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Alam Halfa / Re: Alam Halfa 64
« on: 12-10-2019, 23:10:58 »
The fog color does not match the skybox so it looks weird from a plane, maybe this could be fixed for next patch?

Suggestions / Re: The Minor Suggestions Thread
« on: 25-08-2019, 07:08:46 »
Would it be possible to change the speed at which a player can rotate when being prone? Right now the player can rotate extremely fast in that position and it looks quite strange. Having more reduced mobility while being prone would also improve gameplay imo, or at least make it a bit more realistic.

Developer Blogs / Re: Animation Content Update
« on: 02-08-2019, 02:08:13 »
Super awesome! I love the dust cover of the grease gun... it jumps as you fire or move, it looks so natural.

Suggestions / Re: The Minor Suggestions Thread
« on: 29-07-2019, 19:07:41 »
The words of Major Sankovsky, commander of one of the antitank batteries of the 13th Army:

 «…a forty-kilogram projectile of any type, successfully launched from an SU-152, and later from an ISU-152, struck everyone. Even a high-explosive shell sent at a Ferdinand, without penetrating its armor, was nevertheless able to shake it to the ground, the German SAU’s gun was torn from the anchorages, and the crew lost the ability to navigate. There was only one thing left; this is to send this elephant for repairs, and the crew, either to the hospital, or to the madhouse …»

Bug Reporting / Vickers tank LOD
« on: 14-07-2019, 21:07:03 »
I have noticed that one of the Vickers tank model has a faulty LOD. The turret is disattached from the main body of the tank. I think it could be easily solved even from meshviewer.

Studienka / Re: Studienka 64
« on: 23-06-2019, 11:06:39 »
I'd like to see undergrowth viewdistance increased a little bit on this map. Currently it is set to 50. If this could cause performance issues then I would just increase it to 60. As it is right now it looks just weird how grass pops up out of nowhere.

Modding / Re: Berlin
« on: 14-06-2019, 15:06:34 »
The 32 layer was tricky to do because I wanted a full conquest 3 grey flag layout at the start of the round. I tested different tank combinations to make it even and I've found the following combo to work best so far: T-34/76 + ISU-152 vs PzIVH + PantherG.

Trying to "mirror balance" the tanks having only 2 per side is really very difficult, specially considering there is little room in the layer to avoid mainbase camping. I basically want tanks to be able to kill eachother from the front so they don't get locked in the main so easily. The ISU-152 can kill both german tanks in 1 shot. The Panther needs 4 shots to kill the ISU but it is way more versatile so that should compensate the lack of a huge gun.

I would have liked to include a Hetzer and an ISU-122 but I couldn't find proper matchups. I tested lots of combinations including SU-76M, Jagdpanzer IV L/70 and Ferdinand (I've read there was an Elefant fighting in Berlin).

The main problem about the 32 layer is that it's a bit small and flags don't have spawnpoints because everything is too close together. The only place where you can spawn is at the mainbase or on the squadleader of course. I think it would be best balanced without tanks because I fear heavy mainbase camping but on the other hand a Berlin map without tanks sounds a bit too dull.

I'm open for suggestions. I plan on having a clear skybox for the 32 layer.

Modding / Re: Berlin
« on: 14-06-2019, 09:06:09 »
16 layer done

Modding / Re: Berlin
« on: 05-06-2019, 00:06:15 »
IMO the first skybox I used was the most realistic. People asked me to change it to something darker with absolutely no historical reasons, just for the looks. Now I customized a stock FH2 skybox with better quality though it might look a bit weird because it's a lot more blue but yet the fog is grey color. Changing skybox, fog, light and lightmaps is not that easy, it takes a lot of testing. We'll see what people think about the current settings. I think they give the map a really grim and apocalyptic feel, even though they are not the best in a historical context since I haven't seen any clouds in pictures from the battle of Berlin.

You can see the latest settings in my last pictures, which are not the same as the one Alubat posted.

Modding / Re: Berlin
« on: 20-05-2019, 08:05:05 »
The map is finished

Modding / Re: Berlin
« on: 19-04-2019, 09:04:38 »

Modding / Re: Berlin
« on: 18-04-2019, 21:04:05 »
Yeah the Scheiderei one looks strange but the original texture looks strange too. I think I will just remove it, that way of making signs only seems to look fairly good if they are super large like the "Berlin bleibt Deutsch".

Modding / Re: Berlin
« on: 18-04-2019, 18:04:10 »
A few more

Modding / Re: Berlin
« on: 10-04-2019, 01:04:26 »
Testing some signs

Modding / Re: Berlin
« on: 07-04-2019, 09:04:49 »
Yeah, it is, we playtested it a week ago. The armband texture could be done better. It is a bit too big right now but since the resolution is low it might get hard to read if I made it smaller. I'm leaving it as is for the first release, might fix it when I patch the map some time in the future.

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