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General Discussion / German space tanks?
« on: 09-04-2018, 22:04:45 »
Any plans on adjusting what seems overly powerd German tanks. Sure we all know they where good but not taken from Star Wars and sent into ww2. Also the fact that there where like 4 of the really good once and they had no fuel could some how be factored in. Just asking...

General / Re: Turning radius on fighters
« on: 21-02-2018, 00:02:25 »
Its clear the 109 turns faster ingame. Why this is i have no clue. I did some test with afew friends and every time the 109 would inturn the spit. The faster clim is true to real life planes so that should stay i think.

General / Re: Turning radius on fighters
« on: 17-02-2018, 00:02:28 »
If planes where fixed so that the Spit would turn faster I bet there would be floods of crying along the lines of "all german planes had hyper drive and could only be destroyed in mount doom". But if spit would turn better it would be superior (like 109 is now) and that would suck too. Since tactics ingame is limited why not make them just the same. They where pretty even IRL any way.

General / Re: Turning radius on fighters
« on: 02-02-2018, 21:02:12 »
I understand that the physics are a bit messed up but still one plane turns faster than the other. So there is no reason that the 109 should outturn the Spit. Just swap the numbers and its fixed.

General / Turning radius on fighters
« on: 01-02-2018, 22:02:57 »
Just a small thing I wonder when it comes to the fighters. The 109 clearly turns faster ingame compared to the spit. As we all know this was not the case. Could be something to look over. Here are some data but Im sure someone can supply tons more.


The RAE determined in Report No. B.A.1640 that "The minimum radius of turn without height loss at 12,000 ft., full throttle, is calculated as 885 ft. on the Me 109 compared with 696 ft. on the Spitfire." and that the corresponding time to turn through 360 deg is 25 seconds for the Me 109 and 19 seconds for the Spitfire. 73   (See also Me 109 and Spitfire. Comparison of Turning Circles and Spitfire and Me 109 Diagrams of Turning). 60 years later Dr. John Ackroyd, PhD, C.Eng, FRAeS of the Aerospace Division, Manchester School of Engineering, University of Manchester, and Fellow of The Royal Aeronautical Society, took a fresh look at this subject in his paper "Comparison of turning radii for four Battle of Britain fighter aircraft". He calculated the minimum turn radii to be 686 feet for the Spitfire IA versus 853 feet for the BF 109 E-3 - which is in very good agreement with the RAE's findings. 74   

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