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Lenino / Re: Lenino 64
« on: 13-08-2018, 04:08:35 »
I had a brilliant round on Lenino the other day, and while tanking I managed to basically ram my T34 into the Elefant's (Ferdinand's) rear. Now, the opposing player didn't notice my intrusion, so I hit his rear armor in multiple spots (rear hatch, lower plate, exhaust pipe...), and didn't recieve a hit indicator. Now I know this thing is monstrously armored, but was it intended for the 76,2mm AP not to go through its rear?

Off-Topic / Re: What do you guys think about my new uniform?
« on: 07-02-2018, 19:02:23 »
D-d-d-damaso?  :o

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day (Other eras)
« on: 11-11-2017, 12:11:12 »
I'd say it's the "lock" to ensure the bolt is not in the forward position, i.e. the weapon is totally and idiot-proof safe

Announcements / Re: Keep an eye out for pirated FH2 content
« on: 11-09-2017, 00:09:34 »
Credits Animations:modified from FH2's MP34

Someone asked me to upload this.Enjoy your game! The animations are based on MP34's from FH2.

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day (Other eras)
« on: 06-11-2016, 17:11:53 »
Hah, kesseled  ;D

Gaming / Re: World of Warships - Open Beta
« on: 20-08-2016, 16:08:31 »
Kaiser is awesome dang it. Just killing the nassau swarm.

Can't wait for the K├Ânig...

Gaming / Re: World of Warships - Open Beta
« on: 19-08-2016, 18:08:17 »
And I'm still there, grinding my Nassau. It's great. What's with the Kaiser?

Gaming / Re: World of Warships - Open Beta
« on: 18-08-2016, 17:08:46 »
British are overrated anyways, why even lose nerves about it. They will be sunk with high efficiency.

Gaming / Re: World of Warships - Open Beta
« on: 17-08-2016, 01:08:35 »
Nurnberg, Yorck and Hipper are a blast to play.

Can't wait for the BBs, Nassau here I come ;D

Off-Topic / Re: DC cinematic universe
« on: 01-08-2016, 19:08:11 »
Sorry, how the hell is he then wearing a german uniform (on more than one occasion) and is decorated with the highest military award in the entire German Empire? Also flies a german fighter.

Off-Topic / Re: DC cinematic universe
« on: 31-07-2016, 22:07:47 »
Looks like utter shite. Saves german pilot (note the Pour le Merite), falls in love with him, proceeds to kill countless of "bad germans". Fuck yeah Hollywood. What is this.

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 28-07-2016, 12:07:51 »

Russia, 1941. Shell shattering on a tank?

This here is most likely a Panzer III

Off-Topic / Re: Revolting Uniting
« on: 23-07-2016, 19:07:18 »
Bouras, soon might be the opportunity to take back Constantinople

Off-Topic / Re: Revolting Uniting
« on: 20-07-2016, 01:07:17 »
'40s is obviously the 1940-1949. Because it has "forty" in them (nineteen forty, nineteen forty one...).

Off-Topic / Re: Game of Thrones
« on: 28-06-2016, 16:06:53 »
>Be me
>Daughter born to Ned Stark and Catelyn Tully
>Widow to the last Warden of the North
>Procure an army and save my half-brother, a bastard and a deserter of the Night's Watch from certain defeat
>Get usurped by the same bastard in the fashion of sword-swinging and "KING IN DA NORF" roaring
>Fuck succession rules, I guess.

>Be me
>Free the slave cities and give people liberties
>Gather a giant army and fleet (and air force)
>Leave Daario, a killer and a mercenary, to rule over Mereen and spread democracy
>Go take over a monarchy in Westeros

>Be me
>Mother of the king
>Decide to kill everyone who ever opposed me
>Blow up the greatest temple to the main religion in Westeros
>Kill hundreds of innocents
>Kill my own uncle, Hand of the King
>Kill an entire high lord family
>Effectivelly turn most of the southern kingdoms into enemies
>Sit on the Iron Throne
>Just stop giving a fuck

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