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General Discussion / Re: FH2 Thursday Reloaded!
« on: 26-07-2013, 07:07:02 »
What server should i be looking for? Wolf?

General Discussion / Re: FH2 Thursday Reloaded!
« on: 26-07-2013, 05:07:45 »
Anyone playing in the next couple of hours? 8pm here in West Coast USA

General Discussion / Re: Questions about awards
« on: 07-09-2012, 16:09:25 »
right so you have to get 25 in one round, AND 250 total? Guess ive never gotten more than the 25.

General Discussion / Re: My Grandfather.. a true war hero
« on: 07-09-2012, 05:09:33 »
My Grandpa was a 1st Marine in Korea. He was a sniper. Didnt talk about what he did much but was at the battle of the Chosin Resevoir. His squad mates said he got a silver star. Although I cannot confirm it. No record of it around. But I do remember seeing a red ribbon with a silver star in his case when I was younger. Not 100% sure but when I look it up it is similar. He took it out after he heard people talking about it. And no one knows where it went. Rumor was he had it buried with the wife of a war buddy who died about 20 years ago. He loved her like a sister. Grandpa had some mean scars on his lower legs but always said they were from a barbed wire fence. But one buddy told us a story of a time when My grandpa was shooting and got separated from his unit. He was making his way back and ran face to face into a N. Korean soldier. The NK got a grenade and pulled the pin. He was so scared though that he threw the pin at my grandfather and dropped the grenade blowing himself up. Supposedly the shrapnel was what cup up his legs. He was supposed to go to a hospital ship and possibly back to the states but instead pulled the shrapnel out with some pliers. This lost him a sure purple heart.
On the day of his death a few weeks ago, his nurse was visiting. She told him his vitals were very bad and this was probably it. He refused to go into the hospital until his wife got home, she brought him a double shot of a bottle of Chivas he had been saving for around 50 years. He bought it in Japan on his way home after his discharge a few years after the war. He took a double shot and got out "Semper Fi". Those were his last words and he died a few hours later. Now if that isnt going out like a man I dont know what is.
These guys still walk amongst us and that amazes me how people treat old folks. If you see a man/woman in their 80's - 90's imagine what they went through.
I wait tables part time and got to talking to a man in his early 90's about the USS Iowa they just put in to the Port of Los Angeles. I said how I would love to see those guns firing. He said " I have and they sure made you feel confident." This piqued my interest and I asked "to do what". He said "well I saw the Wisconsin firing as we were waiting to go ashore at Iwo Jima". My jaw dropped and I started stuttering. He was a Corpsman on Iwo and was on the first wave ashore!! I could have talked to him for hours. I offered to pay for his dinner but he steadfastly refused. He said hes been a doctor his whole life and didnt want me to have to pay for his meal. The fact that I offered and knew about that part of history was enough to show appreciation. When the wives were away from the table he said he remembers the day he knew there was no god. He said he saw a chaplain get blown in half by something and the blast made the lower half seem to take a few steps. And that the chaplain didnt die right away. But layed there agonizing for a few minutes. He said there was no way a god would let that happen to a man so devout. I felt like I just met a rock star. athlete, movie star all rolled into one super hero of a man. yet here was this grumpy old fuss spilling coffee on his shirt and eating fish and chips. So be nice to those you see. You never know what innocence they sacrificed so that you can sit around and play FH2 all day. 

General Discussion / Questions about awards
« on: 07-09-2012, 05:09:44 »
Hey all, So ive been trying to stick to the rifle kit to max out the awards for it. It says to go silver you need 250 kills. Im at 600 something though and only have bronze medal. Isnt it accumulated kills? Or do I need a certain amount for a round as well? I swear ive had 25-30 kills in a single round?!?!

Do you have to meet ALL criteria? Per medal?

I had an 82 year old Battle of the Bulge vet play FH2. He doesnt play regularly, but he played 3 rounds when I was there. Said he really liked the detail but bastogne looked too clean!

Yup, I came in here to report I havent had anything credited since I played last week. Iven been on a mix of all official servers. And a little 762. And have played about 10-12 rounds since the new release. but nothing since last week?!?! Very disconcerting.

I posted yesterday, and still dont see anything. Said it had to be reviewed.

Its still on the front page and has almost 1,900 views!! Theres bound to be some new players out of that.

Hey VonMudra: Where else can you buy immpressions? Id really like to get a get-up and camp out at FtMac next year. Also id like to do other WW2 events.

I just bumped that pcgamer thread with news about the St. Vith map coming in 2.45. That threads got about 1,200 views. Not bad. Kudos to the original poster who started it.

Here i am! Dote on me!!  ;D ;D

Ill go on my Paul Revere esque ride as I promised. Starting with my thread on PC Gamer!

General Discussion / How Do we post a picture?
« on: 09-07-2012, 06:07:59 »
Sorry for bugging with this, but how can I best post a picture so that it shows up in the post?

Gaming / Re: Comments on $2,000 Gaming Build
« on: 03-07-2012, 16:07:01 »

Gaming / Other WW2 Shooters
« on: 30-06-2012, 20:06:36 »
It saddens me that the more I log on to try to play FH2 I can rarely find servers. I know there are tourneys, organized battles, etc. But I cant ever make them due to working 2 full time jobs. I need to just be able to jump in and go when i can.

So what other WW2 shooters does everyone recommend? Basically looking for the "next best thing". Is Iron Front decent? Red Orchestra?

Not to complain, but FH2 seems to have run its course. Or they need to speed up the release cycle if they want it to survive.

Gaming / Re: Rate my new gaming comp!
« on: 07-06-2012, 07:06:33 »
I would have personally gone with an i5 2500k, but that's not too shabby, being noticeably cheaper.

Yeah the I series from Intel surely gets all the benchmark crowns. But 3.7 quad for $125 is pretty good price vs performance. I always go AMD for price. Have never been let down yet.

Now just gotta add more storage and a new vid card. LOVE the water cooler, never gets above 39c.

Gaming / Re: Rate my new gaming comp!
« on: 06-06-2012, 16:06:28 »
All of the PhenomII x4's are 125w. Thats why I went with the fastest of the bunch.

I was looking at the new FX series but I read they are not true quad cores. They are duals with a controller that makes the comp see it as 4. I got a good deal on the CPU.

Thx for the advice! The biggest improvement has been the SSD. It bootss in 20 seconds. And things open immediately after clicking!!. Now to just get FH2 back on this machine. 

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