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Did you try any of the following:

- Repair option in the Launcher
- Add FH2 as an exception to your firewall/antivirus

Does singleplayer work fine?

And, out of curioisty: what does the 762 site say when you want to register? I know they have some security questions sometimes, but they should not be a problem as they are fairly easy if you know something about World War II.
Single player works fine.
Add fh2 to the firewall, even disabled the firewall itself and still the same problem.
Tried the repair option and still nothing.
Confusing note: it worked suddenly yesterday without any thing but restarting my computer. The same issue returns today.
Can you give me a link to their site.. Looks like I went to the wrong site to ask.

have you tried to access an other server ?
And maybe try to contact the server admin via their forums, they might help you
I tried another server (at multiplayer server list) and the same problem appear.
I checked their forum and I can not sign up to post the problem.

Well either you have bad internet or your ping is really high.
Nope!!! ... my ping is good without the VPN (I tried before) but now it does not connect at all (connection problem) so I choosed the VPN.

 :) I can login to the account server.

 :) I can open the community updater.

 :) I can ping over the server

 :) I can open the server (as a web server)

 :'( I can not join the game in any server in multiplayer and it says there is a problem with your connection.
What is wrong?
I called my ISP for help and they answered that there is nothing they can do and it can possibly that my IP is banned.

Can someone help me with that because it is getting old.

I can access the online server using a vpn, but you know it has High unstable ping.

FH2 Help / Support / Re: I do not have the community maps
« on: 04-08-2017, 16:08:46 »
problem solved for me ... but it was not about the program itself  >:(
It was about my Internet connection as these IPs are BANNED in my country and I have to look for VPN to bypass that

FH2 Help / Support / I do not have the community maps
« on: 03-08-2017, 21:08:02 »
I have installed the game recently (I am very new to it) and I do not have some of the maps (ex: battle of Isle 1944). I tried the community updater with no luck (It says that it can not reach the servers).
please help!!! and thanks in advance

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