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Suggestions / Defense of Malta Idea
« on: 14-06-2018, 05:06:37 »
So, I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking one of those San Pellegrino fruit sodas, and I had a neat idea because of some reading I did... for the idea, skip to the second paragraph, or hear my funny train of thought in the first.

So the San Pellegrino was orange and Italian prickly pear flavored, and that got me thinking. I had read that cacti was only native to the Americas, so I wondered where the Italian prickly pear part came from. So I read on wikipedia that prickly pear were spread all over by trade after Europeans colonized the Americas. Many places eat the fruit, including where I live (Texas). Some places use it for other things, for example the Maltese use it to make a sweet liqueur (I have got to find a bottle of it!). Apparently it grows all over Malta (as well as many other places, as it's an invasive species). And, I had just been playing FH2's Alam Halfa, so I had a neat idea....

Use the defense of Malta as an air-only map. Now, obviously all the development effort is focused elsewhere, but this is more of a hypothetical map design. I've got no modding experience, but if I did, I'd use it to make this. Anyhow, this is my idea. Have the British have some aircraft (early war stuff, some of which we already have, but we'd need a Gloster Gladiator) and air defenses. Then, have the Italians/Germans have a base somewhere (like a little sliver of Sicily). Now, for the fun part; instead of just having an air battle, have a special hanger made that spawns aircraft, and have that hanger destroyable. So, if the Italians/Germans take out that hanger, the spawning of new aircraft stops or is diminished until it's repaired. Something I'd do, as I play offline a lot, is make it to where the hanger can be manned by a person (have them controlling a Bofors or something) so the AI will recognize it and try to destroy it. So then it's a balance of trying to keep off an onslaught of enemy planes with a few, obsolete plains and a bunch of air defenses and trying to keep the hangers up and running to supply new planes. I think it'd be an improvement of just a regular air battle, plus it would add a neat new location and a rather forgotten battle.

......and to think, we already have a prickly pear model to stick all over the island!

Anyway, I know it won't get made anytime soon or at all, but what do yall think? I've always loved air battles, but hated how bland the rest of the map is and how little depth there is to the battle. Are there any other locations that interest yall? Something else I'd love to see is the battle of Taranto and the sinking of the Italian fleet.

I feel like I could add a bit here in regards to the amount of offline players.

I've almost always played offline, but I think it started that way for me because of an unfortunate circumstance: bad internet. I had dial up internet until 2010 (whooray for rural Texas), after which I only got slightly faster internet, but still nothing capable of playing even FH2 online. So therefore, all of my gaming is centered around offline play. I can't say this is the case of most offline players, but if there's one thing I've learned in life, where there's one, there's more (this is especially true for scorpions, which we have plenty of in Texas). I have two other friends who used to play FH2 offline a lot, and up until a few years ago we played regularly every Sunday. I'm the only one of us who still plays, most of them being terrible traitors to the newer battlefield games. I've kind of gotten out of most gaming, as being married, being into cars, into photography, and working a 60+ hour a week job takes a lot of time. FH2 is the only game I still play at all, and it's almost always offline, as when I do go on at random, the servers are empty and I'm only looking for ~30 minutes of gameplay.

So, I'd bet there are a lot of people playing offline like me, as it can be a great game for quick, fun action with very little time commitment. I think improving offline play would be greatly appreciated by quite a few people, myself very much included!

General Discussion / Sniper rifle iron sights?
« on: 26-05-2018, 04:05:31 »
In the news it mentioned selectable iron sights for sniper rifles. How does one select them? Is it supposed to be a different weapon option kind of like selecting a bipod? If so, it's not working for me. If not, I'm totally lost!

Thanks! That makes a lot more sense than what I came up with. I guess kids in 1960s Italy liked old military surplus as much as ones today do haha.

Yes! Thats why I reblogged it. The NA theater has always been my favorite, hence why I love FH so much. I had a feeling the photo was probably from after Bir Hakim. Pretty fool stuff. I love seeing photos like that, the ones that a lot of people won't realize are pretty historically significant. I once saw a photo of a bunch of German troops servicing a Goliath mine. The caption was about the Goliath, but the guy front and center had, slung over his shoulder, a G.41(M)! It was one of the very few times I've seen a photo of one from during the war. I wish I could find the photo again, I will someday.

Off-Topic / Found letter in Italian - need translation
« on: 09-05-2018, 06:05:30 »
So I bought some old British ammo pouches on eBay, and they arrived today. I was opening all the pockets and stuffi mg them to help get rid of the creases, and I came across a letter. It's in Italian, and I'm not exactly sure how it ended up in a British ammo pouch, but it's there nonetheless. Unfortunately I only speak English and some Spanish, and my wife only speaks English, Russian, and French, so we're fairly useless with Italian. Anyone here have any ideas what it says? I tried putting it through Google translate, but I'm either getting some letters wrong or the translation software doesn't work all that well, so I figured I'd try to find  a native speaker.

In case the imagine isn't appearing, here's the link to it (conveniently on my NA related tumblr blog!)

General Discussion / Nostalgia
« on: 20-01-2017, 05:01:09 »
I got on my computer tonight and got on FH2. I haven't been playing much, because work has been really busy. Working 7 days a week, ~12 hours a day isn't very much fun and most of what I do with my free time is sleep. Maybe part of what happened was my tiredness, maybe it was because of the good music I was listening to......who knows.

I sat there, looking through maps, just looking to go kill some bots with a sniper rifle or take out some tanks. I couldn't decide what to play. I just sat there, and so many memories came back. I've been playing FH2, mostly offline due to bad internet, since about July 2010. I had downloaded FH2 accidentally, along with FH, somehow. I had just gotten better internet (from dial up to something else less crappy; rural Texas doesn't have many options), so me being 16 and bored during the summer, I was downloading mods like mad. I remember going into my BF2 custom games section and seeing it, along with a myriad of other things. I clicked on it, and the game crashed. I found a fix (it was the old hi-res monitor issue) and I was off and loading up the first map I could click on....which was Alam Halfa.

I've always been fascinated with the North African theater. I'm not sure why. I've just always loved it and I probably have half the books published on it. Well, for someone used to rather mediocre WWII games like Call of Duty 2 and the like, FH2 was an amazing miracle, borne from some kind of odd gaming world where historical accuracy mattered and good gameplay came along with it. For some reason I only had North Africa maps on that version, and when I looked on the FH website, I quickly (well, slowly, considering my internet still wasn't fast) downloaded a newer version. I introduced the game to one of my best friends, and we were quickly playing on LAN very often. Most weekends we'd play. It became pretty much the only game either of us played.

In 2012 we graduated high school, I got a new girlfriend that ended up trying to separate me from my friends (that's a long, irrelevant story), and him and I stopped playing. However, FH2 remained one of the most positive things in my life, along with a few other things. Once that was over, and I was in a better place in life, him and I started playing again. It's been five years since we left high school, and seven since we started playing FH2, and we still try to play every Sunday. I'm having to skip this Sunday because of work, and I'm really wishing I didn't have to.

FH2 isn't like any other game I've played. It has that something that other games don't have. It always has, from the first time I played Alam Halfa to the round on Alam Halfa that I ended up playing tonight when I finally decided what to play. FH2 isn't just a game to me. It's an integral part of me, of my life. It's had a very real and measurable effect on my life, and it still does.

People talk on here about FH2 "dying". Yeah, it seems the team is pretty small now, and updates are infrequent. But this game has life. Mine, yours, all of ours. I'll keep coming back to it, even if development stops and the servers are gone and the forums are shut down. I'll always have a computer that can play it. Because it's not just a game, it's a piece of history, and a piece of my personal history.

So cheers to seven years of playing, and many more.

General Discussion / Re: Rare weapon survey
« on: 27-11-2016, 22:11:15 »
Okay, spill the beans. Where's the Claymore?

So, as the title suggests, I'm suggesting switching out the ol' shotgun for something different. It's not that I dislike it, it's a blast to use, but I feel like a rifle would be better suited for this roll. Now, I know this is only a feature in coop/singleplayer, but as I don't have very stellar internet I tend to stick with offline play a lot of the time. While having some fun hunting tanks on Sidi Bou Zid last night, I found myself having a serious dilemma when I encountered an enemy on foot at longer distances......well anything more than one building to the next. While it's fun to have it in the game a bit more, I really think an M1 Carbine or Springfield M1903 would be a better fit for the kit. In fact, I as long as we're not being entirely realistic, I wouldn't mind having the M1903 on the kit even into the late war maps, as it's one rifle I hardly get the chance to use.

But, I have a feeling I'm one of the few people who plays offline and one of the fewer who wants this change. Is there any way I can do this myself? Or, is there anyone who also doesn't like that weapon being in the kit?

I've actually been thinking about this quite often recently. I'm not very active in playing on the servers, mostly because I don't play video games much anymore. However when I do, it's with one of my best friends over LAN.

The installation system is honestly a pain. I reinstall the game time to time as I've found it cures most of the issues I have with it. But reinstalling it is such a time consuming thing to do. And, like what was mentioned, it's hard to get anyone interested because it's such a hard game to get into, it takes a lot of work just to get playing. And in this world of high speed, it's hard to convince someone to try playing.

But if there's a question as to whether that would actually change anything, I have examples to support my point. I've gotten three people into FH2 (mostly offline players, too, as we live in the country and internet isn't the greatest out here) by installing it for them.

This is such an incredible game, one very unlike anything I've ever seen. It has such high quality maps, models, name it. And I believe that it needs to be more accessible. I know that there are technical difficulties with this, and that the focus of the limited developers is elsewhere, but I believe that it is a worthwhile endeavor.

Something I'd also be open to, although I don't know how to do it or how to make it most effective, would be a crowd sourced publicity campaign. Advertisement. One thing about working so damn much is I've got enough money to support things that I love, and FH2 is something I really want to succeed. I want to see it succeed beyond the successes it has had.

So, yes, I vote standalone. Within reason, of course.

Off-Topic / Re: The money-game
« on: 06-04-2016, 04:04:53 »
I'm 22, I'm a welder, and I work a ton. So far I've just been saving up a big chunk of change, because I have several hobbies that I don't want to give up when I move out (I'm still living at home, for the time being, which is part of what allows me to save a good portion of what I make).

My plan is to mostly invest in lower risk things, and just keep saving, until I have enough that I'm comfortable to put some in higher risk investments. I haven't figured out any of the details yet.

Although the future has a lot of unknowns for me. My girlfriend lives in the UK (I'm from Texas), and when she gets out of university we've thought about getting married. That would add a second income, but also need for a larger place to live, and we haven't exactly figured all that stuff out yet.

So, I'd say play it safe and save yourself a big ol' chunk, and then start investing slowly. But, I have a feeling you're going to do fine whatever you do, as you're actually putting effort into planning. Most of the people I know can't even hold a part time job.....

That is really awesome, thanks for sharing!

General Discussion / Chronological Campaign
« on: 06-03-2016, 17:03:48 »
So a few weekends ago a friend of mine and I were blasting some bots and remembering the good ol' days of Battlefield 1942. We were remembering how simple games were, and how we still enjoyed them all the same. And then we got talking about BF1942's "campaign" mode. I'm sure we all remember it. Pick a side, play through every battle, and then come out with stats at the end.

So, I've decided to embark upon an FH2 "campaign". Now that the Eastern front maps sort of have AI, I feel like it would be a fun thing to try. I'm going to include any night versions of the maps. However, for the purposes of ordering all the maps, I've excluded any mappacks.

So, in order, this is how it goes:

Battle of Keren + night version
Siege of Giarabub
Siege of Tobruk
Mount Olympus
Invasion of Crete
Battle for Sfakia
Sidi Rezegh
Fall of Tobruk
Mersa Matruh
Alam Halfa
Operation Hyacinth
El Alamein
Operation Supercharge
Sidi Bou Zid
Mareth Line
Pegasus + night version
Pointe Du Hoc
Gold Beach
Omaha Beach
Port en Bessin
Purple Heart Lane
Ramelle Neuville (not sure I'm going to include this one)
St. Lo Breakthrough
Operation Goodwood
Sammatus + dawn version
Operation Cobra
Operation Luttich
Operation Totalize
Falaise Pocket
Battle of Brest
Hurtgen Forest
Dukla Pass
Eppeldorf + night version
St. Vith
Meuse River
Seelow Heights

I'm probably going to exclude a few maps that have broken AI, but I think it would be fun to run through it in order.

So we shall see how it goes!

Suggestions / Ranging a shot
« on: 10-02-2016, 02:02:02 »
Since the new Firing Range maps, which I've been enjoying a lot, have a marked shooting range, I had a thought.

I was out sniping on Bastogne just now, just picking off a few bots for fun, and I made a really nice, near-view-distance-limit shot (the shooting range has been great practice!). I really wish I could have known how long the shot was.

Is there any way to tell? As in, is there any way, in game, for there to be something that says the distance of a shot? I've got very little (as in none) experience with modding and things of that sort. I'm just wondering if it's possible.

Not sure exactly what is going on. I read a few threads from 2015 that talked about something going on with the servers and some people having this issue, but there never seemed to be a conclusion.

All that happens is I run the launcher, press play with my online account selected, and then it tries to start the game, the screen goes black, and it ctd's. Trying it with an offline account works, but when I try to select an online account and login, it says "server has refused connection".

Anyway, it seems to have gotten sorted out eventually last time, so I have a feeling it will be fine.

Developer Blogs / Re: Some Italian love
« on: 05-08-2015, 02:08:32 »
Any idea where it was used by the Germans after the armistice? It would be neat to see a German version of this thing. I rather love that captured vehicles have such a presence in FH2.

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