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Singleplayer and Coop / Re: totalize, actonville etc
« on: 21-01-2010, 03:01:09 »
ahh thank you very much for the pointer didn't quite no what to look for now i know  :)

Singleplayer and Coop / totalize, actonville etc
« on: 20-01-2010, 09:01:25 »
Hey guys been playing for quite a while now love the game. But was wondering i see talk of operation totalize and actonville single player games and was wondering whether i have to change some coding or something to get these working single player as for me these don't appear in single player or co-op modes any help always appreciated  ;D

I see ahh wel perhaps in the future all in all i think this is a great game :)

ahhh i see this error also seems to randomly appear while playing too just now i was happily playing a singleplayer map and the game crashed and i got the error  ??? its just on and off for me some maps work some work for between 10-15 minutes then crash  :(

Hey guys i also started up fh2 again recently (after watching Band of Brothers and getting a taste for a good ww2 game and in my opnion this is easily the best out there). Now my problem is not multiplayer but singleplayer. I get the error message bf2.exe has crashed etc etc. I have installed everythiing as asked bf2 > patch 1.41 > patch 1.50 then fh2 2.2 and finally fh2 2.25. i was playing single player and all maps work although I'm having trouble with one in particular Operation L├╝ttich 64 and 16  player versions simply does not work in single player i constantly get this crash message any pointers?  :)

thanks for your help

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