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Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Sammatus 64p Coop 2.53
« on: 05-06-2018, 12:06:22 »
That's because Sammatus has been worked on since the Coop Map.
You can see it by weighing more than the Coop Zips. So actually a few Updates.
Just the above entries Fix, and my Lightmaps are still screwed.
Can't tell for trees, they look as before. But the Lightmaps for Objects are quirked.

I even went so far taking Sammatus Folder and only adding the required Coop stuff (COOP/Navmesh Data).
But this is tense fiddling, only if you knew which files to paste over.
If you fail it breaks the folder, instant CTD or if you succeed,
you get proper mesh, lightmaps etc. In this variant I have everything normal, trees,
shadows, lights, textures.

Of course you can wait until this is user friendly and finally done.

I don't have them anymore.

Kasserine is the only real good suiting Map, but even in our
COOP/SP refurbished Format a rough diamond.
I tinkered a lot and found the default Controlpoints setup,
too few to get fluid Gameplay and sort of Balance.
Vast areas of this Map unused.
Fighting ensued always at the same locations, for COOP this is a fun killer.
First run on CPs is OK, but tirelessly long. Hence with a limited
Kit, Vehicle Park, it's utterly annoying.

Code: [Select]
if v_arg1 == host

   rem [ControlPoint: US_Base]
   Object.create US_Base
   Object.absolutePosition -455.028/24.662/686.797
   Object.layer 1

   rem [ControlPoint: MEC_base]
   Object.create MEC_base
   Object.absolutePosition 589.349/23.117/-479.813
   Object.layer 1

   rem [ControlPoint: Mountain_Camp]
   Object.create Mountain_Camp
   Object.absolutePosition 103.871/45.474/-24.368
   Object.layer 1

   rem [ControlPoint: Djebbas]
   Object.create Djebbas
   Object.absolutePosition -116.351/50.106/-723.039
   Object.layer 1

   rem [ControlPoint: Hachem]
   Object.create Hachem
   Object.absolutePosition 361.243/37.650/495.563
   Object.layer 1

   rem [ControlPoint: Village]
   Object.create Village
   Object.absolutePosition -115.800/23.673/-112.406
   Object.layer 1

   rem [ControlPoint: Kampfgruppe_Afrika_Korps]
   Object.create Kampfgruppe_Afrika_Korps
   Object.absolutePosition -622.362/34.006/-524.575
   Object.layer 1

I placed two more CPs and it turned out better.
My Skills are limited as for making it perfect and turn this Maplayout into sth. better.
My Editor stopped working so this is what I got with it.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Sammatus 64p Coop 2.53
« on: 01-06-2018, 19:06:23 »
That or try this until the new Pack is up.

Make aBackup of Sammatus_Coop folder!!!

Go to:
...EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\fh2\levels\sammatus_coop

1. edit (open with Text-Editor or Wordpad):

select all and copy and paste this over
Code: [Select]
from game.plugins import plugin, limitKit, push, NCOrifleData, teamSPs, spawnerCondition, ticketLoss

kit_limits = [
plugin(limitKit, team = 1, slot = 0, limit = 4.0/32.0, kit = "SE_Scout", soldier = "se_light"),
plugin(limitKit, team = 1, slot = 1, limit = 6.0/32.0, kit = "SE_SMGAssault_Limited", soldier = "se_heavy"),
plugin(limitKit, team = 1, slot = 2, limit = 9.0/32.0, kit = "SE_Rifleman", soldier = "se_light"),
plugin(limitKit, team = 1, slot = 3, limit = 6.0/32.0, kit = "SE_LMG_DP28_Limited", soldier = "se_heavy"),
plugin(limitKit, team = 1, slot = 4, limit = 4.0/32.0, kit = "SE_Engineer", soldier = "se_light"),
plugin(limitKit, team = 1, slot = 5, limit = 4.0/32.0, kit = "SE_AntiTank_Limited", soldier = "se_light"),

plugin(limitKit, team = 2, slot = 0, limit = 4.0/32.0, kit = "RE_Scout", soldier = "re_light_soldier"),
plugin(limitKit, team = 2, slot = 1, limit = 6.0/32.0, kit = "RE_SMGAssault", soldier = "re_heavy_soldier"),
plugin(limitKit, team = 2, slot = 2, limit = 9.0/32.0, kit = "RE_RifleAssault", soldier = "re_light_soldier"),
plugin(limitKit, team = 2, slot = 3, limit = 6.0/32.0, kit = "RE_LMG_Limited", soldier = "re_light_soldier"),
plugin(limitKit, team = 2, slot = 4, limit = 4.0/32.0, kit = "RE_Engineer", soldier = "re_nco_soldier"),
plugin(limitKit, team = 2, slot = 5, limit = 4.0/32.0, kit = "RE_SMGAssault_pps42", soldier = "re_light_soldier"),

plugin(NCOrifleData, kits = ('SE_NCO', 'RE_NCO'), soldiers = ("se_sgt", "re_nco_soldier")),

push_64 = [
    plugin(push, source = 'conq_64_37th_Guards_Army_Corp_Mironov', target = 'conq_64_vt_line_east', attacker = 2,),
    plugin(push, source = 'conq_64_37th_Guards_Army_Corp_Mironov', target = 'conq_64_vt_line_center', attacker = 2,),
    plugin(push, source = 'conq_64_37th_Guards_Army_Corp_Mironov', target = 'conq_64_vt_line_west', attacker = 2),
    plugin(push, source = 'conq_64_vt_line_east, conq_64_vt_line_center' , target = 'conq_64_Sammatus_village', attacker = 2),
    plugin(push, source = 'conq_64_vt_line_center ,conq_64_vt_line_west' , target = 'conq_64_Lakehouse', attacker = 2),


tickets_16 = [
plugin(ticketLoss, ticketLoss1 = 10, ticketLoss2 = 10)

tickets_64 = [
plugin(ticketLoss, ticketLoss1 = 15, ticketLoss2 = 15)

spawns_64 = [
  plugin(teamSPs), # Auto-fill
spawns_16 = [
  plugin(teamSPs), # Auto-fill

spawnerConditions = [
    plugin(spawnerCondition, team = 2, spawner = 'conq_64_37th_Guards_Army_Corp_Mironov_t34', we_dont_own = 'conq_64_vt_line_east and conq_64_vt_line_center and conq_64_vt_line_west'),

gpm_coop = {
  64: kit_limits + push_64 + spawns_64 + spawnerConditions + tickets_64,
  16: spawns_16 + kit_limits + tickets_16,

2. open and  edit (open with Text-Editor or Wordpad):
select all and copy and paste this over
Code: [Select]
rem  Generated by BF2Editor
if v_arg1 == BF2Editor

run Heightdata.con
run Terrain.con BF2Editor
run StaticObjects.con BF2Editor
run Sounds.con
run Sky.con BF2Editor
run EditorGamePlayObjects.con host
Undergrowth.load Levelssammatus_coop
run OvergrowthOvergrowth.con
Overgrowth.editorEnable 1
run AmbientObjects.con BF2Editor
run Water.con
run TriggerableTemplates.con BF2Editor


run Heightdata.con
run Terrain.con v_arg2
run Sky.con v_arg2
run CompiledRoads.con
run Sounds.con
run tmp.con v_arg1
Undergrowth.load Levelssammatus_coop
run OvergrowthOvergrowth.con
run OvergrowthOvergrowthCollision.con
run AmbientObjects.con
run Water.con
run TriggerableTemplates.con


rem ------------------------------- LevelSettings -------------------------------
rem -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

gameLogic.setTeamName 1 FI
gameLogic.setTeamName 2 RU

gameLogic.setTeamLanguage 1 FH2Finnish
gameLogic.setTeamLanguage 2 FH2Russian

gameLogic.setTeamFlag 0 flag_neutral
gameLogic.setTeamFlag 1 flag_se
gameLogic.setTeamFlag 2 flag_ru

gameLogic.setKit 1 0 SE_Scout se_light
gameLogic.setKit 2 0 RE_Scout re_light_soldier

gameLogic.setKit 1 1 SE_SMGAssault_Limited se_heavy
gameLogic.setKit 2 1 RE_SMGAssault re_heavy_soldier

gameLogic.setKit 1 2 SE_Rifleman se_light
gameLogic.setKit 2 2 RE_RifleAssault re_light_soldier

gameLogic.setKit 1 3 SE_LMG_DP28_Limited se_heavy
gameLogic.setKit 2 3 RE_LMG_Limited re_light_soldier

gameLogic.setKit 1 4 SE_Engineer se_light
gameLogic.setKit 2 4 RE_Engineer re_nco_soldier

gameLogic.setKit 1 5 SE_AntiTank_Limited se_light
gameLogic.setKit 2 5 RE_SMGAssault_pps42 re_light_soldier

gameLogic.setKit 1 6 SE_NCO se_sgt
gameLogic.setKit 2 6 RE_NCO re_nco_soldier

rem -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

gameLogic.setBeforeSpawnCamera 14147-198 -43-80

if v_arg1 == BF2Editor
LevelSettings.CustomTextureSuffix sammatus
texturemanager.customTextureSuffix sammatus
rem -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

GameLogic.MaximumLevelViewDistance 175

rem -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 16 1 200
gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 16 2 200
gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 32 1 300
gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 32 2 300
gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 64 1 300
gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 64 2 350
gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 128 1 50
gameLogic.setDefaultNumberOfTicketsEx 128 2 50
gameLogic.setDefaultTimeToNextAIWave 8
gameLogic.setTicketLossAtEndPerMin 1000
gameLogic.setTicketLossPerMin 1 10
gameLogic.setTicketLossPerMin 2 10

rem -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

rem -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

renderer.globalStaticMeshLodDistanceScale 1
renderer.globalBundleMeshLodDistanceScale 1
renderer.globalSkinnedMeshLodDistanceScale 1

3. open and edit (open with Text-Editor or Wordpad):
select all and copy and paste this over
Code: [Select]
rem $fh2_donotread
rem *** autogenerated ***

rem *** KIT LOADERS ***
run ../../objects/kits/re/
run ../../objects/kits/re/
run ../../objects/kits/re/
run ../../objects/kits/re/
run ../../objects/kits/re/
run ../../objects/kits/re/
run ../../objects/kits/re/
run ../../objects/kits/se/
run ../../objects/kits/se/
run ../../objects/kits/se/
run ../../objects/kits/se/
run ../../objects/kits/se/
run ../../objects/kits/se/
run ../../objects/kits/se/
run ../../objects/kits/spawnable/
run ../../objects/kits/spawnable/
run ../../objects/kits/spawnable/
run ../../objects/kits/spawnable/
run ../../objects/kits/spawnable/
run ../../objects/kits/spawnable/
run ../../objects/kits/spawnable/
run ../../objects/kits/spawnable/
run ../../objects/kits/spawnable/
run ../../objects/kits/spawnable/

rem *** KITSETS ***
run ../../objects/kits/re/
run ../../objects/kits/se/

rem *** KIT SPAWNERS ***
run ../../objects/kits/re/
run ../../objects/kits/se/

rem $fh2_read

run ../../objects/Common/CommonSpawners.con
run ../../objects/Vehicles/Land/RU/t34_76_m41/
run ../../objects/Common/

rem lock
ObjectTemplate.activeSafe PlayerControlObject t20
ObjectTemplate.dontClearTeamOnExit 1
ObjectTemplate.activeSafe PlayerControlObject t20_mggunner
ObjectTemplate.dontClearTeamOnExit 1
ObjectTemplate.activeSafe PlayerControlObject t20_Passenger1
ObjectTemplate.dontClearTeamOnExit 1
ObjectTemplate.activeSafe PlayerControlObject t20_Passenger2
ObjectTemplate.dontClearTeamOnExit 1
ObjectTemplate.activeSafe PlayerControlObject pak40_static_fi
ObjectTemplate.dontClearTeamOnExit 1
ObjectTemplate.activeSafe PlayerControlObject m1937_45mm_static
ObjectTemplate.dontClearTeamOnExit 1
ObjectTemplate.activeSafe PlayerControlObject m1937_45mm
ObjectTemplate.dontClearTeamOnExit 1
ObjectTemplate.activeSafe PlayerControlObject m1937_45mm_shield_PCO
ObjectTemplate.dontClearTeamOnExit 1
ObjectTemplate.activeSafe PlayerControlObject pak40_fi
ObjectTemplate.dontClearTeamOnExit 1
ObjectTemplate.activeSafe PlayerControlObject pak40_shield_PCO
ObjectTemplate.dontClearTeamOnExit 1

physics.airDensityZeroAtHeight 3000
windmanager.globalWindSpeed 3
windmanager.globalWinddirection 0/0/1

Suggestions / Re: German Road/Townsigns improvement
« on: 02-07-2017, 00:07:02 »
P-40E AK772 really was GA(Sqn allocation)-Y (aircraft allocation)

The FH2 version states GA-T on that serial, but that is a different kite.
My aim is historical correctness, not offence or provocation.
If Admins feel it has no place here,
simply drop me a line and I remove the stuff.

I'm atm. at the job redoing the Screenshots. Lost all in a clean up last weeks.
Can't be that fast, since I'm buisy at Il-2 modding too.
Have plenty of historical stuff that boosts immersion to share, but some
are WIP, since I need to test and see if it works how I want.
i.e. proper ital. Minefield signs (Map dependance can deplete this effort,
as a new static would be needed then, and that's not my job)
If I can do Textures, good, but more I can't...

Since my main subject is Aircraft Texturing and research most
is for the Airforces and Eyecandy accurateness.
-Fw190 Textures for Sidi Bou Zid or Mareth (Fighter & Jabo)
-Bf109E-7/B for late Desert Campaign (autumn 42/retreat...)
-Hurricane Skin for Greek Campaign
-Hurricane Skin Mk.IIC (Gazala)
-early desert Hurricanes (Beda Fomm, ...)
-Hurricane 1st Sqn SAAF for Keren

-British Halftrack (M5A1?)
-Keren Map italian Vehicle registration signs proper
Eritrean/ital conolnial or AOI style

I found glitches at Spitfire V (RAF), Fi156 Storch, Bf109F which I can correct as I did
these for IL-2 already and the subject should be fixed with proper alternatives
in time too.
Of course Luftwaffe inventory will not bear Swastikas.

That's in store, as said, pleasebe patient need time to build this Pack up.
When I have news I'll share info here.
Best wishes

Suggestions / Re: German Road/Townsigns improvement
« on: 17-06-2017, 21:06:15 »
WW2 related I'm into Aircraft, active Texturer for IL-2 1946.

No problem. Glad someone took the time to notice. I understand it's not priority,
know about such issues as I I'm an active Modder for IL-2 too.
Anyway glad I can be of somekinda help and give winks.

Will post here stuff I stumbled across to not spoil the Forum endlessly.

I published a Curtiss Texture Pack, that I did intensely research for.
Crawling up Photographs, collections.

Below FH2 Textures may not sit well. I don't own the Template, so I took my IL-2 Textures
and made it fit. May not be perfect as for rivetcounters, but more accurate as for markings.

Kittyhawk (UK) 112 sqn GA-Y AK772 / P-40E_kittyhawk_c

Kittyhawk for Mareth with correct C-Type Roundel RAAF 3.Sqn FL308 CV-C Bobby Gibbes

Although E version was outdated at that Time, the 112.Sqn Skin is not fitting here due to
the early B-Type Roundels. So I took a F version and most prominent Livery of Gibbes Kite showing
a nice Noseart.

Ju 52 keren static in Allied Main CP
I made fit a 50.Sqn SAAF livery for it

This is my Keren Map Italian Posters version, all AOI related.

Wasn't sure at the Fat Guy, if it's offending showing him?
A Mix of Colonial military and civil Posters. Hotel, Transports, Tourism, Cinema related

Best wishes

Suggestions / German Road/Townsigns improvement
« on: 16-06-2017, 10:06:43 »
I hope I don't step on someone's toe or sound nitpicky.

Here my expertise on German Road/Townsigns.
In R/L I have studied Graphic Design,
one of my main courses was Typography,

An Arial or modern derivate of the DIN 1451 Mittelschrift is
simply unhistorical and never appeared. In most cases a modern
DIN 30640 or similar was used and on top the Typo was after edited by
manually decreasing height of letters. This latter process is for Typo experts
a no go, Typo, Letters are to be used with caution, editing of height causes
the letters to be squeezed and is simply eyehurting.

In your example Monschau 20km über Simmerath 11km and
Düren 17km are fluxed this way.
Seelow and Berlin signs use a modern Type and squeezed editing.

Vossenack and Gey Signs are handled correct and in historical Typo.

Only a few use correct Fette Engschrift. Why?
The old DIN 1451 Mittelschrift is the follower of the older
Preußische Musterzeichnung IV 44 Ausgagabe 3.
Next to Mittelschrift the Engschrift came in to see wider use
to get readabillity of larger Textblocks. But was used also
Schildermaler were very accurate reproducing these Norm Schriften.
Of course they were so skilled as they had a wide repertoire,
sometimes altering the Normschriften to the hippest style at the
time or their own likings.

A Typographer/Schildermaler used Headlining (DIN 1451 variants)
and for more Information the Engschift and its derivates.
This responses to readabillity, the Engschrift could handle larger Texts
better together with the Headlining Mittelschrift.
Fette Engschrift was used extensively by the Germans to mark everything.

Please find below the historical old DIN 1451 in two alternatives,
standard and bold.
Here some Suggestions, using Free Fonts.
Warning, Typo altered the way it should be, not squeezing to fit.

Hope I gave some hints to easilly fix small aesthetics the way they should be.
My post is to boost immersion. My grandfather fought at Seelow, so this Map is
very special to me.

Best wishes

Dukla Pass / Re: Dukla Pass 64
« on: 15-06-2017, 08:06:19 »
Popular songs in Soviet Union during WW2
select one which suits

As a an active Modder in the IL-2 community I can say from Mods alone you don't receive
such stuff. Some OS and Antivirus may want to prevent you from using archives,
giving warnings and refusing to let it install. With proper Admin rights this can be tackled.

Sounds like some serious malware stuff, here affecting your Browser, maybe the sytem itself.
I would backup stuff and start serious business, formatting, setting up your rig again.
Fighting such a case is hilarious and often makes things worser than it is building up all again.
Just my 0,02 €

Best wishes

I have now 2 versions of FH2 running side by side.
One 2.45 and 2.52.
As for the 2.52 and latest Map-Pack: Beda Fomm + Arty Cam,
the Artillery Camera is indeed the cause, the last entry from the .con
pointing to the .tweak file is missing. That causes the crash when
requesting artillery fire.


leave a blank line at the bottom and paste this in

Code: [Select]
include artillerycamera_de.tweak

I jumped upon this as I see both the Mortars and this artillery camera have been tweaked
at the same timeline.
First I had the same crash, after editing, all fine, arty cam back.


Just jumped over Reichswald, what a jolly good Map. Fitting like a glove. I like it
when Axis is pushed to Schottheide, awesome fierce fighting.
Thanks for adding this Map.

Off-Topic / Re: Which kind of music are you listening to?
« on: 04-10-2015, 00:10:38 »
Basicly Metal, to me everything except whimpy Music aka
Glam, too much progressive or psychedelic vibes.
I can't stand Jazz 'n kettledrums.

Destruction - Curse the Gods  :)

Modding / Re: Need help with BFEditor - on "how it works"
« on: 22-07-2015, 09:07:42 »
Use Search function and human function to read through Posts,
if you grassed up here and found it's not enough go to Google
and start over... The Threads are there, but nobody takes you by the hand.

Modding / Re: how to change the guns damage????
« on: 22-07-2015, 09:07:20 »
That directory don't exist here, since the data was compiled in the projectiles
tweaks. Not all. Mixing up the calibers I don't like.

Get to know the major calibers, by their class, rifles, smgs
then tweak in a flush.

Each weapons tweak contain a projectile naming
the handweapons projectiles are changed here:\Weapons\Projectiles\Handweapons

con is an index showing the calibers
tweak contains the data you're seeking for

You don't need to tweak much if you adjust deviation right away, which in FH2 or other
BF2 Mods is too sensitive and imminent. I found reducing it too brought up
better results, than just tweaking projectiles. On default STG Dev he can
go for sniper and barely get the result he wants.
SMG, I preffered my own settings.
Default may come across at the recruiting center,
but battlehardened Chaps bear a lot more punch, recoil.
At the STG, to me it had the usual to whacky Deviation settings.
To get a less dance around the table STG tone down Deviation values a bit,
they implement the up/down movements.
Some values are for standin, crouchin and laying. You need to find out which
is responsible for what.
But before you tinker, get to know how they work, go to BattlefieldSingleplayer
and search that Topic.

These settings are global, means what you change may Bots use as well,
so becoming an Elephant is daily life then... ;D
this limits the amount of tweaking idea. Get to know Bots then can kill you
in one shot too. That is game balance. But you gotta learn right away.
Remember these tweaks are for OFFLINE only, and Backup.
Unless you want to screw up your Game.

You need to find most by playing a Map again and again.
Even then it is a matter of taste.

Fall of Tobruk/Axis (at later stages/Cap-Points positive to avoid flanking)

Between Aussie Main wooden stairs and the large Tanks at Harbour Outskirts
you'll see two Ruins, chose the one on the right side if facing Aussie Main from Harbour.
Crouch inside, then you can enter a part of the ruin compartment under comfortable floors.
This is a vital position that will free you from heavy Barrage as expected in the closer compound to
that main. The Mortar shells halfway to Harbour and the Hotel area, see this estimated
Map, as well a screenshot showing this position. I use to have a good sight even to the front,
thanks to a door opening where you can trace them walking for you.
If you ran out of Ammo, Harbour Cap Point is the best choice, just watch for Hostiles, Bullets.
You can easilly re-enter that Spot then.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: SUGGESTIONS FOR THE AI DEV(S)
« on: 14-06-2015, 01:06:41 »
Awsome, really happy this Map get's the help.
Thanks for the Info Gavrant

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: SUGGESTIONS FOR THE AI DEV(S)
« on: 08-06-2015, 09:06:00 »
I made an alternate Vossenack, where some Vehicles are almost never unused, even if under Shelter.
I can't recall the changes I made, but as soon as I return to default setup, they act as non-interesting to bots and that surplus to 70% of the inventory.
I was simply cloning some of the spawnboxes, on others I gave them new Boxes, the mix of
both made it. My version has no unused Vehicle, though it is a Tank frenzy. Main problem on Vossenack for Bots in Vehicles, is everything East of Church area, the objects are good enough for Human to drive trhough with a Vehicle, but for Bots this area is a messy adventure, they stuck at literally every object placed a bit on the streets. Ever wondered why the rush-out on Vossenack Axis Main is stuck before the wooden fence, it is one of this Wooden fence objects possibly seen as unpassable. When trying to drive trough you actually sense some object you pass, not like the other passable fence objects.
In notepad I've seen that this fenceobject is littered all across the Map and the reason for some areas not passable for Bots, although Navmeshed, as they want to pass.
I tried 2 version removing them completely, or changing with passable fences. Returning to stock layout I can't pass one of this section though, my tank just slides upwards on that fence. It is the vertical object of that fence part that remains unpassable/solid and causing laggs.
By removing that fence object, the Map has a 50% rush, that you can enjoy playing. The consolidated Vehicles spawns are surplus additions to the default very slow going Map.

They get trapped before entering neat points, Axis at entrance, where the Anti-Tank barrier resides, you can free this area from litter, 3 up to 5 vehicles still stuck, sth. initially slowing down the push of the Map, so I think it is some sort of neat point of Vehicle Navmesh causing culprit. To really get hell-of a tanking Map, it needs to get rid of such tiny hangers, more Bot-friendly Navmesh, but that calls for less litter in Church area and really closer look at all objects and make them passable, luckily this Map didn't need much overhaul, just a bit consolidation.
Apart from that it is a careless Map, I can only recall one major thing that needed overhaul, the 88 on that hill trench.
needs some lifting, as the bushes/vegetation cover the gunsight aiming, I put her on an
palette object slightly lifted, now the gunsight is free and good to use.

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