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excuse me, i've been playing for a almost a year now but had to reinstall FH2 due to a problem i've always used the installer from, but now whenever i try to enter any server the game doesn't allow me to and gives a "CD-key is not valid" error, i've tried using fh2's CDkey fixer from the discord's troubleshoot channel but it doesn't work, i've been told by other members that the cdkey fixer fails because i've had ocurrences of multiple installs before and the cdkey fixer is fixing the "wrong" cd-key
i've reinstalled the game 3 times by now yet it always comes back to "CD key is not valid" when trying to join a server

any ideas how i may solve this?

[edit] I've Jerry rigged a solution for now using the launcher's installer, not ideal but I can play for now

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