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Off-Topic / Re: World cup in Brasil 2014
« on: 14-07-2014, 00:07:18 »
Yeah "congratulations" Germany

1990, 2014, always the same bullshit.

Fútbol Para Todos

"Video is blocked in your country" lulz

Gaming / Re: E3 2014 - Electronic Entertainment Expo
« on: 09-06-2014, 18:06:16 »
Today I learned why it's called E3.


Well.... true

Off-Topic / Re: Airsoft
« on: 03-05-2014, 22:05:08 »
Well as long as you don't wear any SS/Nazi symbols you should be fine...

Gaming / Re: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
« on: 01-05-2014, 23:05:26 »
It feels very much like Vanilla STALKER in terms of A.I. and weapons damage aswell as survival. But I don't mind it as there is so much nice stuff and the atmosphere is awesome! The A.I. seems a bit buggy though  :-\

Off-Topic / Re: Airsoft
« on: 01-05-2014, 23:05:25 »
Really not! Here we usually have a mix, people all geared up for WW2 scenarios and modern ones.

Here, it doesn't matter as the teams are split by camo's color for exemple TAN vs GREEN or Digital Camo VS Other.

The bonus of having WW2 gear to play is that you can play "standard" modern games and you can play WW2 ones too. Also players love to see nicely done non-modern kits.

Gaming / Re: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
« on: 29-04-2014, 18:04:23 »
Just started playing, it's astounishing, the environments are so much better than any I've seen before in STALKER.

Off-Topic / Re: Airsoft
« on: 29-04-2014, 18:04:14 »
The Mosin is really good! The only tricky part is the loading system, and if you don't use good quality BBs and loosen the hop-up too much they just roll out. Otherwise it's very nice.

Off-Topic / Re: Airsoft
« on: 28-04-2014, 01:04:17 »
Holy shit that STG 44 is beautiful!!!  :o

My friend's Soviet loadout, winter equipment :

My neighbor's anti stray cats defense (and our cat). Not legal, and he's a crazy bitch in general.

Off-Topic / Re: Francophone FH'ers, help a brother out.
« on: 02-04-2014, 19:04:37 »
Comme Alakazou l'a dit, au Québec quand on écrit, on écrit le même français qu'en France. Par contre entre Québecois, on écrit souvent un peu à la manière des Américains, "imma" "gonna" alors par exemple "Je vais" = "Jvais", etc. Same orally, we do contractions.

Do you want us to correct your mistakes too?

Gaming / Re: Enemy Front
« on: 27-03-2014, 22:03:15 »
Hit markers
QTE stuff
Leet assassin knife kills
Slow-mo Sniper Elite thing
Slow-mo ala CoD hostage thing

2/10 would not buy. It's like they took all the "cool" things from other games and mashed them in this game lol.

Gaming / Re: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
« on: 16-03-2014, 04:03:54 »

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