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FH2 Help / Support / Re: Forgotten Hope 2 launcher problem
« on: 09-05-2019, 21:05:24 »
Ask about it in the tech-support channel on our Discord.

Then I can assure you that you are wrong, this is a part 5 of the series, and they always introduced a variation of already existing weapon. Do we have any French hand weapons in game? No.

We can argue what you meant by "used by French" of course, because there is a chance someone from France used it at one point ;)

This is from February in case you both missed it and as far as I remember, this issue was sorted on Discord some time ago already. Corrupted video settings (setting some stuff like textures to low automatically even if they were all set to high in game options) were the issue, making game "very dark and muddy looking".

In case someone else will have this problem, to fix it you need to set everything to low, start your game, load a random map, then quit, set your desired settings back and restart the game. It will overwrite corrupted files.

...I'm sure many of you are familiar with at least some of his maps as they were   very well balanced and  some of the best custom single player maps around, partly due to his attention to detail.
I doubt that. Many of FH2 players got BF2 only to play FH2. I personally have not a clue what are you on about and this should go to the off-topic section  ???

Modding / Re: Looking for Fh2t_pub_event_italy.rar
« on: 26-04-2019, 23:04:27 »
Did you spend last 7 years under a rock? Because those links are from 2012, no wonder they don't work  ::)

Not only these maps were added to the public servers rotation in the past (they are currently not available for the public, but many of them will most likely return in upcoming custom mappack) but also a new campaign (which are still being held on regular basis) was announced on the forums 20 minutes before your post, few topics above: FH2 Campaign - "On Rommel's Trail" Launched

-When you lay the Mk. V mines with the No73 "Thermos" kit (you can find it in Alam Halfa, Fall of Tobruk and Sidi Rezegh, maybe more), the red skull doesn't appear.
It does:

-Also, is it normal that the Hawkins AT mine disappears too early being alive? At least that is what happens in Luttich.
They should last like the rest of AT mines, right? (as long as you are alive they won't disappear)
No, they are codded differently, with their weird time-to-live set to something between a mine and a greande, which is btw, a thing I never understood.

Vossenack / Re: Vossenack 64
« on: 18-04-2019, 22:04:07 »
Because it didn't have custom loading screen music. Some of the maps that used generic FH2 loading screen music got new tunes in the last patch ;)

I could've sworn I read something somewhere about crosshairs?? It has an option in the options...
It's a BF2 relic in the options. We don't use crosshairs apart from rifle grenade launchers. You wanna shoot? Aim. Hip-fire in FH2 is inaccurate as hell anyway.

Far as ReShade, there aren't settings or other options one might change?? If not, do you know of any other things out there that might help? I have a REALLY hard time seeing due to darkness and trying to get it a bit brighter...
Not that I know of, and your problem sounds like your screen settings overall are somewhat wrong. Check those first. I have no problems seeing in game what so ever.

Suggestions / Re: V-1 Flying bomb?
« on: 14-04-2019, 17:04:09 »
No. V-1s were never used in combat like that. Let's leave historical inaccuracy for titles like BF5  ;)

I had problem with logging in yesterday, it took ages to connect and then made my game crash to desktop on startup, so it seems to be a master server issue, though in my case it fixed itself and works fine today. Maybe just try logging in again later? Some people experience problems after Windows update. To quote one of the devs from our Discord:
Quote from:  [FH2
Ts4EVERToday at 17:49

a similar problem for me was caused by an interaction between a windows update and my virus software
try to disable your virus software and try again

Announcements / Re: Hush - A Forgotten Hope 2 Update
« on: 08-04-2019, 09:04:59 »
Only in a pickup kit. You can find one on Studienka: 1000 subscriber leak!

Did you try any of the alternative downloads?

At least your nation isn't known for leading a "cavalry charge against tanks"

Interesting. I'm guessing the French faction will be replaced by a pre-existing faction for the public test session?
Yes, and we will look at each other through binoculars only  ;)

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