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Found a solution:
Forgotten Hope working on Origin? Impossible?! Well, today is your lucky day!

Installation Instructions: Follow these to the letter for maximum compatibility, and you will be playing FH in no time.

1. Download the FULL version of Forgotten Hope v7 from []
2. Once all the files are finish downloading, you will notice that you are not able to run the exes. Until this is fixed, you will have to use Universal Extractor (I hear 7-zip works as well) to extract the files into individual folders.
3. Once you extract the files, you should have 3 folders, part 1, part 2, and part 3. Copy the contents of part 2 and 3 into part 1. Overwrite if necessary.
4. Move the mods folder from part 1 into your Battlefield 1942 folder.
5. Download this []
Ignore the widescreen fix, copy the objects.rfa file into your FH/Archives folder and overwrite the other one.
6. Launch the game through your selected method, be it origin or a shortcut.
7. Use the tab in your server browser to select the mod that you have installed. All servers running that mod should show up.

It works! My textures don't come up right on vehicles or weapons, though I think I may just need to adjust my settings.

I am having this same problem. (Windows 7)

That .rar is for the exe. I tried a .exe extractor, and was able to extract the files into the mods folder, but I get a crash to desktop when loading maps. I read that it may be due to files missing, but I think everything is there. And interestingly I have found that I cannot run bf1942.exe in compatibility mode earlier than Vista, thinking that could be a fix. Anyone have any more ideas?

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