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Suggestions / Re: The Minor Suggestions Thread
« on: Today at 18:05:09 »
You mean towed behind the halftrack? Wow, you are here for 5 years, and that's a newbie question.
Engine limitations?
Yes. No towed weapons in BF2.

I hope you have the copy of your post somewhere, for possible future re-post. It currently says that your post was [deleted] for some reason  ???

Suggestions / Re: Unnecessarily Movable AT Guns
« on: 17-06-2018, 22:06:41 »
It is a problem on Lenino indeed. Mobile PAKs tend to slide from slopes after each shot, and most of them on Lenino is placed on slopes.

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Help with BF in general
« on: 16-06-2018, 14:06:11 »
If you want to play vBF2 you will have to get a copy of the game on your own somehow, but if you just want to play FH2, check this out. ;)

Suggestions / Re: The Minor Suggestions Thread
« on: 16-06-2018, 12:06:39 »
yeah, and what about cushion bunkers or snowball fights on winter maps?

Tactics & Tutorials / Re: Mortar Manual
« on: 16-06-2018, 10:06:46 »
Check this tutorial out. Mortars works exactly the same.

Suggestions / Re: The Minor Suggestions Thread
« on: 15-06-2018, 17:06:31 »
Valid points there. I meant repair stations as a more "realistic" alternative to the magic wrench but I see that would require some serious overhauling like Matthew Baker and blander pointed out.
Unfortunately, this the issue with most of the suggestions in the this topic at this point. Every aspect of the game is connected with something else, and pretty much set in stone after so many years of mostly unchanged game-play mechanics. One change like that will affect the balance of whole mod, as it will also affect the map designs, which are often created with current gameplay mechanics in mind. Changing one thing will result in a need of complete overhaul of other aspects, it's a bit like a chain reaction and every little detail has to be very well thought before anything can be changed. Unless it's an actual MINOR suggestion :P

Suggestions / Re: Defense of Malta Idea
« on: 14-06-2018, 12:06:57 »
It’s a custom map, it used to be in the server rotation at one point in the past. Currently all public servers run stock maps only.

Ogledow / Re: Ogledow 64
« on: 08-06-2018, 18:06:00 »
birds don't sing in August?

General / Re: Chat shouts sound volume
« on: 08-06-2018, 18:06:30 »
Be sure to check "high quality" in the sounds options together with the EAX. You will still occasionally hear the commands since they are played globally when used in vehicles.

FH2 Help / Support / Re: CD-Key invalid only in FH2?
« on: 08-06-2018, 17:06:10 »
That's impossible, since standalone installer is creating unique CD-key for you that should never give you the "invalid CD-key" message, so probably something went wrong during your installation. For help, join our Discord, and check the "tech-support" channel. CD-key changing in the registry has been recently discussed in there, that should help you.

You can also help people using the official FH2 launcher by seeding this Torrent. This is the mod only file distributed by the devs.

Note, that it contains the fh2.exe and /mods/fh2/ folder, so make sure to point this torrent directly to your BF2 folder: (eg: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\ or "Forgotten Hope 2" folder or whatever is it called now in the standalone version, folders structure should remain the same). Otherwise it will download whole mod again.

Bug Reporting / Re: CTD on map loading
« on: 04-06-2018, 06:06:55 »
I also installed the BF2editor.

I just started with the onject folder, and yes now it seems I can play all maps. Does this mean I cannot use BF editor to full potential anymore because the objects folder is now missing (I saved it for now somewhere else)?
Yes, but you shouldn’t use the same build for playing the game and using your Editor, to avoid issues like this in the first place. Check Stubbfan’s post above to find out how set up it correctly.

Bug Reporting / Re: CTD on map loading
« on: 03-06-2018, 22:06:05 »
Glad to hear it helped, see you on the server!  ;)

Suggestions / Re: The Minor Suggestions Thread
« on: 03-06-2018, 10:06:55 »
I get your point, "commander" sitting there looks cool and all, but he is nothing more than a trouble for the real commander (driver) of the tank, making it harder for him to use the free look cam, which is usually placed on the commander cupola's hatch. Player sitting there is no advantage for you, because he's not even able to do the 360 degree spotting like you can by pressing [ctrl] button while driving, what makes him even less useful than your hull gunner who can not only spot for you but also shoot the enemy infantry. Shooting a hand weapon from the cupola of the moving tank is nowhere near as effective. And I wouldn't ever rely on anyone to be my eyes on the battlefield anyway, I would rather see that extra player to be me infantry support on the battlefield, or an actual spotted with binocs, somewhere else, giving me coordinates of far away targets.

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