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I tried editing the video.con filename and the line

game.setGameDisplayMode  to change the resolution and it still doesn't work.

Running it in 640x480 in the compatibility tab launches it and shows a black screen but it quickly crashes.

I want to reinstall BF42 to play some good ol FH1. However bf42 wont even launch.

First off my system specs:

CPU: Intel Core i5-750 @ 2.66GHz
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 896MB
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate (Build 7600) 64-bit

First time I installed it from the disc, patched it to 1.6 then to 1.61b. Tried to launch it and nothing happened. Launching it with task manager opened I realized the bf1942.exe process starts but quickly stops as soon as I try to launch the game.

I reinstalled and tried launching it without patching it and same exact thing happened.

I tried it in compatibility mode. Everything from windows 98se/ME to XP to Vista. turned off desktop themes and run as admin, still no go.

I tried searching Mr.Google and nothing i found works.

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what the hell, is that a zombie mod for BF2

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yeah fun map though it took me like 3 tries to beat that mission.

anyways more killing floor screenshots:

T34 vs Tiger

what game is that?


Rise of Nations FUN

So ya, i donwloaded a campaign (WIP) from a guy. Its basically, Medieval Units whit insane ammounts of Health against a modern Army. You can kill a couple of these guys. Im loving this campaign, i may use a nuclear weapon if the Minions captures the Capital.

can i  have a link to that campaign?

Killing Floor

Men of War


My Italian Mediterranean Empire.

The United States of Terra, courtesy of AI USA in the Doomsday scenario.

30 stack U-boat fleet FTW.

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is that company of heroes?

Whats Rommel doing at the moment? Promote him when hes done  :P Maybe he gets another skill level by winning and then he gets another one by the promotion.

at the moment hes participating in the attack on Mozyr.

after that battle or the next one hopefully he'll have enough experience to advance to level 8 then ill promote him.

His Panzerkorps is also the most experience in the Wehrmacht

Statistics page on the my land commanders in order of most skilled:

and my land divisions in order of most experience:

Well, i could upload that skin pack if i find it.

If you cant find it, no worries.

And about the Super Heavy Battleships.. take a look in my CI, around 500 (Whit USSR annexed). I was surpirsed.. 3 of them are mine.. but the other? yes.. italy had 2 Super heavy battleships.. one was sunk in a mega uber escape of, Roya Navy, French Navy, Remainings of the Greek Navy, Remainins of Yugoslvian navy, and Australian navy against 28 Ships, 2 Super Heavy Battleships from Italy and 4 From German (I had one in repairs when that battle in the pic started)... a big battle where the Bismark was super damaged, a Super heavy battleshp sunk and other ships damaged.. but the whole fleet was trapped inside the Mediterranean... i captured Gibraltar and Suez.. so no allied ship could go trough the Canals.

ah well that explains it lol.

I use the World in Flames skin pack and a minor mod made by a friend that adds units for some countries.

If you still have the install files for that minor mod that adds new units, could you upload it to like filefront or or if its already online somewhere could you point me to it?

The Axis navy went outside the "Safe Zone" to face the USN.. the USS Missouri was sunk in that battle.. whit many others Destroyer flotillas.


lol nice. is that Super-Heavy BBs i see? where'd you get the IC for that lol. only time i built SHBBs was as Japan. i could build them as USA too but i opt for CVs instead of SHBBs when im playing USA.

Update to my game as Germany: Took Great Britain and Northern Ireland by March 1940. Launched Barbarossa at the end of June 1940. and this screenshot is from July 1940.

Hopefully ill have Moscow, Leningrad and Stalingrad by the end of the year and fire the Bitter Peace event by early next year. then ill turn my attention back to the Allies and take care of India, Middle East and Africa.

btw at the start of Barbarossa i had 18 Panzer Divisions, all Panzer III's with SP-ART (StugH's). I also had 15 1939 MOT Divisions. And as of July 1940, Rommel is my most talented General with skill level 7 and 86 experience, to bad hes still a Major General though. i might promote him to Lt. Gen. he gets to skill lvl 8.

Oh and as for the Kriegsmarine, i have 3 Bismarck Class BBs and a few 1938 DD's, rest of my ships are what i started with in 1936. after i take care of the USSR ill probably build up my navy, maybe some CVs, to take care of the Royal Navy and eventually the USN.

The Greater German Reich as of February 1940

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