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Modding / Re: [NEW CMP] KHARKOV Custom Map Idea
« on: 04-12-2016, 22:12:00 »
I hope it will made something similar map soon, because i really misisng som Eastern Front map, and thats why i made this picture.

And looking of PapillonFH's suggestion, if i have more free time i will made a Courland Pocket loading screen.
(bytheway, not easy to make 2D PPd-40 and Knife convert to 3D jsut with shadowing and contrast :))
Thanks every support, and glory to FH2 community!

Modding / Re: [NEW CMP] KHARKOV Custom Map Idea
« on: 04-12-2016, 11:12:18 »
Well, the Server Info and the Game Mode isan illustration, also the whole idea. I agree with you opinion about map structures and weaponry. I think about what positions are the Soviets and Germans placed to:
It should be an "U" forms map, like as Battlefield 1942 or something bigger, more spawn point...etc.
About PPSH and SVT-40: It's sould be there inside the default chooseable kits. Recon has SVT and a simple Infantry has PPSH or PPD-40...something similar.

Yeah but im not a Moder, i just handle with Photoshop. I only just give ideas for moders/modelers/mapers.

Modding / [NEW CMP] KHARKOV Custom Map Idea
« on: 03-12-2016, 18:12:26 »
Hello everyone, greetings from Hungary!

I really like CMP maps inside FH2, so i spend a few time with Photoshop, and make a loading screen for this map. My favourit battle from history is Kursk and Kharkov, so i made Kharkov's loading screen, and background.
Why did i do this? Because i would like to draw the Custom map designer attention to this Idea.
...and finally to show you guys "how possibilites are hide inside battlefield!" :)

I hope you like this, and share it!
Thank you to read it!


Modding / Re: Hungarian Front 2 (still alive)
« on: 03-12-2016, 02:12:23 »
Hey guys!
I would like to ask, there is any link to Hungarian Front 2 mod, because i didnt find bad....
...and another one: any news about morr developing/something? I hope the "DevelopGuys" will woking on it, becaus i check some of models, and im very glad our countries army design, and of course your creations.

Magyar kollégáknak szól, hogy ekkora nagyszerű modot kár lenne tényleg figyelmen kívül hagyni, elismerés a fejlesztőknek.....nem vicceltek.


General / Re: New Factions Question [Q&A]
« on: 26-10-2016, 13:10:44 »
Poor Japan...
I wish you guys much good luck, and endurance to developing.
Thanks for your answer.
See you on the battlefield!

General / New Factions Question [Q&A]
« on: 25-10-2016, 14:10:39 »
Hello everyone and Developer Team!

I have some, and simple quistions about subsequent developments and new thing.
I thinking about to ask, do you guys plan to bring any new faction into the game, in addition to another enhancements? (i hope it's not secret, or something, or could be a surprise)

I have in mind here that modelling, scripting a New Factions:
Japan, and France its could be important i think.
So, why im think that. These nations are did what they did and took they big part in the war. Thats obviuous.
And mention the BF1942 Forgotten Hope Secret Weapons mod: There is also Japan and France with lot of contents (weapons,vehicles...etc) what is missing from FH2.

Of course i know, in CMP (Custom Map) there were Japan for example, and i experienced. But...i dont feel to these two factions represent main part of FH2 mod.

Well, I thank in advance all the answers.


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