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General Discussion / Re: FH Game Night 23
« on: 17-02-2019, 20:02:14 »
I love you for how you spelled it ;)

Modding / Re: Berlin
« on: 17-02-2019, 18:02:01 »
Both 1st and 2nd sector had either too many tanks or their spawn times should be increased. About the statics: make a tiny bit of difference here and there and overall performance will improve significantly, you have many duplicates, static on top of statics etc and some of them can be easily cut out. I still believe that fog can be added and view distance reduced too, so lots of stuff won't have to render far away. Sometimes you need to sacrifice what you like about the map and go for solution that will make it work well.

Modding / Re: Berlin
« on: 17-02-2019, 17:02:21 »
There are much smaller urban type maps such as Brest or Tunis (to a degree) where players are supposed to die a lot because there is constant CQB action. I think what happened in Berlin is that people don´t know the map so they don´t really take precautions about staying alive and that´s why the tickets ran dry so quickly on the first round. Bear in mind there is no artillery on the map for a good reason, which kind of bothers me because the russians had brought a heavy amount of artillery to the battle. I cannot replicate that because it would make the map unplayable.
You need to reduce number of vehicles, not knowing the map is an advantage as much as a disadvantage, people don't know the map, so campers don't know the best spots to stop enemy advance either, it works both ways. Forget about artillery, it just doesn't fit the urban maps, IRL every building can give you a shelter, in game you have none, and mortars can completely ruin the gameplay, it's the reason why they were removed from Brest. You also need to apply the stricter grenade limits like it is done on Tunis and Brest, and even Sammatus.

Other than that, map played surprisingly well, though I had massive FPS drops all over the place (up to 25fps, while I normally play with ~80), not only near custom statics. You need to reduce number of open buildings, you can also limit the view distance a bit, and render the distant fog closer. I think adding a bit of fog, reducing view distance and changing light setting to some more apocalyptic will greatly impact atmosphere on the map, making it look more like freshly ruined city.

Bug Reporting / Re: MG42 mounted on vehicles
« on: 16-02-2019, 01:02:51 »
we already know what the cause of this bug, hopefully there will be a small fix released soon to get rid of this issue ;)

Announcements / Re: Motovskiy - public map test
« on: 14-02-2019, 19:02:54 »
Even Berlin? Oh my! Is that CMP map going to be as photorealistic as the original ones tend to be?
No, it's actually not based ona real place. You can the check progress and idea behind it here;)

FH2 Help / Support / Re: CD-KEY is not valid!
« on: 10-02-2019, 22:02:51 »
Just use the link from my post above, tho for future installation we recommend using standalone installer :)

FH2 Help / Support / Re: CD-KEY is not valid!
« on: 10-02-2019, 19:02:22 »
where did you get your BF2/FH2 from? Try using this to fix the problem.

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Keybinds not working
« on: 10-02-2019, 16:02:48 »
make sure you change them in a correct tab, there are several tabs for different type of vehicles and be sure to press "apply" in the lower right corner after the change

Suggestions / Re: Facelifting old & disliked maps
« on: 08-02-2019, 18:02:45 »
Change your settings then, they seem to be wrong. I have no problem with those maps at all, you just need to adapt your gameplay style to the night environment. For me it makes perfect sense that you are able to hide in the shadows on a night version of Keren for example, but then some people are frustrated they can't snipe people from long distances on those maps, because they can't adapt and they don't use some aspects of those maps in their advantage. Then there are people who play on glossy screens, which are no good for gaming at all, those people should have no right to comment on maps and should be ignored ;D

Suggestions / Re: The Minor Suggestions Thread
« on: 06-02-2019, 22:02:34 »
Yeah, but unfortunately, it is not possible in BF2 engine.

Modding / Re: Pacific's maps (CMP)
« on: 24-01-2019, 23:01:16 »
There are no Pacific Front maps available for the public at the moment, they are tournament only. There is a community mappack planned for a public release in future though, as soon as those maps will be added to the server rotation, we will announced it and provide download links so everyone will be able to download and play those. Note, these maps will be for multiplayer only and AFAIK no bot support is planned.

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Bug FH2 3.4.552
« on: 22-01-2019, 21:01:38 »
try resetting your controls to default

First of all, to change your profile you do that in the gameplay tab of the launcher, not in game, because it can lead to all sorts of problems apparently. Your graphics settings files seems to be corrupted, to fix that, set your graphics to low in the launcher's video options tab, apply them, run the game, load a map, then restart the game, setting all your video options back to your intended settings.

Operation Cobra / Re: Operation Cobra 64
« on: 18-01-2019, 19:01:30 »
They seem to be left overs from times when those flags weren't locked  ???

General Discussion / Re: Ranks and Unlocks?
« on: 17-01-2019, 22:01:59 »
You can check your progress here (assuming you played on one of the [762] servers). Simply type your nick in the search bar and it will show you all of your score, rank, medals etc.

Quite detailed list of most of the pickup kits with their exact location on the maps can be found here. Mind it's made by one of our community members, it's not official and we are not responsible for any information on the website, some kits may be outdated, some missing, most of the locations is correct though and worth checking.  ;)

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