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The uniforms are the same as in the United States except that it had the logo of the Brazilian expeditionary force, the battles were
Massarosa 16.09.1944
Camaiore 18.09.1944
Monte Prano 26.09.1944
Fornacci 06.10.1944
Galicano 07.10.1944
Barga 11.10.1944
San Quirico 30.10.1944
Monte Cavalloro 16.11.1944
Monte Castello 21.02.1945
S. Maria Villiana 04.03.1945
Castelnuovo 05.03.1945
Montese 14.04.1945
Paravento 15.04.1945
Monte Maiolo 19.04.1945
Rivela 20/04/1945
Zocca 21/04/1945
Formigine 23/04/1945
Collecchio 27/04/1945
Castelvetro 28/04/1945
Fornovo 28/04/1945

I think it's better to do the battle of montese and monte castello, both were giant battles

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