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General Discussion / Re: Forgotten Hope Weekly Highlights
« on: 25-03-2017, 15:03:27 »
Great round on Ramelle!

We had the Germans finally take the Alamo flag and that was only with 100-150 tickets left. The Tigers, Marders, Flak fire was tremendous, but our glorious Bazookas and AT guns held them off consistently.

At Alamo, the fight was furious. We had taken that flag back from the Germans about 5 times!

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Singleplayer for CMP maps?
« on: 23-03-2017, 15:03:33 »
Hey, it's always nice to see a new face excited to do modding! :)

If you haven't done already, here are some excellent tutorials on getting started:

More specifically of what you want (texturing):


Bug Reporting / Re: CTD
« on: 23-03-2017, 15:03:45 »
Note that nowadays we run FH2 through the FH2Launcher.exe located in Battlefield 2\mods\fh2\bin\

If you have it (hope you do anyway), launch the .exe, go to options, and hit repair/check for updates.

Modding / Re: Need help with UV/ applying textures
« on: 16-03-2017, 16:03:16 »

PoE2 tools work mainly in 3ds Max "9" version, but with newer versions of 3ds Max, below are some files that seem to work with the latter:

So you would select BF2>BF2 Utilities>StaticMesh (under Wizards). Again, if you were to import a staticmesh file, you still have the problem of a mesh-- meaning a model that gets triangulated instead of the usual quads.

What I did when I was learning like you, was that I basically traced over these imported models to make a model of out it-- for learning purposes of course. ;)

.. and as always, if you need any help with stuff, please ask!


Gaming / Re: Battlefield "1"
« on: 15-03-2017, 02:03:08 »
Well to be specific, the Ultimate Edition was that price. ;)

Modding / Re: Need help with UV/ applying textures
« on: 14-03-2017, 20:03:45 »
The reason why you are having difficult time to import a model to 3ds Max or Maya is that these exported vBF2 files (either .Staticmesh, .Bundledmesh etc.) files discourage people from opening them in external source.

Partly the problem is that when you export it turn the mesh into a triangulated fashion-- meaning difficult to edit. Developers have 3ds Max files to modify or such instead of the export from Bfmeshview method.

Hope this clears it up!

Gaming / Re: Battlefield "1"
« on: 14-03-2017, 18:03:07 »
I have to admit, getting the Ultimate Edition for BF1 was the way to go (early access to the new DLC, extra benefits for examples).

It's actually on sale with Origin now, so you can get it for $77.98 (in U.S.) instead of the whopping $129.98. :)

Suggestions / Re: MP 3008?
« on: 12-03-2017, 14:03:55 »
Good suggestion, but still it would require a new texture since the texture was texture baked (adding shadows).

Adding it for one current map (Seelow) would be a little pointless. Having the VG45 and VK98 on Seelow were one thing, because just to give a taste of Volkssturm activity.

.. but, we have something in the works for you all to enjoy.. until then. :)

Modding / Re: Need help with UV/ applying textures
« on: 12-03-2017, 04:03:06 »
Hi, John_Snow

To be clear, you want to import an FH2 .Staticmesh file onto another modeling program (I hope 3ds Max or Maya?).


Gaming / Re: Battlefield "1"
« on: 11-03-2017, 23:03:56 »
Believe it or not, I'm actually having a blast with BF1. Frostbite is just beautiful..

I haven't had this much fun with DICE titles since BF1942.

General Discussion / Re: FH2 Thursday Reloaded!
« on: 09-03-2017, 21:03:09 »
I Don't know where my BF2 disks are anymore, but I remembered hearing once upon a time that BF2 is available online free somewhere now.

Here is what you may be asking. Enjoy!

General Discussion / Re: Conspiracies Thread Mk II
« on: 04-03-2017, 14:03:32 »
To add to your list, your missing a [censored] on [a map]. Go on, add it. :)

It will be uncensored relatively soon.
Added it ;).

Now now, I didn't say it was a weapon or a vehicle. :)

General Discussion / Re: Conspiracies Thread Mk II
« on: 03-03-2017, 15:03:25 »
To add to your list, your missing a [censored] on [a map]. Go on, add it. :)

It will be uncensored relatively soon.

Off-Topic / Re: About Last Night...
« on: 03-03-2017, 03:03:16 »
Granted, though your deleted comment probably should not have been said regardless. Especially on a public forum. :)


Off-Topic / Re: About Last Night...
« on: 02-03-2017, 21:03:49 »
so a reminder to (mostly) lazy Republican parents...
Well, I think it's a slight overstatement saying that "most republican kids" go to private schools. Democrats can have deep pockets with money too you know. :) Though I would agree with you that private schools may have a tendency to be privileged and sometimes kids being "spoiled".

Honestly, Pres. Trump was simply signing an order just to support these African American schools... which I hope anyone could agree. The way I see it, he's not exactly forcing African Americans to go into them, just supporting other people's views as seen in the quote below.
“That’s why ['education has the power to uplift, create equality, and justice'] today I am thrilled to be signing an executive order to recognize the importance of historically black colleges and universities — very important. [...]


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