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Gaming / Re: Invasion 1944 - Arma 2
« on: 29-02-2012, 07:02:49 »
Invasion 44 v2.6 has been released. They also have a new website;

Download the mod here:

Release Trailer:

No change log atm.

I recorded a bit how the tanks work in this new 2.6 version;

New tanks; Cromwell and Churchill. Axis sight optic adjustment is now "fixed" and works fast and great. Uk tank optic adjustment doesn't work, they are just a visual feature. 1 man can now shift places inside a tank freely, like in DH.
Gameplay looks and feels better than before but the penetration and getting hit sounds are still, almost completely missing;

Anyway, I44 looks good and thanks to the new improved A2 netcode, this mod should be playable online now as well. Check it out.

Suggestions / Re: Tank sights
« on: 10-02-2012, 13:02:09 »
Now I am not sure if u r trolling or not :)

Seriously, sacrificing little of other aspects to create more variety for tank appreciating players and possibly to draw more players to the game can't be that bad of thing. It almost feels that you just want to oppose for the sake of opposing.

Suggestions / Re: Tank sights
« on: 10-02-2012, 12:02:28 »
So like Operation Totalize without grass, larger map and almost totally empty houses etc...? Is there no interest for large scale almost-only-tank-battles?

I guess maybe because nothing will happen at all in a map like that. People would just stay on opposite side of the map and blast away at each other. Plus, everybody would have to have a tank (for those without one the map would be boring as hell) and I'm pretty sure the BF2 engine can't handle 64 tanks at a time.

See how Totalize ends most of the time: tanks dug in on both side of the river being too careful, nobody dares/wants to cross, only a handfull of more and more frustrated infantry players try to get the game going. Now imagine that on a map without any cover.

You understood me a bit wrong. Idea is not to remove hedges, trees etc. Just remove the little details of house furniture and the grass foliage etc. just so that you can increase the VD. And Totalize was just an example, perhaps some other maps, the like from PR, that are huge would suit more for this purpose.

Anyway, at least in RO1 and DH there seems to be demand for these kind of "tank maps" because there are specific servers dedicated for them, and several clans that solely concentrate on tanks. FH2 could tap in to this audience perhaps.

Not everyone needs to have a tank in these maps though. Inf would still have a big role in clearing out housing areas and digging in to hold vital positions. Consider these maps as large scale combined arm battles with heavy emphasize on tanks. The reason I brought up Totalize was cos it is so far closest to this idea from DH that I am chasing here. Anyway, i am now totally derailing this topic... :-/

Suggestions / Re: Tank sights
« on: 10-02-2012, 10:02:07 »
I think I still haven't seen a straight answer from the devs if making the axis (and some allied) sights to work like in RL is possible for FH2. If it is possible, is it perhaps too much work, or just general lack of interest to improve the current system or perhaps some other reason. And if not, is there any plans to make substitute systems perhaps?

And interestingly in this topic the general consensus is almost totally the opposite compared to the general HUD stripping thread. Now catering for the new players is shunted and even I am suggesting adding stuff to the screen, albeit not artificial HUD indicator ala hit-cross/crosshair per se but incorporated element to the actual sights. Though I primarily would like to see the sight work like they do in other games, and in RL and if that is not possible, only then resort to work-arounds.

On a general note, why is there no huge (and I mean really huge maps) with removed ground foliage and simplified/less structures/objects so that larger VD would be possible and more tanks. Just to provide large distance tank battles, a bit like in DH/RO1/RO2?
So like Operation Totalize without grass, larger map and almost totally empty houses etc...? Is there no interest for large scale almost-only-tank-battles?

Suggestions / Re: Change The HUD
« on: 10-02-2012, 10:02:48 »
Slayer, if you read more carefully the topic you see that a lot of ppl agree on keeping the hit-cross for vehicles, even I do.... well for now.

But I imagine that we all agree that the devs should try to build such a features to the game code itself so that we should not need artificial indicators, right? (check the DH video for such features)

DH (RO1 and RO2 as well) has done it quite well for vehicles. You get clear blonk-sound when there is no penetration and most of the time you see really well when the shell just bounces off, or it scatters and does no damage and when a penetration happens you hear it quite well and the enemy tank starts to emit more smoke/starts burning etc.
Check out this video from DH:
And pay attention to the sounds and visual effect for getting a penetration/not getting a penetration.

dead_man, i did not comment that specific suggestions cos I have no opinion about it. I consider myself still noob in FH2 as well and I as well get talked down when I try to suggest features that are present in more immersive ww2 games. It is normal that communities shunt away ideas which are not part of the consensus and are presented by who they consider outsiders.

Imo this thread was here to make the hud less like a pinball machine so that the beauty of the actual game would surface more and ppl would appreciate it more.

Why so biased poll options?

Just use ironsights when possible and when shooting from the hip, well u just have to learn how to do it, just like in every other game out there without crosshairs.
Djinn, u don't have to be naturally gifted to shoot from hip, you learn it by iteration, just like in every other game.

Ps. I suck at shooting from the hip atm and I am okey with it, it just makes me wanna practice more and not to have some artificial help.

Suggestions / Re: Change The HUD
« on: 09-02-2012, 17:02:50 »
OP's idea was to make the HUD more minimal and now we are getting requests to add more stuff to it. How did that happen :D

Seriously, the removal of crosshair was a big plus to the game. Crosshair is old school. If someone wants to put piece of gum to their monitor, then let them. The change to non-crosshair game was fluid and I could imagine that most ppl received it quite well. At least I haven't seen any "OMG bring back the xhair, I dunno how to shoot any more"-topics.

Why fill the screen with artificial stuff, it just reduces the absolute beauty of the game itself. You appreciate more the detailed graphics when there are not all those whatnot crosses and indicators blocking it.

I am not really still getting the hit-cross argument when u have the enemy at sight. Even if u get the indicator, and you don't kill the enemy, you will shoot him again and again, til he dies, right? What difference is there if you don't get the indicator. Will you suddenly stop shooting? This shouldn't be such a gameplay changing alteration as most of you imagine.

Crosshair is history, hopefully next to go will be the hit-cross (leave it for vehicles to ease the transition), and redundant text messages. I can imagine that ppl are just as used to minimap as they are to DMs. It is a shame cos that minimap hogs so much of the beauty behind it. And once again I can totally understand why ppl want to keep it. It has been so long there that it is part of the game for most ppl and they can't see how the game could be played without. 

And stop saying that use the immersion-hud.txt. The minimap gives you so much edge in the game, be it screenhogging, that you have to have it if others have it as well just to keep up with them.

Suggestions / Re: Change The HUD
« on: 09-02-2012, 14:02:38 »
Don't worry djinn, no one is gonna take the DMs away from you. As i stated before, i don't think it either that FH2 will ever remove DMs. FH2 is way to deep in to the development to do such a radical change. You can already see the huge outcry that just the talking of the concept brings about.

I was just pointing out that there are other aspects in FPS games than just fragging, and by reducing the reward for fragging, u might increase the reward for teamwork, or just more objective oriented gameplay. And perhaps some fight night organizer might wanna experiment and see what happens. I agree that fragging is a big part of several games, such as FH2, and this was the very reason I was talking about the insta-reward, which after all seems to be quite big deal for DLFreporter as well, be that he just needs to see his name killing a friends avatar's name.

Anyway, it seems that suggesting (or rather just discussing) somewhat more radical changes makes ppl accept less rad alterations, like the hit-cross indicator, or just delaying DMs (like in DH, and was that in RO2 now as well, cant recall) :)

Suggestions / Re: Change The HUD
« on: 09-02-2012, 13:02:06 »
Indeed, let's lock the whole sub-forum and do not even discuss these heretic ideas.

But yeah, like I said, DMs will most likely never be taken away from FH2. Ppl are just so dependent on them in arcadish FPS games. But I could imagine that in some Fight Nights such changes could be made to bring more immersion and teamwork.

Oh bugger off. The DM is an essential part of keeping the community together. I could just as well play against bots in SP if Iwouldn't get feedback on whom I killed on the battlefield. That has nothing to do with arcade, it's socializing in a game. Nothing more and nothing less. This counts especially for Fight Nights.

I disagree. Communities keep perfectly together without DMs. Just cos you can't imagine a gameplay without DMs doesn't mean that it is perfectly possible to play without them and it would not make a game or a mod bad. PR (the curse word) is one good example. DM is definitely there to give players the insta-gratification. Sure it serves other purposes as well but I assert that the insta-reward is a big part of it if not the biggest. And yes it is part of a fast paced, arcade game.


I decided to keep the hit-cross because of the way our maps are designed. We have made dark and messy maps where you can't anticipate or predict enemy movement at all. Up to the point where "tactics" become redundant. (just run around and suddenly bump in to enemy, fastest on the trigger wins. Or run somewhere thinking you are safe, then get popped by unseen enemy) This is why I want you to be able to get a hit-confirmation when shooting at enemies in the distance. For example firing rifles or MGs in to dark bushes far away.
If the maps were cleaner designed and simply better when it comes to player flow, collision points, predictable action bubbles, well communicated lines of sight etc, the cross wouldn't need to be there.

I am still not following this logic of yours, cos what I said earlier still applies no matter how far the enemy is or how well u see him. Heck , the same applies if u get the hit-cross or not, right?

No Death Message -->  you shoot again.

And if you just randomly shoot with a MG to some bush just to get a hit indicator, well isn't that in the borderline of cheating?

To Djinn, the idea is not to remove all feedback (which would mean a black screen and no audio btw) but to force ppl actually pay attention to what is happening in front of their eyes without resorting to fax/sms-message/diploma by post to notify them what they have just done.

And like Kelmola said, it is pretty obvious when a enemy dies cos of the ragdoll animations, so most of the time you don't even need DMs. But I can totally understand that removing DMs would create a huge outcry. Most ppl are just used to seeing who they kill, and get a kick of it. It is a insta-reward.

I would just like to say that there are up sides in removing DMs as well;
Getting the kill notification would not be the priority nr. 1 to ppl, but they would more likely start to concentrate on the next big notification/reward; Capping.
Removing DMs would also slow down the gameplay, cos of the uncertainty that it brings with it.
Ppl would generally concentrate on team work cos there would not be that much of a personal reward for killing ppl. I should add that FF notifications should still stay so that TKing would not be rampant. Also even if the game would not show who u killed, it could still show who killed you. I know PR is a curse word here, but all that I just said above can be seen happening in PR (and RnL), just cos there are no DMs.

But yeah, like I said, DMs will most likely never be taken away from FH2. Ppl are just so dependent on them in arcadish FPS games. But I could imagine that in some Fight Nights such changes could be made to bring more immersion and teamwork.

On the minimap; It sure helps to know where the friendlies are and so helps to avoid TKing. But I must insist that without it ppl would just pay more attention, yet again, to what is actually happening in their monitors (+ audio clues). And you always have the chance to check the overview map, although now it takes few seconds more of your time --> it slows down the gameplay pace.

Anyway, on a general notice; no matter what the devs do, change or not change stuff, they will always get negative feedback. Though changing stuff mostly brings more outcry but that is true in every aspect of human life. Ppl don't like that things change.

You probably should suggest how they are going to change it and make it more minimal while retaining the functionality. You need textchat and a minimap for BF games and mods. What are you proposing they change, exactly? I'll agree that this hud is a bit invasive but I have no idea how it could be changed: I need everything it provides.

Well PR seems to do just fine without a minimap.
And if you think about it a bit; removing the minimap would make you concentrate more on what is actually happening in your screen (+ audio clues) rather than trying to check the minimap for information. It would actually slow the game down a bit (which is a good thing imo) if the minimap was removed cos ppl would usually have to stop to check the overview map which slows the game tempo. Yes, I know, the minimap will never be removed from FH2 cos ppl are so accustomed to using it and taking it away would just create a huge outcry. I am just pointing out that there are positive aspects to it, if u remove some of the HUD.

One thing that could be removed is the player specific white text announcement saying that you killed this and that. The same info can be seen in the upper corner DM box as well, if u just pay attention. Imo the white text is redundant.

Also the hit-cross could easily go. I never really understood the purpose of it anyways. You shoot someone; if the target moves after u have shot (or u have not gotten a DM), heck you shoot again. No need to announce you separately that you hit the guy. It is this simple; he not dead, u shoot again.

If just possible, I at least would like to see the HUD (and chat boxes) made more subtle and as minimal as possible. Now the HUD just feels like something from a pinball game. Ppl would appreciate even more the beautiful graphics of the game itself if half the screen would not be filled with all the text and whatnot. But that is just cos i am spoiled by games that don't have that much HUD like RnL, DH, PR, I44 etc...

I know that it is possible to remove some aspects of the hud already with the immersion.txt but is there a way to change the place/size of chat/text boxes separately as u can do in e.g. Source games?

Suggestions / Re: Tank sights
« on: 26-01-2012, 11:01:39 »
I can understand that it is possible to learn to master the axis sights even though u are working mostly with empty space as a reference when u adjust the sights and the view distance is mostly so low in maps that I suppose there isnt that much engagement beyond 400ish meters. I am still protesting that axis sight design should be the easier for aiming cos of the sharp triangle top. Other players that have played more realistic tank shooters have said the same thing to me about this matter. Axis sights are just not right. I am not talking about misalignment issues, which are a separate issue and ofc should be looked into as well.

Couple of ideas how to alleviate Axis sight-issue;
- Set the triangle top to 400m by default, that way it is easier to adjust the sights around normal engaging distances. Downside is that it is a bit counter logic. But perhaps just plain write 400m beside the triangle top to indicate this.
- Let the player choose in the options or ini files the range for the top of the triangle.
- Add little just barely horizontal dotted lines under the triangle which could be used for reference.
- Actually make the sights work like they should IRL.

This might be minor issue to some but to I find it somewhat annoying issue. Might be cos I am used to more realistic/immersive tank behavior. But I don't see any harm trying to get the sights to working as realistic as you can and perhaps FH2 might attract to more immersion (realistic) oriented players from other games...

Suggestions / Re: Tank sights
« on: 25-01-2012, 10:01:45 »
On a related matter. Is there going to be some sort of fix for the axis tank sights?
Now they are less useful and more difficult for estimating distances than allied sights that have a distance scale.
It should be the other way around so that axis sight is easier, faster and more accurate for adjusting distances.
If it is not possible to add the setting-of-distance to axis sights, how about adding some artificial scale to the side or something.

I know, old topic, but still timely so I repeat the question above.

Any chance that there will be feature where u can adjust the sight range for axis sights like in DH/RO/RO2/I44 for example?
It is frustrating trying to "adjust" the sights now when all you got is empty space under and over the axis sight's triangle. Add the hovering aiming style of a mouse-aiming to that and it is really hard trying to hit stuff that is far away and then try to adjust your aiming when all you got to work with is the triangle and a whole lot of empty space. Most Allied sights at least have the horizontal lines as a reference for adjusting aiming.

If the game engine is blocking a way to adjust the triangle's "height"? Perhaps just go ahistorical and add horizontal lines to axis sights as well?

Suggestions / Re: Scoring
« on: 25-01-2012, 10:01:53 »
Do SLs get points if their squad member cap/neutralize a cap zone? If not, they should cos most of the time SL is just a tiny bit out side the cap zone functioning as a spawn point and can't really take part of the action itself cos it is quite vital for the success of the attack that the SL stays alive and hidden.

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