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In this case, it would be very nice if we could have a fancy launcher that takes care of all the process with one browser download and one click. But that battle log do look convenient enough for me.

Liking this, will come back for the party if this was made standalone.

Gaming / Re: Chinese world of tanks
« on: 29-05-2014, 16:05:28 »
While the game is Chinese and I am Chinese (as the OP), I know little about the game, I missed their first closed beta test (don't know when would be the 2nd, if I would ever get the key), I don't know why it has such a retarded name and what is their final vision.

The funny thing about the diaoyu/senkaku thing is that they haven't planned a Japanese faction yet. And why FV4201 Chieftain is the tier 1 tank of USA is also beyond me ::). But they say that it is Chinese wot is probably because it has a tech tree similar to the one in WOT. (and look at that garage screen, Chinese clone best clone)

The only thing I think is remarkable is that it is surprisingly good looking for a game made in China which isn't known for producing anything of significance in the gaming market. As long as the game is fun and not too unreasonably biased I think it will be successful.

Some beta-test videos I found (it is a Chinese youtube clone so loading time/ad time is meant to be long):
Type 59 gameplay -
Type 80 gameplay -
M551 Sheridan ATGM launch -
FV4201 Chieftain gameplay -
Another Type 59 gameplay -
Super M60 gameplay -
M163 Vulcan (?) gameplay -
PTZ-89 gameplay -

Gaming / Re: Chinese world of tanks
« on: 28-05-2014, 17:05:46 »
I just want to drive that m60a2! I still cannot believe that this game is made in china...

Gaming / Chinese world of tanks
« on: 28-05-2014, 00:05:07 »

Ready for some Chinese bias! Looks promising....

Gaming / Re: World of Tanks
« on: 19-05-2014, 02:05:27 »


As a patton player with high winrate, I think I could say something about this tank...

1. Free XP the tracks

save up some free XP for the tracks, without the tracks, this tank is next to unplayable because you cannot put equipments or the better 90mm gun (the 180 pen one) on it. (still better than stock ARLv39)

2. play it like a Pershing when stock

seriously, with that 90mm gun you would not be able to bully even tier 8s, let alone facing tier 9 or 10s. The gun sucks big time so you cannot contribute much damage wise but you had one advantage: 400m of view range. Try to put on equipments that improves your view range. If you don't want to use too many gold rounds then rammer optics binocs which would allow you to contribute when you get into a map that is not about close-quarters, else the standard medium outfit of rammer vstab optics is usually enough.

Spotting in a medium tank like patton (relatively slow and big target) has to be done conservatively, usually by finding a nice bush that allows you to spot enemies for your teammates. In the case of patton, it can also use a slope to peek your turret out for spotting and as well getting a shot off if possible then retreat (best if there was a bush on top of slope). Do not put your life at risk just to get a shot off. The turret is good enough against tier 7 or some tier 8s if there wasn't immediate risk of arty. It is a good exercise learning to hide with relatively low camo values (knowing no-go zone or zones you can fire without being spotted).

Since your only advantage is spotting, it is not recommended to snipe if there wasn't any tanks that would do the spotting in team.

Do not be on the frontline without terrain cover. That hull isn't going to bounce anything and enemy can just auto-aim at you. With terrain cover, however, you can be rather aggressive since people had actually to aim carefully at your turret cheeks/cupola to damage you. As always, always make sure there are someone behind you so enemies don't just rush you and kill you.

If you are forced to fight in cities, try perma-tracking (hitting the first wheel) with your ROF.

Load a lot of gold ammo, you are going to need them against pretty much anything above tier 8 if you don't want to spend too much time aiming (which could get you killed). Normal AP rounds are good for side-shots and lightly armored targets. HE rounds aren't that good on this gun but you can load a couple just to fight those German TDs or for tracking.

3. Research the gun first

That 105mm is like a gift from god. With it even tier 10s have to fear you. As always, try to minimize exposure time if possible. You do not need gold rounds against lower tiers or even same tiers any more. Still, you want to load gold when you see tanks like T-54 or E-75.

4. With top turret, you can stat pad like no tomorrow

Your DPM will allow you to bully tier 8 and make people cry OP-ness (use terrain and abuse your fast aim-time to increase the pain and cause panic). You can safely go against most 700 HP targets when they cannot one-shot you. Still, your nemesis is... SU-122-44... if on same HP he will kill you before you kill him lol. Spotting is no longer your primary role and remember to retreat to snipe/support if you are low on HP as your gun is super lethal (450m+ long range sniping is not recommended as gun accuracy is not good).

5. Get a friend or two to platoon

Want a meatshield? Or just someone to chat with? Play with a friend! It is easier for two persons to see each other's weakness or just to share some sweet spots on map that you just discovered. Voice comms also improve your situation awareness and is highly recommended.

The usual best combo for tier 9 is 1 medium (like T-54/Patton), 1 meatshield (like E-75/M103) and 1 autoloader (like T54E1/AMX 50 120) and it is possible to get 30-40 win streaks.

Off-Topic / Re: The North Korea Crazy thread!
« on: 19-05-2014, 01:05:52 »
I could imagine the sleeping solder getting executed... :(

Push mode was introduced to avoid people breaking gameplay by sneaking to the back and achieve a "breakthrough" as sitting in behind and waiting for a guy to sneak through for defenders isn't fun at all and the fun is to get into action in front. If you like, you can think of it as playing in a different battle setup when a flag is captured, which is essentially equivalent to how a push mode gameplay is played.

I would love to come back to FH2 one day. I got addicted to voice comms and I hope the next version will feature voice comms.

Gaming / Re: World of Tanks
« on: 02-03-2013, 22:03:20 »
70mm front hull armour
140mm front turret armour

this thing better be fast

And having insane camo like the WZ-132 light tank D: who needs armour when you don't even get seen...

Off-Topic / Re: FH2 players' age pyramid
« on: 11-02-2013, 03:02:33 »
1989, a revolutionary year.

This is not surprising at all, consider it is most likely us teens that play BF1942 when it was first out that comes to FH2. Older people don't have gaming habits and younger population probably haven't played FH1/BF1942/BF2 before.

So I think most people agree with me on that FH2 certainly lacks promotion... last time I logged into the game, however, the game is full of TKers and such, I think some tutorial videos on how to identify a friendly and such is much needed.

warning: I am someone who writes poorly so the post might appear very disorganized or simply crappy.

Hello everyone, toke a long break from FH2. Actually I am still taking the break, but these days I had been trying to show my new friends this amazing game. Their reaction leads me to think that what this mod lacks is not contents but packaging.

Typical responses:
- Wow the graphics is really good, can my machine run it?
- Map is very large!!
- I don't know how to win in this game...
- I can't read English probably cannot play
- What game is this?
- You can respawn?

I can't help but to think how many players were turned away due to the difficulty of approaching this game. The game looked nice to hardcore players only because FH was already in our heart for a long period of time. However, for a newcomer, there were many barriers to break through...

Video promotion
When promoting the game to my friends, I try hard to find materials scattered all across the internet to show them about the gameplay. The lack of trial version means videos were the best way to explain the game. However, solid videos were very few and they were not successful in letting my friends know how this game is different from games like Medal of Honor. The videos I find:

- FH2 training videos: shows how to fight, not particularly inspiring

- FH2 trailers: well made videos that inspire the old playerbase, but to a newcomer there is no special meaning, it is "just another WWII shooting game"

- FH2 gameplay videos:
1. boring bot stomping videos (only to make the mod look bad)   
2. less skilled players making the game feel like just walking around and die (confuses new comers).   
3. Actually skillful players recording, but the videos failed to bring out the awesomeness of the mod in the attention span of homo sapiens.

As many of you might have noticed, people in the new age no longer compile information like people in the early information age. It can be said that people become dumber but the fact is that, people don't like to read giant blocks of text accompanied by some .jpg because their attention span is low, therefore, to adapt to the new age and bring in new players we need actually thrilling, concise, and informative videos.

The first release of FH2 was preceded by a series of awesome videos. Although the success of 2.0 release was not solely due to the videos, it can be argued that the videos play an important part in attracting players from all over the place.

Language barrier

I come from Asia, English is not my first language, I only know English well because my home city happened to be a former British colony. It might be shocking but there are many many people on the world that are:

- very poor in English
- knows basic English but does not enjoy using them

So, in the end, only people who actually is very interested in WWII and/or knows English well will get into this game. We can only help to imagine how many players were turned away when they saw a block of English text in the official webpage. Also players that does not feel comfortable reading English would not be able to enjoy this game as good.

Potential of acquiring playerbase from other countries? FHSW was the perfect example, FH was not only introduced with Japanese playerbase, the mod was also expanded twice or even larger, with numerous bug fixes and improvements on game mechanics.

For FH2 to effectively acquire new players, solid work needs to be done on presenting the game in more languages.

The next update would be the East Front, which would inevitably bring influx of Russian players during the release party. The more home the game is to the Russians, the more of them will come, and more of them will stay.

This also brings out that the webpage would need to be written such that people from all over the world can easily see what FH2 is about before their fingers were tired of clicking and scrolling.

To sum up:
Hopes cannot be put on that new versions will be more awesome
New versions are usually more awesome yet player count decrease
so the problem does not lie in contents, it is somewhere else.

I am already quite tired at typing all these and I am looking forward to your responses.

Off-Topic / Re: Any Violinists here?
« on: 01-04-2012, 12:04:45 »
I am not a violinist, but I am an amateur pianist so yes I know a bit about instruments. I also played a little bit of violin (tried it for a couple of months for fun).

Left or Right handed does not really matter in the long run if you got a teacher who knows how to instruct a left hander. I know someone who could play violin okay despite being a left hander.

I do not know what is a left-hander violin, a violin is a violin and you should not go for stupid variations - that would only make your life harder as most teachers use the "regular" violin. And violin is immensely hard to learn without a teacher.

Violin is an instrument that require an extraordinary dedication to the instrument. Your tone would suck in the very beginning, your parents/friends/relatives won't be able to tell whether you are butchering livestock or making music, and your neighbours would want to murder you for messing their ears up. But worry not, you WILL get better if you keep going on, and it is very rewarding (and definitely something to be proud of) to be able to play an instrument well as it shows every second of effort and love you put in your instrument.

Still, it depends on your goal, if you want to become the greatest violinist on planet earth, probably you should kill that idea if you are over 10. Remember, making music, is the ultimate goal of a musician, not showing off insane skillz (though that is a part of ...haha).

General Discussion / Re: FH2 online etiquette
« on: 30-03-2012, 12:03:57 »
I have some experience with ajappat and Dazzlayer:
2 situations:
- 1st: we both spotted each other at the same time, distance ~50m and what?! i got head shot from smg before i managed to click right mouse button - wtf?
- 2nd we were running to each other between houses (we didn't know about it), he jumped out from corner fast and he passed me... Everything happened in a blink of eye... Result - i was somehow shot....

I was shooting from church tower at St. Lo map (from a smalll window). Dazzlayer was running like headless chicken along the road, when I wanted aim at him, he suddendly stopped and shot me.... Everything lasted in a blink of an eye... Later, I went to his position and I couldn't state if there was enemy in this window - from that perspective I could see only a small black pixel... So sorry, but even if he had noticed me there, it would have taken much longer to aim than 0.5 of second....

Simply, when I see obvious cheater, I simply quit playing....

Kiwot, even if I only played very few on HSLAN I could tell aja and daz are not cheating. A cheater cannot be ambushed, stalked, or mined. I often could point my gun at them first (experienced player like me usually have good idea about enemy presence and therefore could predict where enemies are coming from) but is not skillful enough to hit with one shot like they could do to me.

They are just good players with a bit of luck to help when it is long range SMG headshot. This reminds me of the old days in 2.0 when I was in my OP pzIII... pity tanks got nerfed after 2.0 (good thing actually for most people :P)

you are gonna cry when you see one "cheater" I met. In Aberdeen, only 3 players, two in my side, one other side. The guy in the other side use a 25 pounder, me and my teammate run around the battlefield like fleeing rats when HE shells exploding next to us constantly. He even scored a direct hit on my teammate's moving halftrack in the middle of nowhere (basically I don't dare to stop for a second because that means certain death to my tank). But come on, what kind of cheat program would allow you do hit people like that? (OK, even if he has map hack whatever but man! to aim a howitzer like that beyond visual range is like god skill).

There is a Chinese saying: "there is always a taller mountain", yes, there is always going to be someone more skilled in something than you, there is always something beyond your imagination.

Off-Topic / Re: World War II and the Art of War
« on: 26-03-2012, 18:03:10 »
Yeah, but speaking of China in WW2, one will simply ask,

"where is your god of war now?"

While the fact that most of the Chinese force still stays intact despite losing a lot of important cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing, etc. People still viewed that China is simply "defeated," because throughout the war, they seemed to never have the ability to overturn the momentum of the war like the Soviet Russians did.

The Soviets overcome the odds using their superior industrial capacity.

His art of war applies to most other situations, but let's say, if you are one of Chiang Kai Shek's officers, what will you do? I guess you'll do what Sunzi did: retire early and live in peace because nobody listens.

Well, I suggest you finish the whole chapter as soon as you can.

The thing about Sunzi's Art of War discussion that I am itching to discuss deeper is actually the last part. Chapter 13: The Use of Spies. It rarely gets attention from most discussions in books that I read, while I view it to be the most relevant to the modern world.

I am obviously not able to tell you how people operate their spy system because I don't read much about them (WWII spies), but I find chapter 12 and chapter 13 the less theoretical and more practical chapters of the Art of War. It is more like "I told you the theories now I give you a couple of practical tips and methods."

In my very own interpretation, spies are just a means to obtain intelligence upper-hand. The methods of infiltration might become different, though their nature remained the same: to not be deceived and to deceive your enemies. It is like a photo reconnaissance run in WWII can work both ways - you might actually photoed some decoys, or actually gained intelligence of enemy presence. In this situation, the recon plane is the spy, just you don't need to bribe it with money (but maybe by other means, like less fighter cover/AA guns) for it to work for you against the enemy.

Chapter 12 is somehow more interesting to discuss. Obviously in modern times fire attack is no longer as useful because of technological advance. But I do find stuffs that are in analog to fire attacks - weapons of mass destruction, like gas and nukes, especially that of a gas attack. However, all weapons like that are banished, thanks god.

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