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General / Re: 762 servers
« on: 25-01-2017, 21:01:16 »

It's true, I have the feeling that admins do that since that very game on Pointe Du Hoc where at least 2 admins were in that squad. Since my report went to the moon. No response at all.

And the fact that you said you had no choice but to flank us the way you did is absolutly unbelievable, unbelievable. Once again, you could have been surprised to get yourself behind the spawn area and move out of it. This clearly wasn't the case for the SL where rangers spawned and at least jobbab stayed by the rocks to spawnkill.

You tell me, dont be dumb, spawn elsewhere... Wtf? What's the message sent by that? What kind of gameplay do you promote?
So now, if I play your way, I will go BEHIND spawnarea to spawn kill players and I'll tell them spawn elsewhere "!rules, see you're fucked and let us win this flag ( and maybe the game)".

Tell me where this is good for immersion, for fun, for gameplay?

And sorry to tell that, but as I looked at the admin list, and how surprised to see so many guys there! I do see most of the admin community going SL and playing maps as written above, in a excessive competitive way.

And I repeat, if anyone of your squad or even better... Odium admits that their behaviour was not respectful ( not to the server rules obviously) but to the players. Indeed you ruined the end of the game, people won this map without doing that. I keep thinking this was intentional to cut german reinforcments towards the guns emplacement. This is making sense in a military way, but not in a game where I think you should consider this: there are almost no rules during a war, there are in a game.

Also, precaping red crossed ruins the gameplay in my opinion because added to the rest I said, it accelerates the game. Once more, is it supposed to be like that in FH2, where historical and realism gameplay matters, if any dev could tell me what's the official vision of gameplay, would be very interesting.

And there are other words, others way to defend himself that writting what he wrote, and to be sufficient like he was.

I haven't been sufficient, I have wrote what I thought, never used an insult of any kind. I understand admin community could be bothered by what I said, but again... Pay attention to the way of writting things.

I read some ban complaints on 762 forum, I see Podium is used to do that. So clearly, I dont see the point of asking to change the rules on your forums as he already locked the topic on his web site and clearly denies my request by saying what he said.

I wanted to discuss, that's all. Maybe to propose a change, but I see he has the power and is like a King, the rule is never discuss my decision "you're wong", " don't "bitch".

And this Guy is running the only FH2 servers... Wow!

I would pay for official server with respect of the official way to play maps, official way to think map gameplay. Really.

The top of the shitty ( don't find any other words to express that) thing could happen to me, is to be threatened ingame now, or kicked at the first TK unintentional and since I lost a part of my faith in admins (espcially when reading your boss) and request strongly new rules.

General / Re: 762 servers
« on: 25-01-2017, 20:01:09 »
I agree with you. I highlighted these facts because added to the spawnkilling and red crossed rule, the mod does not reflect its description. Not due to mappers (in a certain way) but mostly to players. I agee with you that mappers have to think about  how players would play their map in a competitive way. But in big maps, piper, jeeps, fast commando cars are here and it's normal. Most of the problem is behaviour of players, espacially SL. And I think, server rules would be most respectful to the description of the mod if they rewarded a good gameplay, teamwork in the respect of designed Push mode.

General / Re: 762 servers
« on: 25-01-2017, 19:01:55 »
Thank you Odium for gentle answer, I see you used very kind words.

"it overworked our admins", I bet this was the first motive to delete the rule.

"Because people like you complained and bitched every day" Maybe because people (like you?) actually broke the rule? Nevers thought of it? Surprising...

Finally, sorry about your ego, but I didn't know who was the head admin of 762, i didn't know how was called Sherman back in the day so I went to FH2 official forum to write. They I tried on PC to register again on your web site in ordre to male a topic linked to this one so that we can discuss. But obviously, you're being sufficient and I see no discussion is allowed ( how funny...).

TS4Ever.  They did flank, but tell me where common use tactics of flanking in current status of FH2 online gameplay are realistic ?

Like using fast jeep ( 4 seats) to be able to outrun any opponents so that SL can dismount and hide while his 3 guys move out while the 4 others spawn on SL.

Like using a plane instead of jeep and do the same thing, this is even worse! Ambiance killer, fun killer... So pathetic...

And as a retired serviceman, flanking is used by squads (8/12 men) on local, to deal with direct enemy forces, you flank a compound or house...
If you want to flank a whole defensive system, you use large scale units, a company, most of the time combined arms. I dare you to find actually events where an army sent a jeep with 4 guys, or landed a piper in order to disrupt forces.

Come on... Try to understand my point and stop doing little talks...

My point of view is pretty clear, why the hell spawnkilling is allowed? If anyone would do what Jobbab, Baker, Capro and the others did this game would be unplayable. Hopefully most of the players actually play the maps as designed, but those who know the limits go borderline when things get hard, and that's often the same guys, and as I visited 762 forums i see that the guys doing those things I said are from 762 community apparently...

I used to have fun back in the day because of the respect to players and to the gameplay apparently wanted in FH2. Now it looks like a competitive gameplay, " no matter what is the way of winning, we have to win this".

Last time, i was on Super charge, some said they were bored mostly british because their team lost. As complaints were written on chat, at least two players made their way in the village and killed german on defensive positions as the village flags weren't capable. This is basically ragekills due to the lack of combined coordinate teamwork on british side.

I think to sum up, server rules would better be rewarding teamwork, gameplay than just winning maps because it clearly make some "hard" players or competitive players to find talkable ways of winning. And if I read the few lines describing the mod on this web site "Forgotten Hope 2 is an award-winning World War II mod for Battlefield 2, covering all aspects of land, air and sea combat, with a focus on realism and historic accuracy"

I'm really sad to see your reaction, espacially you Odium. What the fuck is wrong with you? Really? I'm bitching because I doubt your decision to delete the rule was good? Because I dont think you were right?

Nobody forced you to be head admin so if you would be more polite when a player is willing to discuss, i'll thank you for that.
And if it's too much work to make rules applied, then stop being admin I guess! I've been moderator on a car forum, I got tired of it because some used talkable ways of writting shit like writting controversal/forbidden words by using espaces in between each letters so no warnings were launched. This was allowed, but still, it made shit happen on the forum.

Well I can't understand your reaction... Very sad.

General / Re: 762 servers
« on: 25-01-2017, 18:01:48 »

Thanks for the invitation but I dont think i will join FHT for technical reasons, my mic is not working well, tried it on your 762 TS.

And about layouts, sure that the diversity is a strength for FH2.

Crosses, arrows and circles are guides, indeed but need to be followed otherwise, why the mapper would have coded them? It's simply, just another mode as there are some different on PR, such as AAS, Insurgency ...

In FH2, you have Conquer (regular BF2) and Push mode ( that good that it made its way to BF1)

It's wriiten on loading screen to aware players, so no reasons people would not be able to make a difference, and by the way, as noticed, colored circles, arrows and crosses are well noticeable on mal and therefore on minimap for those who have it.

I feel that people give excuses to players who are borderline and spawnkills and so on, just like people trying to give background history to terrorists or rapers IRL on TV news.

If everyone is OK with spawnkilling for instance, no problem, I'll be a pro to it, as "spawnkilling isn't strictly against the rules" which I think is total bull****. I'll monitor admin decisions about it from now on. Be sure that this kind of rules will ruin fun, if everyone knows what has been written here.

Next time, i'll lead a squad behind spawns on any map because spawnkilling is not forbidden. Hopefully i'll habe admin on my team, maybe in my squad because I fear different vision and decision if admins are being killed in spawn area, i'm pretty sure, i'll get no warnings but kick quickly.

Have fun!

General / Re: 762 servers
« on: 25-01-2017, 14:01:42 »
1/ Never said to shoot at people at crosses flags while retreating. You are in an "illegal" place, make yourself small and discret. If you get killed, it would be the rules. I just want to turn the rules upside down, to reward players going for circled objectives and not encourage anyone to be at crossed flags. That's all.

And if a player shoots at a player in safezone, warn him, not always kick first... It's called pedagogy. Especially for the time of adaptation to the new rules if they are changed.

2/ For the spawnrape. Never said that anyone would be allowed to kill one or two guys. I just said I understand that players killed me when i spawned in front of the as they CLEARLY ignored there was a spawnpoint here. And also that they kept running to the flag and not stayed in the vacinity to enhance their ratio.

And to launch the adaptation of this rules, once more stop kicking first! Warn people, explain them the reason why they acted badly.

There are clearly a problem with rules, as there are arguments on chat every night about someone abusing rules or anything.

To conclude, the overall response to adapt the rules is warning people. If a player is reported more than once, more than twice or more... He clearly doesn't respect the rules and has to be kicked with clear reason written.

That said clearly, admins would have more work to deal with if rules are changes espacially for the first months.

For the guffy gameplay, yeah I know other games more realistic, but the realistic result is not only due to the game itself, also to the spawning system that does not allow people to spawn on SL and if so (Verdun) the gameplay is intense enough to balance that, due to the tiny field of battle, basically a trench or bunker. And that defending team spawns right behind the trench and can react quickly.

But yeah, you're right, i'm starting to stop playing FH2 and actually play DH 44 45 or Heroes of the West, and if gameplay is as great as it's presented right now, I would replace my gametime from FH2 to postscriptum the bloody seventh slowly. But I would regret the diversity of theatrrs of war from FH2 even if PS dev actually said they would mke episodes to add theaters if they have enough income due to their success...

Anyway, slowly starting to desert FH2 because of server rules, yes.

General / Re: 762 servers
« on: 25-01-2017, 13:01:09 »
I'm not as desperate as you are with crossed flags.

I never said that being in this type of area is actually "baseraping", it's the fact to kill somebody hopefully.

So in your situation, i would simply fall back away from safezone, and to be able able to attack again in case flag is capable again soon. I would find a suitable area to cut reinforcments in between those two flags but NOT inside the safezone. Easy. You may die while retreating but it's the game.

And for the spawnraping due to bad placed spawnpoints, I dont think you have to blame players spawning in hot places, because they have the right to do it to defend the nearby flag. Acting like you do, this would be anarchy. Guys would be standing in spawnareas as " spawnraping isnt strictly against the rules" forcing opposing team to spawn at the previous flag. And in that case spawnraping will be the winning strategy. This is insane, and this actually happens many times nowadays.

And once more, I understand that players dont know each spawnarea. So when I get killed spawning in the open while flag is under attack, I understand it. But in the Baker's situation, they realized it but stayed behind it to be able to reduce tickets drastically. When it happened i stop spawning so that the camera follows the guys that killed me. He didn't moved towards the next field where the guns were, he stayed around the rocks next to the spawnarea. That's called intentional spawnkilling! And it's allowed apparently due to the "spawnraping isnt strictly against the rules" espacially when admins are in that squad, sadly.

If I want fast gameplay, being flanked all the time because of green point SL spawnpoint, I play new gen BF games. This mod is made to bring accurate historical gameplay. If not there would be no Push mode and I wouldn't even play FH2. Because of no fronlines existing. There were basically no commandos during battles reenacted in the FH2 maps. I dont expect flanking ennemies. Maybe one or two lone shooters who've been left alone behind enemy mines, but not intentional strategy to precap ( so insane) inside cap area.

On Mareth Line, I saw an english SL landing his piper next to the flag where the nebelwerfer is. He stayed in the bushes while his squad mates moved to precap it. I left the game after seeing this. This is disguting.

So many SL try to flank hard, using this type of technics, because they know the maps, they know keypoints. And this ruins the maps gameplay. Lines of defenses are useless and here for decoration and ambiance almost now in some maps.

The only map where i see enjoyable epic attack To defensive line is Seelow heights. The maps design is like meant to avoid flanking in jeep or anything. This actually looks like real WW2 battle where hundreds of men charged with armor support. They have hard time and this is normal I guess. They have to coordonate, to work in team, this is what making the team wins. Not a well placed SL, hidden somewhere that flanked the defenses by landing his plane. And then another SL precaping in a safezone.

So many maps are played this way, this is so dumb.

General / Re: 762 servers
« on: 25-01-2017, 11:01:06 »
Well... How sad that is...

Basically it's allowed to "baserape" crossed flags to reduce the load of complains and so that admin can play more. SAD.

"Aldo spawn raping isnt strictly against the rules" Just wow... And by the story from US perspective isnt really making me feeling good again...

What you say it's that you were behind spawn area, killed as many as german while running towards objective. I can understand that, but NOT leaving the SL there to be able to spawn again behind german spawn. Once you realized you were behind it SL could move out of there. But NO didn't happen... And you had time to relocate, even if you would have lost.

And... The fact that in this squad there was two admins is so unbelievable... But i was pretty sure there was at least one. Dont get me wrong, I know why my report didnt receive any response. And it sends clearly a message that admins do whatever they like  with rules.

Really Really really sad to read your answer.

I won't play mind free next time knowing what you wrote. Better be in admin team!


General / 762 servers
« on: 24-01-2017, 23:01:19 »
Good evening everyone!

I'm making a topic about 762 servers here because I have trouble registering on their website.

There are some things that really bother me playing on 762 server, mainly due to their rules...


This is making a non-sense! Why the mapping guy would have crossed this flag in this situation if there are people actually wasting their time Killing people there and not in the cappable flags???

Some said to me "yeah but you know, back in the day, several men were trapped behind enemy lines and tried to slow the advance of the enemy..." Make sense, but explain to me where driving a kubel or a jeep, or even drop itself from a plane to be in a crossed flag to be able to "pre-cap" it is being TRAPPEd behind enemy lines...????? This is just ********* commando style action! Germen paratrooper weren't use that many times in WW2 and compared to the Allies, they were not good, the operation did cost them many men...

I'm really tired of thiss rule, I ragequit so many times, I play ne round and that's it, i'm sick of it. Just a few minutes ago, I was operating a 2pdr in the second defensive line of the siege of tobruk which was red crossed. Tank killed me with HE shells from the first line while moving towards cappable flag on the first ine of defense, that's OK. But after that, he drove right in front of me to kill me everytime i went repairing my gun. No problem from the point of view of server rules, I think there is! Then he got bored of it and drove towards last AUS flag, but once more, no problem with the rules!

I really think this kind of behaviour ruins the realistic approach of gameplay brought by the integration of PUSH mode. In WW2 and in that case of TOBRUk, hundreds of men rushed with tanks Rolling by their sides towards a wide  first line of defense, NO tank could have gone in Tobruk like that! No point of acting like that!

I'm really pissed by that!


Last week, I was playing on the german side on La Pointe Du Hoc, this was the first map of the eving for me, when I joined, Us rangers were able (green circle) to take the last flag and to blow out the 155mm guns. In that case, I spawned on the bottom left point,next to the guns on the left flank. This makes you spawn in a field surrounded by hedgerows. A couple of deaths after that, I spawned once more on the same location, and a whole ******* squad of US rangers were behind us while spawning. I said to myself " OK... I hope their just flanking us but don't think of staying in this location for good" and a good part of the squad did run towards the guns to destroy the objectives, BUT the Squad LEader and a rifleman Jobbab Something (who actually killed me, that's why I remmeber his name) stayed in fornt of the hedgerows behind us to light any Wermarcht soldier spawning there. This made the US ranger team to win the map...

...and this was the first map I played that evening....

I reported the Jobbab guy using !r code but no response.

So my point is that admins (and I don't know everyone of them, so I won't be able to name the admin that night) are not always making their job. That goes without saying that I truely think some abuses their "powers" to allow them some forbidden behaviours like spawnkilling where spawnpoints are not that good and may be confusing, because they're too close to cap area or in the middle of a field, in the open, so that the spawnkiller can say for his defense, I'm playing the objective, you were in my way... but next time you spawn, you are lit up by the same guy or another guy from his squad. I saw Capro (I think he is admin, could be wrong) doing this!


Those issues are not linked with FH2 devs, work or coding. This is pure server running problem. This is so annoying to encounter them every single evening that I reduced my game time on this wonderful mode. I only play this that said, some will say " Well, you're not the center of the 762 world so get along with it"
So I wonder what you think about it? Do you think this rule has never been good? Did you hae problems with admins not making the rules respected?

I don't think i'm asking the moon there...

Reconsider attacking red crossed flags as baseraping basically.


Admin do their job without abusing

Thank You for reading!

Modding / Re: HUD
« on: 20-01-2017, 18:01:38 »
I agree with you Dancho.

I played without chat and killfeed yesterday,

Not having the killfeed makes you check twice the Guy you shot, you are more careful.

Not having chat is hard, if no one is using mic, you lack information, because almost all of Intel are written on team or squad chat. I was able to write but not to read.

So if getting the chat smaller or to change its position is possible, that would be more than great!

General Discussion / Re: Nostalgia
« on: 20-01-2017, 17:01:40 »
Yes, FH2 is a game that will always stay a reference where historical accuracy on maps and material go along with good gameplay.

I did do a topic about FH2 losing players, it was just a scream from my heart because I love playing this mod, and dear god, I hope it'll become a real standalone game that deserves more that 60€, more than BF1 which is a bullshit.

I fear the day where there will be only one or two sessions per month or worse, that day when i'll have to find a replacment that have all main theaters of war and material that belong to.

FH2 is great, really great, really really great. Sadly BF2 engine is getting to get me frustrated, flipping tanks, view distance, graphics, sound engine... But nevertheless i have fun.

Can't wait to see the content and changes of the next update.

Long live FH2, and the never forgotten hope of playing it for years again!

Modding / Re: HUD
« on: 19-01-2017, 17:01:14 »
Thank you so much!

I will try this tonight! Even if chat is useful for good Intel. But most of the time, i read insults or trolling, bad behaviours from ratio lovers!

That said, Thank you again!

Modding / HUD
« on: 19-01-2017, 15:01:13 »
Good afternoon!

I use the realistic HUD settings from fh2settings.exe, it removes minimap, crosshair as well as ammo and stamina indicators.

I still have chat and killfeed.

I would like to remove at least the  killfeed, is this possible?
And to keep the chat but to have it smaller, if not possible, not a big deal.

Thank you!

Suggestions / Re: Visual Enhancement
« on: 18-01-2017, 00:01:10 »
I don't think you're being pertinent...

Having better screen or whatever won't do anything to what I asked.

Is anyone interested on what I actually written or trolling is the rule?

Suggestions / Visual Enhancement
« on: 17-01-2017, 01:01:54 »
Good evening everyone,

I was watching a video on YouTube of PR. And I told myself "damn those explosions are awesome!! Looking so real!"

Indeed and from an honest point of view, you only can admit it's true.

FH2 ones are outdated, I feel they lack real movement of dust but the color of the dust is ok I think..

And is it possible to make real looking columns of smoke above wrecks of vehicles or buildings?

I really feel that it would add so much intensity to the mod.... I know that PR borrowed you No4 at least, and the Saint lo breakthrough map for their WWII minimod. You could ask to rework their effects for FH2, right?!

Please just think about it! :)

Suggestions / Faces, View distance, damage data
« on: 15-01-2017, 00:01:03 »

I was in a trench on the siege of Tobruk in solo mode the other day and i said to myself looking at my lads... They all have the same faces!

How many faces are set per nation at this moment? Is it possible to add more faces, to reduce the chance to see in a trench, 5 guys perfectly twins (twins?!)

That was my first point, second one,
 when playing some aerial maps like, cobra, alam halfa, or even CMP ones I feel that there is a lack of view distance. You hear a plane far, the sound is "far" and suddenly, the sound is so close that you have 1 sec t turn your AA gun to face the threat, and like pilot have minimap or such then slaugther you easily.
Any possibilty to rework view distance then?

Third and last one, for the past week I really mentionned Something annoying, sometimes (i should say often) you hit a guy with rifle, or even worse with a knife, you can clear see the blood patch around him but NOPE he's fine, he'll turn around and hipfire you! It can also happen to me, I hear the flesh impact , see the blood but, nope, i'm fine!

That time when I stabbed a guy in the head and then he turned around and killed me with his sniper rifle made me Ragequit so hard!

What's wrong with the damage system ?

Thank you for reading and hope to have pertinent answers! ;)

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