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Off-Topic / Re: So who loves the USA?
« on: 28-10-2012, 02:10:28 »
LOL, I just wrote that Jews are governing USA, which is a well-known fact and got banned?! WTF?! Somebody don't know what is anti-Semitism...  ::) Read some books and articles because your knowledge is on a very low level...

General Discussion / Re: Playing on HSLAN
« on: 22-10-2012, 21:10:08 »
Good luck with inviting lemmings...

Off-Topic / Re: So who loves the USA?
« on: 22-10-2012, 21:10:27 »
@Djinn: So you are for or against USA? Because I don't understand your babble...

Off-Topic / Re: So who loves the USA?
« on: 22-10-2012, 19:10:25 »
70% Poland?! What a bullshit!!

This is what I think about it!

Smells like Japan anime...


WTF?!  ;D

I was using it on Battle of Keren map, until some moron kicked me from the server 762...  ::)

Modding / Re: Classic Omaha Beach Charlie Sector [FH1 Port]
« on: 18-10-2012, 18:10:18 »
I see that my suggestion got into life - good job!!!

Suggestions / Re: Set standard squad size to 12
« on: 18-10-2012, 18:10:53 »
Larger squads will make smaller squads useless - 1 big squad with teamplay can own the battlefild when there's no such quad in the opposing team... Some people simply forget that this is NOT Operation Flashpoint or ARMA and we don't have such big maps...

General / Re: Powerful Tanks Become Vulnerable in 2.45
« on: 18-10-2012, 02:10:01 »
Marder I cant shoot Sherman frontally on OP. Goodwood in distance less than 30 m... And Sherman killed me with HE... Now we have to flank Allied tank to have any chance with getting it, but of course you still shouldn't be sure that you willl get him... Pathethic!

Off-Topic / Re: The Great Football thread
« on: 17-10-2012, 10:10:28 »
Hah, and match Poland vs. England was Postponed due to heavy rain and bad pitch condition... Funny that they wanted to play on the stadium with closing roof, but it wasn't closed...  ::) Such things can happen only in my sick country!



Edit2:And today we have sunny day and the roof is closed - WTF?!  ;D

Off-Topic / Re: The Great Football thread
« on: 16-10-2012, 20:10:45 »
Tonight Poland against England in the Qualifying to WC 2014 - this is some kind of classic for us!!!  ;D

Off-Topic / Re: Job searching topic
« on: 16-10-2012, 20:10:56 »
I've just sent CV to work in new Decathlon shop for the weekends  :P But, I'm afraid it might be too late - applying for the job started at the end of August and I've heard that many people already applied...

Off-Topic / Re: So your thought you are good with Lego ..
« on: 15-10-2012, 18:10:26 »

I think this was one of the very first Legos I had. Strangely I can't remember there ever was a parrot included.   ???

Ahh how I was always jealous of my cousin who had a big basket of every kit you could imagine while I only had a few...

Haha! I had it too!!!
And I had a beautiful castle! Still I have these LEGO hidden somewhere, waiting for next generation...

I had also Petrol Station, Pizzeria, even streets - I built a small town  :P

Off-Topic / Re: From Space to Earth in 17 minutes (± 3)
« on: 14-10-2012, 20:10:17 »
He said that it looks quite high from here or something like that!  ;D

So was there any transmission from his cameras during the jump?

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