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FH2 Help / Support / Re: FH2 crashing on loading maps
« on: 02-08-2020, 23:08:53 »
Hello all,

when I try to launch the FH2 mod,it crashes to desktop while loading of a map.

BTW , I have BF2 HD Remastered.

Please help me.

BF2 HD Remastered you mentioned above is a standalone mod of bf2. it is not a bf2. you cannot properly  install fh2 over that mod. Please use normal bf2 (without modificiations) or download it as a standalone installer from

Thanks very much Ivan. i wrote a comment for your cmp maps  ;). i will be happy if you read it.

Best regards.

Wow, Ivan  :D, thanks very much for doing this fantastic map pack. i am really impressed. you made a dream come true. people have wanted the cmp pacific maps to have singleplayer support for years. I played your all maps. Both tulagi and wake island also tarawa 16, they work perfect. I also read your readme file. You made a lot of hard work not only making navmeshes on these maps. in the past i tried to make sp maps . But i couldnt achieve. I also played your tali-ihantala sp map pack. it is also fantastic work. Thanks very much for doing these works. You are also a doctor. How do you do all these hard work as a doctor. You are really talented person. i really appreciate you. 

Best regards from Komotini  ;)

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