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Awesome update! Ogledow looks as amazing as ever. And that polish mansion villa building looks  really cool and from the screenshot it appears to be fully enterable. Nice job Ts and everyone who contributed to this map! Can't wait to try it out.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Bot Stuff
« on: 13-01-2018, 00:01:35 »
I've coded all of the CMP vehicles & handweapons for AI. A few things were already coded such as the Heinkel He-111 but needed some tweaking. Once I get the Navmesh software operating correctly then I will start navmeshing some of the CMP maps too. Although not all of them will be suitable for bot support for several reasons such as having too many bridges, ships, flags separated by water, and obstacles. Though I will try my best on them, some will certainly require a bit of modification as well.

That sounds really nice. Sadly I can't be of any help but I'm rooting for you. It would be great to have some of these maps for co-op play.

OK after the repair completed it now takes around 5 mins to load. That is still kinda long but still better than yesterday.

Yeah, that's too long. Have you tried the following:
- normal connection speeds normal?
- no ports blocked?
- repair button in the Launcher does nothing?

Well lets see:
- my Internet connection is same as always and it's pretty good.
- i'm not sure what exactly you mean bu i haven't touched anything on my computer. It is the same as it has always been. I havent plugged or unplugged stuff from it.
- i haven't tried that yet i will give it a go now. 

OK so the game loaded but it took around 30 mins. Isn't that a little too much? As i mentioned in my previous post this checking for updates usually took 10-15 seconds at most.

Hey guys,

so I've played FH for years now and had no problem what so ever. However a few days ago a problem appeared. When I start the game it shows this small windows saying "Checking for updates" and it stays like this and the game just won't load. I can't even press the Skip button. Before it appeared for 10 secs or something and the game menu appeared where i selected Play to start the game. I don't know why it doesn't load now. Can someone help me with this?

That weapon is a really unexpected surprise. Just like a christmas present. And those screenshots looks nice. A few remind me of ogledow but the othres... where can they be from i wonder?

General Discussion / Re: Conspiracies Thread Mk II
« on: 21-12-2017, 00:12:32 »
The church looks really nice and authentic. And whats with that polish flag? Are the poles fighting for the sovients now?
Guess someone didn't told these guys how Poland was attacked by the USSR in '39. Still nice to see. Wonder what that map is. I think we see the 37 mm cannon stuka flying there.

Didn't know today was FH2's birthday. It's a great mod that i've loved ever since it was released so happy birthday FH2 and thak you developers who have sacrificed countless hours of your free time to bring us the huge amount of high quality content present in the game as the game looks amazing even today! And good luck in the future!!

General Discussion / Re: Forgotten Hope Youtube
« on: 14-12-2017, 00:12:16 »
So will this updated version be added in a future patch? After all the most iconic bolt action rilfe of the war deserves some warm treatment and i really like how it looks in the video.

General Discussion / Re: Forgotten Hope Youtube
« on: 13-12-2017, 11:12:03 »
Nice vid again! Also doesn't the german mauser rifle look a little... better than I remember? And it's running animation is different. Are we getting a little update on the rife or is it just my imagination?

General Discussion / Re: Forgotten Hope Youtube
« on: 25-09-2017, 16:09:15 »
Hi everyone. I've uploaded my AT panzerfaust montage as well as compilation of some random, funny clips. Hope you'll like it!  :)

Damn you are either very good or one very lucky bastard. Firing somewhere in the sky and... bamn a destroyed tank. Teach me how to do it :D Anyway you deserve a knights cross for destroying so many allied tanks :D

General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 19-07-2017, 10:07:39 »
Check out how the bots landed/crashed these two planes:

Sometimes bots surprise me actually.

General Discussion / Re: Status of development?
« on: 08-07-2017, 18:07:03 »
There is a lot of work going on, but not flashy news update stuff. In fact, not even the testers see most of it. Maybe Gavrant or Remdul want to do a devblog on it at some point, but let's just say there is a large scale technical and graphical rework underway.

That sounds really nice. I wonder how will you guys surprise us this time.

General Discussion / Re: Conspiracies Thread Mk II
« on: 22-06-2017, 23:06:46 »
This manor sure looks nice!

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