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General Discussion / Bomber Aircrafts
« on: 21-01-2020, 12:01:30 »
Just something that crosse my mind, is there a reason why there isn't any big heavy bombers in the game like the B-17, B-25, HE-111 etc?

I also was annoyed with a lack to get it for others. Since my friends dont have a copy of bf2 and it's bin taken down form origin so you cant get it there anymore.
I've compiled the whole game and uploaded it with the mod on

1. download and zip it from:!GYFRHK5b!2cgkR3ivYK10oDsxAuKMc-dF41xEbr19o7DRTjnGdis
2. go to battlefield 2 folder
3. mods folder
4. fh2 folder
5. bin folder
6. click on the fh2 launcher.

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