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Bug Reporting / Re: Bug on Ogledow Estate
« on: 29-05-2018, 19:05:48 »
Thx for testing.
It's really the clock, because I found another way to approach it even closer, while turned in its direction: by pointing to the ground or ceiling. In the upper floors it works well until i point down to it.

Bug Reporting / Re: Bug on Ogledow Estate
« on: 28-05-2018, 22:05:56 »
I could localize it:
its the ticking clock or sth. very close to it.
every time when i look in that direction the problem appears and disappears, when i look away from it.
it doesnt matter if there is a wall inbetween - the problem appears. I could wander through the whole house keeping that place out of sight and so i found where the "bad" spot is, but I cannot tell, what it is. In the end i risked to look at it, because i knew that turning away from it, makes the game behave normally again. Very strange.

Bug Reporting / Re: Bug on Ogledow Estate
« on: 28-05-2018, 22:05:58 »
Hello hitm4k3r,

thx for the reply. I always delete the cache when I change settings. I have a batch for that.
I do this when I have a ctd too.
I tested this on the pcs of my kids. They also have an XP installation for FH2 besides their actual Windows installation and and they have the same issue. Their cards are asus gtx 660 and evga gtx 760. They don't play FH2 anymore. If nothing helps I'll avoid visiting estate on foot (No problem when in truck) and maybe I'll eventually install it on my actual Windows 10 - does it work on win 10?

Bug Reporting / Bug on Ogledow Estate
« on: 25-05-2018, 22:05:38 »

since the new update 2.53, on ogledow I have the following problem in and around the big building at the estate-flag:
frame rate droxps to 1fps and the screen flashes constantly black and back to game. It is not playable. It starts as soon as i make the first steps on the perimeter/yard of the manor. When i go back and exit the perimeter the game behaves normally again. If I spawn inside it would take ages to leave the place, so I have to go to windows and back to the game then press escape, wait a bit, disconnect from server and quit the game. Then i can play normaly, but when I approach the said building or spawn on sl inside it, the problem reappears. It is every time. I tried some video settings witout success.
Before the patch i had no problems. Not even the "not showing flags"-bug, that some report.

My hardware and software configuration is in the attached zip file.

My game video config is:
Display mode: 1920x1080@60Hz
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Terrain, Effects, Geometry, Texture, Filtering: all medium
Lighting: Low
Dynamic Light: Medium
Dynamic Shadows: Off
Anti-aliasing: 8x
View distance: 100%
Limit the max. framerate to 60

Edit: nVidia Settings are all on default/recommended, no changes.

System Summary:
CPU: i5-3470
GPU: Geforce GTX 670 4GB by Zotac
Disk: WD Blue 7200U/Min.

OS: Win XP Pro SP3+all updates

I use this installation only for FH2.


Can you please help me with this problem?


which games do u play while the master account server is down?

I have many EA titles (each bf title from 1942 to bf3, almost every need for speed title from III to Rivals and even sims), Civ I to V, each Total War title from the first Shogun to Napoleon and some older flight combat simulators, but I'm bored of all by now. Reading a book might be more interesting. I spent every minute during the whole weekend with my family. Not a bad thing but sometimes it has to be sth. else. Especially after a hard work day.
I just bought XCOM on steam for 6 EUR, just to try it out, but I'm afraid that I won't enjoy it.

What r u doing?

General / Re: AA bren ironsights
« on: 13-08-2012, 02:08:59 »
Addition: I tried to zoom in but there was no difference. Can one zoom the AA Bren in? How is the accuracy then?

Suggestions / Re: Machine gunner
« on: 11-08-2012, 03:08:29 »
[trollmode]make any MG usable only with two guys: gunner and supplier[/trollmode]

I tested it and found a nice spot to camp allied base. Axis soldiers can go this far without taking damage and aim at allied base.

I pursued an enemy soldier who ran into our ABC on Eppeldorf. I shot and missed. He ran behind a slope and got prone. I got after him and shot him. The screenshot is attached.

Suggestions / Re: Standardizing a VOIP Program for FH2
« on: 11-08-2012, 02:08:46 »
I would favor mumble too. The advantage of TS is the voice quality. The disadvantage is (and I've regularily seen that) that enemy can join your channel.

General Discussion / Re: Farewell
« on: 09-08-2012, 14:08:01 »
I've been playing FH since the early, early days and have had hours and hours of fun with this mod but I now find that it has outgrown me.
[...]In my 50's I'm probably one of the oldest players on the mod.[...]

I rather think that you outgrown the game. There is no game out there that can keep up with the evolution of a human. Don't take it hard, say thank you and bye.

You can't quite leave? Then play some more rounds.

Your lines make me think of a quote from a friend: "You'll never find that kind of game that you want to play. You could as well play BFBC on the console." The first part is true, the second is not. I'm happy that FH2 fullfills 80% of what I would expect. Other games do less.

Anyway, nothing lasts forever.

Bug Reporting / Re: IMMUNE PAK "driver"
« on: 09-08-2012, 13:08:48 »
I guess this fits in the same category, so no new thread.

Yesterday these were my futile attempts to kill a Pak driver on Falaise.

I guess something made my knife and shots bounce off. The German was like "this? just a fleshwound!"

Yesterday I tried to kill an infantry man in an 88 and had to aim for the head because any shots at his back were in vain. Luckily he stayed in the 88 so long.
With a prone MG gunner I was less lucky. I stood directly behind him and aimed with sights at his back but didn't do any damage with the SMLE No4. He turned around and got me.

General Discussion / Re: Axis bias, huh?
« on: 08-08-2012, 15:08:44 »
An analysis from a pre 2.45 point of view:
As long as nobody comes up with an official map statistic from the fh2 awards server, I gave it a try and compared the winning percentage per 64-player map versions from the axis point of view for two players, who usually play only one side and have played most maps quit often: karel88l, who played 98% of his 2106 rounds on Axis side and me, who played 99% of my 714 rounds on Allied side.
(I beg your pardon karel. I assume that I can use your stats, since your profile has been already linked in this thread. And it looks really great.)

It doesn't make sense to add more players, because we would then have more rounds double counted as we already have, due to the fact that I often met karel on the virtual battlefield.
There is some impact on the outcome of the battle by the skill of karel88l, who is leading the scoreboard and having the golden pilot medal, while my impact is mediocre due to the fact that I am at best a bit above average. To exclude this effect I set up the following bounds in order to decide if a map is unbalanced or not:
- If a map has been won at least 67% of the time by Axis in both cases (mine and his), then I may say that the Axis has a clear advantage on that map.
- If a map has been won less than 33% of the time by Axis in both cases, then I may say that the Allies have a clear advantage on that map.

Map statistic from karel88l:My Map Statistic:
MapPlayedWonAxis wins
MapPlayedWonAxis wins
(* different from my profile, because one victory was as Axis)

My conclusion is that prior to 2.45 at least on the following maps Axis had a decisive advantage: Eppeldorf, Meuse River, Op. Luttich, Pointe du Hoc, Supercharge and Villers Bocage, while the Allies have a decisive advantage on Tunis 1943. This balance may be intended or historically correct, I don't really care. It is challenging to play a map, which is hard to win and I often accept this challenge, but for me Supercharge, Villers Bocage and Pointe du Hoc are the limit, while the old Meuse River, Eppeldorf and Op. Luttich maps are no fun at all for me. The same may be the case regarding Tunis 1943 from the Axis point of view.

only grammar was edited

General Discussion / Re: 128 player test - no lag!
« on: 08-08-2012, 13:08:04 »
Well, I have to admit that playing on the 762 Servers was a bit more fun when I started with FH (which was FH2) in 2011. I find the rules and gameplay more friendly to beginners and that's what I think attracts more new players to them, while the hslan server, which I enjoyed a lot in my second year of FH2 gaming, is mostly filled with more experienced players and the motto "play hard, play fair" describes quite well the gameplay on hslan: less rigorous rules more experience needed, more fun for the exprienced.

As about the ranking: I like the official fh2 ranking alot more than the 762 ranking. While the 762 ranking is one that fits almost every shooter, the official fh2 ranking is FH2 special and rewards more the guy who plays to win the map and teamplayers. Unfortunately it came so late that alot of people summed up many awards in the 762 ranking and seem to stick to that ranking still, or they like the 762 rules more, I don't know. I would like to see the 762 servers running the FH2 official ranking. Is it possible to run both rankings on the 762 servers?

General Discussion / Re: Farewell
« on: 08-08-2012, 12:08:45 »
We felt that in previous releases the actual tank combat was over too quickly, because nearly all hits were either kills or simply bounced off. The result was that not only tactical retreats and repairing were practically not present, but the excitement players get from the combat was reduced to the two seconds between seeing an enemy tank and killing it. Additionally, range was pretty much not a factor in 2.4. Now it is something you have to keep in mind, as you will do a lot more damage at a short distance than far off. This is another tactical element added to the mix, all to make combat more interesting.

Totally agree!
This is the only game I play. Mostly I even prefer FH2 to a good movie.
As about complaining of other people (not the thread owner): Please complain only when you find something that happens every time and not occasionally.

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