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You can work with the original navmesh, as long as the navmesh covers the area you define within your 16 and 32 size layers.

1. Random CTD - these maps are fine about lightmapping etc., but for some reason, all of them crash after some time of gameplay: sometimes after a few seconds, other times after a couple of minutes. But they aren't playable at all. Beda Fomm, Bloody Gulch, Carentan, Juin 1944.

2. Minimap flag bug - on Operation Nordwind, the gameplay is just fine; no lightmapping issues and no crashes at all. On the other hand, when the map is loaded my minimap flags got bugged, as they don't appear at all. It somehow affects my whole install, as when I load any other map, including the official ones, the flags keep bugging, sometimes just some appear, other times no one at all. To correct it, I must run the repair tool on the launcher so everything come back to normal.

Thank you for the testing and gathering these results! I don't know when or if I will be able to fix the CTDs - I ran into the same issues when I tested over the last weeks and was not able to find a definitive reason so far. But maybe I'll get around to invest some more time to look at them again. The minimap error happened to me once, but was fixed after a restart of the game. I'll look at nordwinds python, but so far I didn't get any python error log for it, tbh with you I have no idea what else could cause it.

About Kasserine Pass: Yes it is indeed very crude. And very old, too. I don't know if it was ever intended for FH2, as it was spread among various other BF2 mods at some point. It's overall design is definitly not en par with other maps of this project and generally rather 1942ish. The reason I still added it was because it provides some mindless fun with ground and air vehicles and gave me an opportunity to add more US Army in North Afrika content. I am not a map designer. Currently I do not have any ambitions to overhaul the environment (cover,...) and flag layout on Kasserine Pass. I usually make it fun by bot-distribution among teams (45vs30 or sth like this). I can however take a look at bleed-conditions, vehicle respawn timers, FlaK 88 distribution and such.

Any chance that Seelow will get the ISU-152 and the Luftfaust B added?  I really want to destroy some bots with the Luftfaust.

While I agree it would be some fun, I do not know whether either the Luftfaust or the ISU are configured for AI use. If they aren't, they will cause CTDs. I will not risk adding them in blindly and I do not have the time right now to test or if needed fix them for AI. Feel free to replace existing vehicles or pickup kits with those two, remember to update the tmp.con file and let me know if they work, then I will consider adding them in permanently.


"CP_64_dukla_pass_germanmain_t34" not spawning bug is imminent

Can you consider revising Arads Pickup Kit and static AmmoBoxes/AmmoBlitz Wrecks?
layout to expand CPs and outside MainBases. Re-Supply change  is really tough in Heat of battle.
The Map is fine, but would be lovely to get a bit support there. I know this Map is resource heavy...

Kind Regards

Thank you for pointing that out. Could you elaborate on how the t34 bug appears? Does it show up as a python error or does it cause a CTD with a message in windowed mode? The t34 is supposed to spawn only after the German team loses the whole of Kruzlova and the Valley of Death CPs. I never properly tested Dukla Pass 64 since I find the experience to be rather lackluster against AI and prefer the 32 push layer in general.

As for additional pick up kits and supply stations, this requires actual map editing which I currently won't be able to do. Sorry for that.

Yes, that would indeed do the trick. When talking about incompatible maps, that should only be those with outdated lightmaps. I did not test any of the Forgotten Maps on the new patch, but if some crash upon, like, python errors but do appear to have proper lightmapping, please let me know and I see to fixing them soon.

Hey, unfortunatly I do not have the time to work on full scale projects and conversions anymore. I remember taking a look at almost all the Italian front maps out there and experimenting with AI support for those about two years ago but decided against working on them for good reasons.

Hey community,

didn't want to necro an old thread about this but I just fired up FH2 for the first time in a while to test out the new stuff and noticed that I could not see the good old wounded shader anymore.

I am running a Zotac GTX770 with 4GB VRAM newest driver 416.34 installed of course.

With FH2/BF2 AA enabled, usually none of the gameplay-relevant shaders of FH2 ever worked for me. That is: Suppression and Wounded. Without AA, they do work. But the game looks very bad without AA.

So usually I just disabled the ingame video options' AA and forced an external 8x MSAA with my Nvidia control panel. That did let me see the wounded shader, but still not the suppression mechanic.

Now, forcing MSAA with the control panel doesn't work anymore. No AA will be applied ingame anymore. FXAA works, but looks bad of course. A clean reinstall of the driver did not help. Nvidia Inspector did not help, I tried a bunch of options but to no avail. nHancer doesn't work on Win10 anymore. External SMAA with third party tools such as ReShade offers no real alternative.

Can someone confirm that behaviour? Did someone find a solution maybe? Any help or advice is appreciated.

Great job, a lovely addition to the game, looking forward to more! Some feedback:

I can confirm that there are some areas where tanks love to get jammed. At the North-Western CP on the Studienka Map for example.

One issue you should take a look at that is easily fixable within a minute are the python errors on coop mode due to uncapturable base CPs having strategic neighbors (the ai will try to issue attack orders).

Also, to improve the experience in push modes, try to assign priority values to frontline CPs in the file, so that at the start of a round the AI will prefer to spawn at the frontline and not leave the first CPs on a road uncontested (Studienka 32 layer for instance).

Sorry for the stupid question but I'm new. I don't suppose it is possible to download older versions so as to play the older SP maps is it? Usually the servers are empty when I'm online. Thanks.

You do not have to. I did take a look at the project and found it to be easily fixable so that is what I just did. Check out the opening post and download the current version for FH2 2.54.

Lightmapping was fixed for the most part. Some issues like weird lighting in certain places and shadows where none belong will remain, since the maps I uploaded are no longer the same versions as those from the base mod which I exported the lightmaps from.

Occasional CTDs due to updated assets may occur. I did not have time to extensively test this patch. Please report major issues and I see to fixing them when I find the time.

As the author of this mappack, let me give a quick statement to avoid any confusion.

It is unfortunate (but was to be expected) that many aspects of this are now broken with the (excellent) recent patch to FH2.

This was created several years ago and I hope it was some fun to the people that enjoyed FH2 in singleplayer. Unfortunatly, due to my private life taking different directions, I can currently and in the forseeable future not work on any patch or update, or conversions for new maps. If anyone else wants to - please go ahead.

As the author of this mappack, let me give a quick statement to avoid any confusion.

It is unfortunate (but was to be expected) that many aspects of this are now broken with the (excellent) recent patch to FH2.

This was created several years ago and I hope it was some fun to the people that enjoyed FH2 in singleplayer. Unfortunatly, due to my private life taking different directions, I can currently and in the forseeable future not work on any patch or update, or conversions for new maps. If anyone else wants to - please go ahead.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Unbalanced Teams with the Bots
« on: 23-07-2016, 22:07:25 »
There is a maximum of 48 Bots for Team 1 (Axis usually), Team 2 (Allies) has no limit.

It works like this: With a Bot Ratio of 100, the number of Bots set by the slider (48 max in the slider) will be assigned to Team 1, Team 2 will recieve the rest.

The number of Bots you set in the launcher will ignore the slider settings, however the game still assignes the bots to the teams according to the slider settings.

So, to get the right balance of bots and make your matches the most enjoyable, I'd advice to follow my simple guide here:

Co-Op Guide

It is kinda complicated to get the point across on this issue, but I hope I could make it somehow clearer.

Hi guys!

I am new here, just wanted to ask - how do I play specific maps on single player which is only available on MP? For ex. Eastern front maps, because on SP they aren't accessible.

Currently the EF Maps have no official bot support. But may I redirect you HERE. Instructions included in the opening post.

So just to make sure - you will have to access them like this:

Co-Op Guide

Do not try to play them in singleplayer and make sure to "reselect" Co-op as mode in the Local/Create Screen, as it will always show conquest maps by default.

Oh wtf. They are not showing up in the game at all or just in the server rotation or something?

Because the first option would be extremely weird. That should by all means not be the case.

In the second case, again - I have no clue why that would be, I never hosted a permanent server, I don't know what files the server trys to access, I don't understand the infrastructure behind it. If someone could, on a single case of a map - provide a solution blueprint, I would be happy to fix everything to get it working with the servers. Until then, I simply can't take action, because I lack the knowledge.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: How do I make my game do this?
« on: 04-06-2016, 11:06:49 »
i think... maybe if u do all maps in single we will be happy because its boring olny play single with germans, britains, italians, and americans; WE NEED RUSSIANS, FINLADS, AND... CANADIANS in single, if u can do that all the comunity will be happy, if 1 of u read this mi facebook is - Minos Restrepo - And maybe we can talk about this.

Your definition of boring might be slightly off, but here you go for additional stuff, including the Eastern Front:
Forgotten Maps SP/COOP
FH2 2.5 New Maps SP/COOP
Btw Canadians are playable on multiple maps by default. Also don't forget the Australians and New Zealanders.

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