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Coop is going to be a different loadout.  I don't think the actual "singleplayer" mode works at all in FH2.
they probably removed the MGs because the bots either don't use them or are OP with them.

You can do Raid on Cabanatuan too.
I will have a bit of an update soon but it shouldn't affect nav-meshing much.
The map probably works better with bots anyway.

Your biggest hurdle will be finding someone to do it.  That's a lot of work and a skill most mappers don't have.  After that, getting permission from CMP or whomever won't be a big deal.

General / Re: Improvement idea
« on: 14-10-2017, 19:10:03 »
No one in this thread told you to go to Hell.

Now kindly Fuck Off.

It certainly is easier to place the kits in the editor.  However, I did many maps by finding the coordinates of something else in the GPO and then just adding 1 or 2 to the X or Y for the pickup kit. I usually use the flag's coordinates.  You have to make sure it has the right height.  It might take a few times of going in game and checking.  If it's single player it can be hidden as long as you know where it is.

To add a pickup, just copy and paste it into the tmp.con and then paste it over an existing pickup in the GamPlayObjects.con.  Use notepad or some other text editor to open these files.  Just make it look like the ones there.  It's pretty easy.

I've done whole campaigns that way.  Scripts are for pussies. 

I only started using the editor to make maps from scratch.

General / Re: Improvement idea
« on: 13-10-2017, 01:10:03 »
You said strafing not leaning.  I don't think the BF2 engine allows for leaning.

I suggest you just play Red Orchestra or some other title and leave us alone.

General / Re: Improvement idea
« on: 12-10-2017, 16:10:25 »
I agree with justasug.

If you are going to improve the movements you should make it hard for players to do the bullshit they do now,  bunnyhopping, shooting while going prone, etc.

Who won the first battle btw?
Same as always.

some of your maps too

Wtf? Stop being so ready to jump on people. TS was talking about FH1 vehicle ports, not maps.

Pr0z4c carefully considered those comments for 5 and 1 months respectably.  At 4 AM Saturday morning he decided the time was right for a succinct reply.

I'm with him.

I say port the stuff you want now.  Redo the skins later if you want to spend that time on it.
The quality argument made a lot more sense when BF2 was a top of the line game.  it's never going to look as good as current titles.  It is just more fun to play, IMO.  I personally don't notice the difference between ported stuff and from-scratch models when I am in game.  Maybe because I play on a laptop.

Bug Reporting / Universal Carriers
« on: 07-10-2017, 03:10:06 »
The universal carrier/DT carrier/T 20 seem unrealistically fragile when travelling across certain kinds of terrain.  They seem to take a lot of damage and blow up quickly on muddy, wet, or bumpy terrain.  On this same terrain, jeeps and trucks perform just fine.  Tanks are fine too.  This seems wrong.  They should perform better than jeeps, IMO.  Maybe they are superior on desert maps for which they were originally developed, IDK.  I hope this is looked into so that they can be used effectively on EF maps in the future.

The idea you describe, teams choosing their vehicle loadout, has been done in the past and might be used in the future.  It takes a lot of admin work to implement and like everything FH2 related, we are currently understaffed.  Were going with a simple campaign this time.  Anyone who is interested in developing the tournament in the future should join and put their ideas in our forum:  Even if we don't have all the ideas you want, the teamplay is there.  That is reason enough to join now.

120 registered and counting. 

I think we had more than 70 in some of the scrim rounds, which is a lot for a scrim/map test.

Join the fun!

I read quite a bit of Canadian stuff about the battle for Hochwald, but it wasn't all that helpful when placing trenches and bunkers.  It's not like Omaha Beach where you can get maps and photos of the exact fortifications.  Maybe I need to visit the sight.  I think I did pretty good incorporating the information while still sticking to the plan of a tank battle map.  I'm sure I will improve it in the future.

Ivancic, you can always just play the Siegfried Line battle.  We might have a public event soon where we introduce these new maps and let the pubbies see if they like them.  As for your tournament ideas, we probably do need to get more variation in map style.  However, in years of playing FH2 campaigns at 3 different tournaments, I've noticed that tourney player really don't like the meat grinder maps.  Pubbies probably wouldn't like it either if they played the same stock map for 5-6 hours.  Tournament players like to maneuver around with tanks, have enough room for airplanes and launch surprise raids on flags.  You need room for that.  It's true that flag defense is a very boring but necessary duty that newcomers often get stuck with.  We are constantly trying to improve that.  I would like to see FH2 Mumble used in the future but its status in unclear atm.  Getting rid of kill messages and dynamic spotting might also be good ideas.  We would need less room for surprise attacks if we didn't have to avoid being lit up on the minimap all the time.

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