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General Discussion / Re: A New Dawn, A FH2 Campaign
« on: 21-06-2017, 11:06:54 »
Last time it was very intense battle. And very stressful from a General's chair.  ;D

General Discussion / Re: A New Dawn, A FH2 Campaign
« on: 24-04-2017, 10:04:26 »
We're waiting for more people. Join up and don't miss the fun!

That was me! Do I get a free iPod?

Send me your adress I'll mail it to you.  ;)

Can I join? I'm serious.

Sure why not.

Nice try last night Korsakov, aka Mr.Hacker.  :-*

All the while avoiding legal issues? You're either doing really well or someone really doesn't care.

Haven't you checked in a mental asylum yet?

Giving some money to a Vietnamese and releasing from a Vietnamese website could also be a solution.  ;D

1. Getting killed when I'm about to throw Gebalte/Satchel/Faust any form of AT.  :'(

2. Tank starts to move 1 second before the explosive lands on it and it misses.  :-\

Episode I-II-III is all about one liners and meaningless staring into oblivion. People walks, talks, sits, talks a few minutes of action and stupid Haydon't actagains stupid acting. Even Natalie Portman plays like "Oh what the hell I'm doing here?"

And oh, go and watch Honest Trailers about those 3.

Harrison Ford hates playing Han Solo so he is not coming back.

Rey is Luke's daughter. Probably the kid in the flashback we saw(a kid taken from her parents in a desert-like planet)is Rey, being given away by Luke to protect her and he probably wiped her mind too. That's why she seems connected to force.

There is also one other stupidly simple explanation for Rey's force awareness: Episode IV's Luke.

That kid was a simple farmer who never heard of force by the age of 20(almost) He meets Obi-Wan, gets out of Tatooine, gets to fly an X-Wing!!!?!?! (Rey=Millenium Falcon) and he makes an attack run against the Rebellion's #1 target: Death Star. I mean, that attack could have been made by any other remaining pilots, Biggs, Wedge... But it had to be Luke. In the middle of the run he suddenly hears Obi Wan talking over force(WHICH IN EPISODE III OBI WAN HAD TO LEARN THAT STUFF TO SPEAK TO QUI-GONN ACCORDING TO YODA) and destroys the Death Star by using force.

He also hurts Vader on the shoulder after a few days worth of training(we did not see much Lightsaber training)and gave him a rather good fight.(Vader was teasing him I know)

People thinks those actions by Luke is rational and yet they babble over Rey beating wounded Kylo Ren.  ::)

This is Star Wars people, get over it.

Rey is awesome.

BB8 is super cool.

But I hope they do not toss R2 to the side because of it. R2 is the most awesome character of all the series, saving their asses countless times and could be considered as the secret lead character.  ;D (If you look at it closely you'll understand what I mean.)

Bad sides for me is that it has no space combat at all(after Episode III...) we do not even see a bunch of Star Destroyers patrolling etc... That side of the film is too blank tbh. One Star Destroyer with a close up shots did not satisfy me at all.

Rebels still looks like a tribe than rebels.(Episode IV has budget and tech issues I know but this is new, shoot in 2015 and with Disney support.) It has a big budget. So why the hell rebels still doesn't have proper ships? They attack a Death Star planet with 20 X-Wings and greeted by a bunch of Tie Fighters? If this place is a big deal, I would have expected it to be defended better than a kindergarden.

They literally walk into the base, undetected with no guards, nothing. The place feels like it's been guarded by like 20 guards?

JJ again messed up the original feeling of the series by bringing up some stupid shit. In Star Trek he invented a transwarp beaming system which completely messed up the series logic. You can apparently now beam into a moving ship anywhere in the galaxy which has ruined entire Starship concept.

In Star Wars, he does this by stupidly changing hyperdrive concept. Apparently you can now go into hyperdrive from inside a ship or pass a shield with it now.

Seriously, film starts good but ends mediocre. That's what it ruined for me and space travel. Luckily Han Solo performance and Rey(also BB8) saved the film a little for me that's why I give it 6.5/10.

JJ films always have continuity issues and this one has it as well and it doesn't surprise me one bit.

Off-Topic / Re: Attacks on Paris 14/11/2015
« on: 18-11-2015, 16:11:50 »
Still i would personally love to see each and every single one of those monkeys from ISIS killed.

Hard to do in European justice system. Remember the guy who killed 77 kids?

Off-Topic / Re: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
« on: 12-11-2015, 08:11:30 »
So that Finn guy is Lando's son and he is a spy amongst imperial ranks. Which is why they attack that desert planet.

While you're at it make it like this:


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