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Awesome, downloading right now. ;D

Tactics & Tutorials / Re: A scrap book of tips and tactics
« on: 09-10-2010, 18:10:54 »
Reconnaissance. A good reconnaissance is more worth than the best fighter.Sometimes your binoculars can be the deadliest weapon of all.

Did you guys played St. Lo in SP or Coop mode? The 64 or 32 size map?

Cause i haven't experience any crash yet with St. Lo.

SP,64 size.

St. Lo crashed. I played the map a few times without any problems, and now i got the first crash on it. 

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Both on Tanks...
« on: 07-10-2010, 18:10:51 »
It seems bots will see through any objects that is not 3D meshed (like tall grass, bushes, smokes, clouds, sandstorms, water, which is just texture effects)

This is common for most games who have bots.


Yes, me too. the .30 cal in the bell tower of Ramelle-Neuville is perfectly fine for me. The map runs smoothly for me, except a few bot behavior issues.

Hm, i noticed the problem with that mg too. when i try to use it, i get a CTD. I noticed another problem with an mg, on Port en Bessin. The mg in the church tower, if you use it, you get stuck and cant leav it. But i think this is just a map bug.

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