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I play for years, got my key on Steam, when I bought the game, some years ago.

Hahahah man cmon, I would not even be able to enter an online account without internet connection, it's not that, FOR SURE! :D

Hi guys, I'm having the same problem here. I've already checked my key in the "code" setup from the BF folder, and also created another account. But untill now nothing solved this terrible problem. Any more tips?

"I told you that vodka was strong comrade."

Quite interesting. How you you be sure its WW2? lots of other conflicts happened there also.

I am pretty sure it is from ww2, 90% sure  :D

You are welcome! When I get more time and pacience to search for more sites I"ll share with the community  ;D

I was searching for the sidi rezegh airfield, then instead I found a huge strongpoint just south of the El Adem airport, with lots of concrete bunkers and trenches, probably built by the germans, as there are many tobruk bunkers. Linked up to the strongpoint, there is also two anti aircraft strongpoints, on the left side of the marker, by the west.

 The strongpoint coordinates: 31.784719, 23.875280
 The defensive line of Tobruk: 31.950538, 23.980437

 A trench line east of El Adem, there are trenches north and south from the mark: 31.853251, 24.074498

 The Bir Hakeim strongpoint: 31.593915, 23.479609


And coincidentally it got shut down just after I did this post. So as Odium said, we need a coder to put it back running. So I ask if there is any of the FH devs that can help us with information about this. I am not an expert computer, I'm like a dirty PC mechanic  ;D but I can try to do something, or even ask a friend of mine if he knows how to do it.

Most funny is when you are hunting an enemy tank and then an enemy soldier appears in a door or stuff, bazooca it is!  ;D

In my opinion there is no need for it to be implemented. The only thing necessary is a place where people can easily know what Mumble is and how it works, and where they can download and use it. In game most times there is more people out of squads than in squads. With Mumble praticaly there would be no need of squads because everyone would be able to talk to everyone. And this would make people get together in squads, as a consequence, because now they can talk to each other, and now they can have a real teamwork.

So, that's why I ask you if this post can be fixed on this thread, so maybe it can be viewed more, and reach more people. FH2 has grown up since I stopped playing couple years ago, now I see a lot of new players, that maybe never heard about a Mumble version for FH2. And I also see that some of them are part of clans and gaming teams, and like Flippy Warbear said, gather up some gaming friends and have a highly improved combat atmosphere, with players being more closer to really alive on the battlefield.  I'm not asking to force people to download it, but showing them what this tool can do, that in my opinion adds A LOT more gameplay and immersion to the game.  :D

Hi all!
So, first of all, imagine that sad situation, when you are under fire and you see an enemy tank just flanking a friendly tank that is close, but you have no time to type on the team chat and he is not in your squad. Then your friendly tanker just blews up and then types in the team chat "blah blah blah no teamwork". This situation happens in every single round, no matters what team you are, there is always someone being killed because there was no way to yell at him "HEEY LOOK BACK!! ENEMY FLANKING!!", and even a situation where a quite simple conversation can change the entire result of the battle, like: A squad is going to cap a point, and a tank from another squad is going to somewhere close, then a simple quote would garantee success on the move: "HEY TANKER!! PLEASE HELP US CAP THAT FLAG!" or even "HEY MATE!! PLEASE PUT SOME SMOKE THERE SO WE CAN MOVE!" So, this kind of local communication, just like in real situations, helps the team to be closer and makes the plans actually work.
Mumble is a tool of communication between players of the same team, it offers local chat, that you can use to talk to anyone that is close to you. The installation and configuration is very very simple, and after installed you just have to run it and then run FH2, that it will automatically link with the game.
Tell your gaming friends to download it and have a gameplay in FH2 that was only possible in gaming tournaments! :)

Here is the download link:

I've not playĆ­ng this great game for years I think, and simply forgot if I really installed or just copied the Steam folders, now I'll follow your instructions, and I'll report the results :D
Thank you for all! Great help! o/

Worked fine! Sorry for bothering you, I really should have searched on the forum, but as I didn't see in the first page I made this post. I beg your pardon for this lazy attitude.

Hi all!
So, as the subject already says, when I try to enter a server the game crashes. I play only in sp because of my slow internet connection, but sometimes I just want to try to ignore lag and join a real time battle with real people hehe  ;D ;D
What might be going on? I created a new account, as the old ones no longer works.
Have a good day you all! Thanks for everything!

 I have already downloaded it, after some tries the download link from moddb (Where I downloaded it) worked!

Thanks for updating the links o/

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