our team of organizers and talented mappers are proud to announce this campaign open for sign-ups. Both the Allied and the Axis sides eagerly await your enlistment and will gladly guide you to victory.

Experience the exhilaration of victory and the soul-searching after a defeat, as you stand or fall together with your teammates. Duty is calling you to battle, we are waiting for you!

Will you be there? Join now.

Clans and Tournaments / Re: F|H Campaign 8: Devil's Garden
« on: 04-03-2011, 11:03:18 »
There is still time to get signed up and get into tonight's battle. Sign up before 1900GMT and jump on TS.

Modding / Re: Infantry Boot Camp for FH2
« on: 19-09-2009, 11:09:53 »
if your talking about what i think you are then you need to have the medic kit or NCO kit for each set of Skins you use.

I have also made a more simpler training map for the 1ID, and had the gun in the belly issue.

So if you use BA and UW kits then you need to have one of each medic pickup or a NCO kit for each skin.

Also i recoded some pickup kits

Rifle - Contains all the 2.2 rifles in one kit
SMG - Contains all the SMGs in 2.2
MG's You get the ides

Drop me a PM with your email address if you want them.

General Discussion / Re: Forgotten Hope 2.2 Release Party
« on: 05-09-2009, 08:09:57 »
I cannot wait to play the new maps and get my hands on the new content, looking forward to the event.

Tactics & Tutorials / Re: [FH2] Crusader Mk1
« on: 04-04-2009, 11:04:53 »
Good tips, every tank has its pros and con's some are good for head on and some are best hidden in tree's or rocks picking people off as they go bye lol.

Good stuff.

General Discussion / Re: why is FH2 moving so slow?
« on: 04-04-2009, 11:04:13 »
Lets say you are driving along in your car, and you see two roads in front of you. The left road, takes you to a huge mansion full of gold and silver, with naked girls showering in chocolate. However! The other road takes you to a smaller, cheap shack with a nice front lawn.

I would take the cheap shack, not really a lover of chocolate, plus are lass would kill me lol.

As for FH2, its great work and thank you to the devs.

General Discussion / Re: Colour Lobby got its way
« on: 04-04-2009, 11:04:22 »
Well its not all of the first its only till 12 noon.

And i really hope that the black and white thing is a joke.

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