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Jeesus that was ten years ago? ... I am getting old. But I wish the devs and the community still the best.
For me, FH2 is the only game that I still keep playing on a regular basis. They simply don't make games like that nomore ;)

However, all praising aside, I am a little sad that the mod never made the jump to 'FH3' based on a modern engine with source code access and possibly turn into a real open source project that can be easily accessed on github.

Even though the mod prooves to be an astonishing die-hard, I worry that there will be the day when we can not fill a server any more and the mod dies. Maybe there is still enough strength in the team to turn this into a more modern and open project and breathe some new live into the old bastard, to make sure the good old FH2 gameplay that we all love so much will never die.  :)

Bug Reporting / Re: American Panther spotted!
« on: 09-11-2017, 17:11:59 »
Well it was the first time I saw this within 10 years, so I guess it is pretty rare. I will have an eye out if it happens again.

Bug Reporting / Re: American Panther spotted!
« on: 08-11-2017, 08:11:35 »
It was the normal model that is available on Operation Luttich. You can see it in this version of the screenshot that has full resolution.

Sadly when taking a screenshot the game freezes for me for about 5 seconds. When unfrozen, I was dead and the tank and any kill message gone. So I can not say if a panther or american tank appeared in the kill message. I also have to add, that it was not a bug in the coloring of the map symbol. The tank did not appear on the map before it was spotted. I also saw this tank about two minutes before I made the screenshot, but at that point I could not find my screenshot button quickly enough, which I only looked up after that incident in case I saw it again ... which then happened when I took this shot.

Bug Reporting / American Panther spotted!
« on: 04-11-2017, 19:11:53 »
I am not sure if this was a bug or a hack. I was playing on the german side here and an enemy was driving around in a panther. I don't know if it only looked like a panther or if it really was one.

Suggestions / Re: Forgotten Hope 2 Soundtrack
« on: 11-11-2016, 15:11:23 »
Funny just a couple of weeks ago I thought the same thing. I support your Idea  :)

General Discussion / Re: Cry Engine 3 = Forgotten Hope 3
« on: 11-04-2015, 19:04:41 »
I say, take the unreal engine, port a gun and a player model from fh2, try to implement the battlfield game mechanics and push out a first simple map that can be played. Then continiue to improve that in a "open" fashion with a server that always runs the current developer version and that allows quick feedback from the testsers.

This might attrackt the attention of more developers early and breathe some live into this community.

Don't do it like Traction Wars were they work secretly for a decade on stuff and maybe in the end the team is desolved before they publish anything.

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 24-02-2015, 20:02:31 »

70 years ago the city of Pforzheim in Bavaria had to endure a large air raid. In just 22 minutes about 18 thousand people died, which was nearly one third of the total population.

Sir! Pforzheim is in Baden-W├╝rttemberg and not in Bavaria.

Gaming / Re: Traction Wars
« on: 07-07-2014, 21:07:20 »
Oh no they put so much work in the game and no Crytek is going bankrupt  :o

Gaming / Re: Hearts of Iron
« on: 27-02-2014, 22:02:33 »
I decided to go Panzerdivision with the Italiens, although I only build the poormans armored division. One light tank brigade, two motorized brigades and an armored car brigade. I joined the Axis before the war started and hoped to break through the French "Alpenfestung" with my mighty tank divisions....

They failed.

Lucky I had some transport ships in Genua so I shiped the tank divisons to Marseille under the cover of my mighty battlefleet. They landed without resistance and made a quick march to Lac Leman cutting off the french divisions in the alpes. They tried to rush back to escape the pocket but my generals where right to put everything into highly mobile units because they were faster.
After loosing their grip on the alpine fortresses my infantry at the Italian border started to advance and the whole french southern army went into war captivity or died trying to swim to Switzerland.

After the Duce (me) recoverd from his victory champaing hangover he send the tanks northward to vichy, dijon and besancon where they soon met the french and britsh troops that rushed down south, leaving their positions on the maginot line.
As I did not want to waste my tanks in trench warfare I ordered them to make a shift to the west to outmaneuver the enemy infantry and make a push towards the Atlantic and then north to threaten paris.
But the enemy brought in faster divisions too, which managed intercepted my push in the west and so it seemed like the frontlines were stabilising on the line Geneve - Bordeaux.
The german cowards only stood by and whatched me do my magic of modern mobile warfare, and I feared I would still loose the fight.
I kept mooving my tankdivisions tangential along the front until I found a week spot close to Dijon where I could push through and create another pocket with Switzerland at its eastern border.
After crushing the units in the pocket the front started to move again and I could finally make the final push to Paris which convinced the French they could not resist the might of the Italian tanks.
Now the Duce is the protector Northern France.

No the Nazis decided they could risk invading Belgium and the Netherlands. I shipped my tanks to northern Africa where the British and Syrian troups stood 50 miles away from Tripolis my last port. But the reinforcements came in time and pushed the enemy back to the Suez channel.

There the Duce had to take his well earned sleep.

Gaming / Re: Hearts of Iron
« on: 23-02-2014, 16:02:20 »
Now thats it! I am going to play hoi 3 now. I will play as the Italians as well. I always liked that they have so many options but so few resources  :)
This is my first round after 2 years at least.

Gaming / Re: Hearts of Iron
« on: 04-01-2014, 18:01:44 »

Make sure to remove troops from undersupplied provinces. When you are in supply map mode you can see how many troops a province can supply. Make sure you are not above the limit. Your troops will be almost useless if they are not properly supplied and fewer divisions that are supplied will fight better.

I like the hoi 3 supply system, because it makes amphibious landings much harder. It is easy to stage a landing, but it is hard to supply all your troops afterwards and you need to make sure that you have enough sea ports under your control. Invading north america is much more fun with this.

In the "normal" land war undersupplied troops mostly occur when you have a huge army marching through an area with low infrastructure, like in ethiopia with the italians or in rusia with the germans.

The supply system limits the maximal number of divisions  that you can put in a single province so no more 200 infantry divisions holding Gibraltar and similar situations that occured in hoi 2.

General Discussion / Re: Development progress?
« on: 06-08-2013, 07:08:42 »
Beeing stuck with the BF2 engine is what IMO kills the mod. If there is no hope for overcoming the limits of the current engine and therefore never see anything really new except for 3d content, would suck the motivation out of me if I was a developter.

The mod may live on for a couple of years with a small player base as it is, but it will finally die. And then all the blood and thears that have been spilled while creating all those nice 3d models will go to waste. I must admit that I start loosing interest myself, because I know that nothing really new will happen. Even a eastern front or a pacific front will have crappy driving physics and all the other problems of the engine.

I say it is time to push out a last good release that can be played for a while, pack all the models and textures into suitcases and then choose the best suited open source engine and port the game to it. Then the game might even draw new players and developers. With full controll over the engine, implementing new things will only be limited by the lack of manpower.

Maybe even I will roll up my sleves and help with fitting the target engine to our needs. I at least would take a look at the source code.

Gaming / Re: Battlefield 3
« on: 26-04-2013, 07:04:52 »
You are getting old  ::)

The problem was not winamp. It is still alive and this time I can't get rid of it with a simple reboot.  :'(

I think I found the problem. I have a Winamp plugin that uses 5.1 channel for music output. It seems to mess my sound somhow up. When I dont run Winamp after a restart I dont have the problem.
(The plugin is called Stu003 A3D Output plug-in v1.22 (x86) )

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