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This always starts when somebody says something about the allies and some guy pops in "YEAH BUT THE GERMANS HAD BETTER STUFF"

And then ofcourse i engage them back  ;D

obvious trolls are obvious...

General Discussion / Re: Conspiracies Thread Mk II
« on: 18-07-2012, 21:07:43 »
Ste. Mere Eglise is a lie!

Gaming / Re: Battlefield 4 announced
« on: 18-07-2012, 01:07:12 »
meh, BF = new CoD series. I bought MoH 2010, hoping to get access to the BF3 beta in September. I was hoping (at the time) BF3 would be the ultimate revival of the BF series, seeing as how I thought all games after BF2 were pretty lackluster.

I was pretty pissed to find out the BF3 beta wouldn't go live until Sept. 25th, and once I got it, I couldn't even run it at the time since my PC was so bad. Given the fact that MoH 2010/Warfighter don't "tickle my fancy", I'll keep my money in my pocket for ACIII. Hopefully though, BF4 goes somewhere else other than modern times. I'm sick and tired of games trying to cash in on the success of the Cod franchise by pumping out a game every year.

Gaming / Re: Comments on $2,000 Gaming Build
« on: 03-07-2012, 00:07:50 »
Super bump...

In case anyone is wondering, this build went great for me. It was my first time putting a computer together by myself, and I type here before you, as a testiment to my success. In case anyone was's my final parts list.

1x Cooler Master HAF X case
1x ASUS P8Z77-V motherboard
1x Intel i7 Quad-Core "Ivy Bridge" CPU @ 3.5 GHz
1x Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus heatsink
1x Gigabyte GTX 670 (factory overclocked)
4x 4GB sticks of G.SKILL RIPJAW series RAM
1x Cooler Master 1000W power supply
1x Crucial M4 128GB solid state drive
1x Western Digital 1TB hard drive
2x ASUS Blu-ray/combo optical drive

I haven't taken the system up to "full throttle" yet, as I'm still copying over media files and installing programs/updates, but the Windows Experience Index gave me a 7.7 rating out of 7.9 so I'm pretty happy.

Gaming / Re: Recommend Some Good HoI III Mods
« on: 15-06-2012, 05:06:58 »
See posts 6-8 of this thread...

EDIT: also, does this mod require any DLC?

Gaming / Re: Recommend Some Good HoI III Mods
« on: 15-06-2012, 03:06:50 »
So this HPP mod is now out then I assume?

Gaming / Re: BMS for Falcon 4.0
« on: 03-06-2012, 21:06:29 »
I have it saved. I was going to install it when I finished building my new rig. Overall it does look pretty fun.

Gaming / Re: E3 - 2012
« on: 02-06-2012, 03:06:29 »
Assassin's Creed III. 'Nuff said.

Modding / Re: French Hope
« on: 25-05-2012, 04:05:49 »
Quote from: [KamiKaze
But what would happen if i didint agree with a dev while making a map?

You'd better have a damn good reason as to why ;)

To answer some questions:

I'm leaving because of a lack of motivation and time. Between work in the summer and college in the fall, winter, and spring, I have little time left for social activities, let alone being a developer. As for what's next for me...well one of the things I pride myself on being is the youngest FH2 developer (as far as I know). At 20 years of age, all I plan to do is enjoy my summer, and then concentrate on school in the fall. I certainly won't have any time to join any new mod teams. I might come back to FH2 at some point, but it'll probably be at least a few years down the road.

And as far as the team goes, we still have plenty of dedicated devs still doing work on the mod. Just less than we might have had compared to previous releases. But that doesn't mean we are struggling to get work done or will stop development next week. As you can see from the last news update, everyone is still going strong.

It is with a heavy heart that I my friends, wave goodbye to all of you. While my love for this great mod has never left me, my motivation to work on it has, and unfortunately I am officially retiring from the development team.

However before I go I thought I would do something different. You see, often times in such a small gaming community of players and developers, it can be hard to facilitate communication between these two groups. Developers often times fade into the abyss of real life (rightfully so), with little warning or notice to the public. But you see, this community and this game has meant so much more to me. I started playing Battlefield 2 back in 2006. It was the first game I'd ever played on a PC, and I was instantly hooked. One thing led to another and I then discovered modding, which led me to discover various FH2 updates, which led me to discover FH1, and the rest is history. I started out just like all of you, as a regular fan of the mod reading the updates every week. It never occurred to me that I would end up being the guy who would eventually write them, but through a lot of hard work, I was able to improve my mapping skills and go from public player to betatester to developer.

It may sound cheesy, but I've really enjoyed these past few years doing what I've done. I've made a lot of friends as well, some of whom I've actually spend time with in real life, and some whom I wish I could. And overall, I have to say that I'm quite pleased with my choice to dedicate many late-night hours to this mod. I just wish I had more dedication to stay on the team and continue some of the work that I've started.

So what's next for me? Well for one I won't be writing any more news updates. There may a few weeks in delay before someone else picks up my job, but eventually someone will. I gotta say, I'll miss seeing everyone try to guess the content in each news update. I'll of course still read the forums and try to spark up conversations when I can.

What's next for the mod then I'm sure many of you have been wondering these past few months. Well I can say is be patient. Our team grows smaller each month and is kept alive by a handful of dedicated individuals at this point. Hopefully the new patch will be finished up soon and out the door for all of you to enjoy. There are few things left to reveal so keep an eye out for that as well. Beyond that all I can say is good things are coming. You might not hear about them for a few weeks, months, or even years but good things are coming.

And I think with that I can end on a good note. To everyone here in the Forgotten Hope community, I say goodnight and goodbye.

Announcements / Victory by Variety: Forgotten Hope 2 Update
« on: 20-05-2012, 18:05:34 »
We are back after a 3-week dry spell of no updates. I apologize since the last two I simply forgot it was Sunday, but nonetheless you'll all enjoy this one.

Victory by Variety


Gaming / Re: The current hardware generation
« on: 13-05-2012, 21:05:18 »
Ivy Bridge has heating issues if you overclock. I just bought the i7 3770k (3.5 GHz) and I'm waiting to but it into my new build.

Announcements / Re: Call To Arms
« on: 12-05-2012, 03:05:40 »
It says you have to log in to view that thread. Can you use Google Translate and copy the text here?

Gaming / Re: Recommend Some Good HoI III Mods
« on: 05-05-2012, 07:05:24 »
Is it slated to be released soon?

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