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General Discussion / Re: Some questions to our developers
« on: 22-05-2015, 16:05:28 »
Well the faces doesnt look particularly chinese

Modding / Re: What have you modded recently?
« on: 17-05-2015, 16:05:02 »
looks nice, i'd agree making the wall a separate object would make much more sense and be more practical for actual use. that's a thing FH2 could use alot more of, objects you attach to buildings to make them more unique like shop signs, marquees, balconys and what have you.

Off-Topic / Re: Unban request
« on: 11-12-2014, 16:12:52 »
First off, 762-ranking runs the server and handles this, not the FH team.
Second, it's usually a bad idea to insult admins when requesting an unban.

Modding / Re: What have you modded recently?
« on: 29-11-2014, 18:11:15 »
Tarawa might be the greatest pacific map ever made. Storming the beach while hellcats (wildcats?) flew overhead 8) God dammit that map was amazing.
It didnt have naval battles, but it was for sure the best and prettiest pacific landbattle map

Modding / Re: [Vehicle] Fiat CV-35 - input, etc
« on: 23-11-2014, 12:11:33 »
That seems sufficient ;) What I didn't quite get from wikipedia was if the L3/38 was solely for export or not

Modding / Re: Hungarian Front 2 (still alive)
« on: 22-11-2014, 11:11:46 »
Wow damn. nice to see this is still alive

Modding / Re: [Vehicle] Fiat CV-35 - input, etc
« on: 22-11-2014, 11:11:12 »

3) How am I to take care of engine sounds, machine gun sounds, etc? The engine isn't used in any other FH2 vehicle, and neither is the machine gun typically found in it.

I just saw this now, looks bloody brilliant. But as far as I understand, its the same dual 8mm as on the tanks M11/39 & M13/40. However there were 2 more variants, one with a Solothurn 20mm AT gun (seen on the photo from Bardia) and a version with a Brixia 45mm mortar attached to the side, pretty strange..

Suggestions / Re: Italy on the Eastern front
« on: 22-11-2014, 11:11:52 »
Unfortunatly it's much harder to come by info for Italian battles, there are a few pages that are in italian and not much in the way of maps/pictures. Then there is the big problem of how to make the map playable with the inferior italian EQ, especially AT/tanks.

Some issues i found while playing:

- On some maps the japanese flag looks like the present day flag with the red disc in the middle, on Midway it looks like in WWII with the additional red rays
- The YAMATO and PRINCE OF WALES aren't historical correct on Midway, espacially the PRINCE OF WALES, because it's even no US-Ship
1. That is because the rising star flag is the naval flag used by IJN and the regular flag is used by the army.
2. They are well aware of that obviously, but those are ported from BF1942 and are there are no alternatives.

I thought it looked pretty damn good, most of the stuff was acceptable or great quality, I think only the Ho-Ha and the carriers were noticably low quality.


*Type 99 Turtle mine is not sticky/magnetic as it should?
*missing sounds for japanese roger that/negative
*destroyers basicly invincible? survives many torpedos and destroyer shots
*Ha-Go back mg movement isnt smooth
*Type 99 lmg ironsight: the magazine blocks too much of the view
*Way too many Type 100 smgs, should be officers only.
*Lighting too bright on Wake
*Lighting too dark and greenish on Iwo Jima
*destroyed type 88 75mm gun lacks collision mesh
*SBD Dauntless rear gunner view shows only one rudder
*No japanese smoke grenades?

Wow so $tallker/Jimi Hendrix was not bullshitting?  :o Where does all this come from? Fh1? BF1943?

Developer Blogs / Re: How to make an Eastern Front map
« on: 05-08-2014, 15:08:51 »
Has the sound effect of Red Army soldiers been edit ? Is it the same compared with other army ? for example the voice when they be shot , I am curious..... ??? By the way , I has been concern the production schedule of fh2 all the time. thanks the fh2 devs, you guys' work always surprise me.
They will be using the same as in Fh1/Bf1942

128 might work on 2x2km maps but not on the smaller. Gazala, El Ala, Vossenack etc. For me, Ramelle was unplayable. Server lagged, ~20fps, grenades insta killing at spawn, total uncoordinated chaos.

Modding / Re: Pont de l'Arche 1940 , Map custom
« on: 13-01-2014, 16:01:42 »
Strangely the flags look belgian?

General Discussion / Re: Hi all. Just started playing today
« on: 12-10-2012, 17:10:55 »

The uncharacteristic subtlety of which actually gave me goosebumps...
Oh I'm not so sure about that..  :P

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