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General Discussion / Re: Cry Engine 3 = Forgotten Hope 3
« on: 15-04-2015, 17:04:34 »
Graphically FH2 is fine as it is, it's the physics engine that ruins the game sometimes.

Seeing a 30 tonne tank get flipped over by a fence post never gets old. ::)

General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 03-03-2015, 10:03:14 »
3840x2160 8xAA:

Bug Reporting / Re: AA and Shader issues
« on: 13-04-2014, 14:04:16 »
But i believe this is a known bug for nvidia cards

There was a time when Nvidia drivers gave the best experience in just about everything out there, not anymore.

Up until about 3-4 mths ago I was all set to replace my ageing Radeon 4850 with a Nvidia 760 but then started to notice the problems the latest drivers from Nvidia were causing in all sorts of stuff I use, so in the end I stuck with AMD and got a R9 280.

Bit of a bummer really, as I really fancied a change to Nvidia after 5yrs of ATI/AMD....but what can you do.

General Discussion / Re: Irishforce´ll be back
« on: 26-12-2013, 14:12:03 »
I´ve never seen Irish cheat.

I guess that depends on whether you regard using map glitches as a genuine tactic or not, if you do, then you're a cunt as well.

Bah!!...who cares, the mod is now dying on it's feet anyway and I've been pretty much done with the game since they fucked up the tank combat in 2.45.

I only really come to this forum on boring days, when I've run out of other sites to visit.

General Discussion / Re: Irishforce´ll be back
« on: 26-12-2013, 11:12:20 »
I remember you...cheating cunt, using every map glitch going.


On a different note though, is there a downloadable playlist so I could listen to it on my phone or something?

Why don't you just extract all the songs (in ogg format) from the FH2 files and convert them to mp3 files, that's what I did.

General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 11-11-2013, 15:11:16 »
Sweet FX

SweetFx is cool, been using for it ages....only thing is, you have to disable Anti Aliasing in the game for it to work, at least on AMD cards, don't know if it's the same with Nvidia cards.


After:....Retro CRT look!!!!...scanlines & saturation boost ;D

Loads of cool stuff you can do with it.

General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 24-10-2013, 17:10:24 »

General Discussion / Re: Development progress?
« on: 15-08-2013, 16:08:19 »
Yeah, 2-3 bullets hits the target others spray over bushes in the back.  ;D

He's also an old guy in his 60's firing a Bren for the first time, not a very fit 20yr old who's been trained on the Bren for 6mths before going into combat.

General Discussion / Re: Development progress?
« on: 11-08-2013, 16:08:23 »
There is another thread where we have discussed and answered that in all length, Defib.


I will not answer to that anymore, it has all been said.

Why..because you don't like being reminded of making a cheat a server admin?

I don't care what he told you, once a cheat, always a cheat.

General Discussion / Re: Development progress?
« on: 11-08-2013, 15:08:00 »
There are about 70 others that are permanently banned for reasons such as Cheating 

Why did you make the biggest cheat in FH2 (UniqueMck24) one of your server Admins, when you had previously banned him for such cheating? know, one of the few good things to come out of the broken tank combat in 2.45 (because camping in tanks is all that cheating scumbag ever did),  is that it seems to have even pissed him off so much, he no longer plays.


General Discussion / Re: Development progress?
« on: 10-08-2013, 13:08:32 »
Development progress of FH2 was always an internal thing and few guys crying that they don't know current beta status won't change the rules. Become a beta tester if you want to help and see how the newest beta version looks like, that's how it works. If don't want to be helpful in any way, you won't get any information as long as some developer will decide to leak any info for such ungreatful punk like you.

Seriously, who'd want to be part of a little club/clique that has arrogant idiots like you as a member.

At the end of the day, your going to be the ones left with a Mod that has no players....clever. ::)

General Discussion / Re: Development progress?
« on: 07-08-2013, 17:08:08 »
So Jan tell me what 2.45 update brought relevant comparing to 2.4

Broken tank be quiet and show your gratitude ;)

General Discussion / Re: Development progress?
« on: 07-08-2013, 16:08:49 »
You want go back to 2.4? Seriously?


Go fuck yourselfs instead.

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