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Battles are every Friday, 18:00 UTC. On these evenings, the battle map of the week will be played several rounds for 4-5 hours. Trainings of both Divisions usually are on Thursdays, 18:00 UTC. 12 Battles are planned as Pap said. Scrim will take place this Friday, May 3rd. Scrim is a first evening under battle-like conditions in terms of organisation, but its really just a evening to get to know each other, introduce new members into tournament play and to test the upcoming battle maps. Scores of that evening wont be counted into the campaign scoring.


Welcome to another Forgotten Hope 2 Campaign! This campaign, "On Rommel's Trail" will take you to battlefields from Greece's famous hot springs, the beautiful island of Crete to scorching hot North Africa where Rommel and Montgomery clashed in epic and gruesome encounters.

You will play on well designed community created and modified maps in battles like Thermopylae, Chania Aerodrome, Gazala and Kasserine Pass.

Experience brutal battles, total carnage, outstanding gameplay and the best Forgotten Hope 2 Teamwork there is. Feel the camaraderie like nowhere else.

Get your gaming gear ready and join this amazing campaign!

In this FH2 Campaign you will experience:

12 battles, on both new and totally renewed maps, with custom vehicles and weapons.
Train and prepare yourself for every battle with your regiment on our training server.
Fight battles with up to 100 players.
Earn promotions and medals for your achievements.
Communicate directly with your squad using Teamspeak and apply well planned strategy and tactics not seen on any public servers.
Form new friendships with like-minded people from all over the world.

Taking part is completely free and everybody is welcome!

Click below to join the Campaign


Join us Saturday 30th March at 19:00 UTC (CMP Battle Time™)
and playtest four maps of the upcoming CMP FH2 Custom Mappack!

This event is open to everyone, so invite your friends!

Wake Island by Watchtower

Midway 1942 by Pr0z4c and Stubbfan

Berlin by Blander

Raid At Cabanatuan by Geopat

We also would like to add that a series of quality improvements have been made to the CMP FH2 Pacific content, including new and improved weapons, vehicles and statics.
Most notably done by Stubbfan aswell as Watchtower, GeoPat and Papillon. In today's test, experience the following new content:

Early and Late Type 100 SMG version with different ROF's and improved gun sights
Improved gun sights on the Arisaka Rifle
New Type 92 Nambu MG Model
New Aichi D3A Model
New Douglas SBD Dauntless Model
New Curtiss SB2C Helldiver Model
New Ho-Ki version with mounted Type 92 Nambu MG
Volkssturm Playermodels (Berlin)
Further small and big changes to be revealed in future events, stay tuned!

You will need to download the maps and the CMP minimod to be able to play

Map and CMP minimod download:
Use our new Community Installer - Download Here
(Read the Tutorial. Post any bugs or issues you might find, this is still a work in progress)
Or manually download them
CMP FH2 Custom Mappack Maps (Manual Download):
CMP FH2 Custom Mappack Minimod (Manual Download):

CMP Map Test Event | CMP EU #2 Server IP:

CMP - Teamspeak Server:

General Discussion / Re: Conspiracies Thread Mk II
« on: 05-08-2018, 12:08:17 »
Singling is all cool and stuff and i'm gonna let you finish, but....

that doesnt appear to be the mystery map.  ;D

General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 25-05-2018, 11:05:09 »
Hawk, those screenshots are awesome!

Thanks! With raw, uncompressed 60p .avi's at hand, you have the possiblity of catching just the right frame. ;)

Today is the release! Lets look at the final dump of action shots!

German Artillery battery on Lenino:


Soviet rush on Ogledow through Wurfgerät Fire. Uraaaaaa!

Assault Gun moving up in Studienka

Are you guys ready for tonight, all supplied? Buckle up! ;)

Ferdinand pushing himself around a tight corner in the town of Lenino

King of the Hill

Polish Tank Force trying to repulse the king of the hill

But the Germans also don't just have the Ferdinand....

Attack on the first german defense line at Lenino

Dont forget the Fliegerfaust on Seelow Heights!

General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 24-05-2018, 15:05:15 »
Holy $hit Hawk2k9, these screenshots look amazing!  :o Do you have any of the king tiger in Ogledow or Studienka?

ahhh, sorry pizzzaman, but i dont have any further action-shots of the Kingtiger on Ogledow.

to sweeten up the waiting time for today's Road to... News, lets have a look at the Kanonenvogel attack on Lenino.


General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 23-05-2018, 16:05:56 »
Hello and welcome back to another round of...*ahem ahem* i mean round of FH2 2.53 action-screenshots :D. Since Ihantala is out of the box now, i might aswell post some shots of it:

Russian Charge

Finnish Countercharge (ei vittu!) (note the new pistol and pistol running animation)

16p layer of Ihantala will be like the finnish soul: shrouded in total darkness. with swamps and fireflies everywhere  8)

General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 23-05-2018, 11:05:25 »
They are coming!

General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 22-05-2018, 19:05:36 »

General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 22-05-2018, 17:05:38 »

General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 22-05-2018, 16:05:46 »

General Discussion / Re: Unofficial Complete FH2 Installer
« on: 22-02-2018, 08:02:49 »
its not like its included in the .iso you have to download, anyway. You might aswell install them.

Off-Topic / Re: What do you guys think about my new uniform?
« on: 08-02-2018, 00:02:43 »
Can i play tic tac toe on your collar patch?

Who won the first battle btw?

The Axis won in total. There were some close rounds and very hard fights at Municipali and San Francesco flags.

Developer Blogs / Re: Graphical Artists, Apply Within!
« on: 26-07-2017, 04:07:08 »
well, for the coding of the effects itself you probably need to be experienced in C++ for DirectX applications. About the implementation in the menu: since it would mean a fundamental change in the menu structure of Battlefield 2, i doubt it's possible. But that is something only gavrant could answer.
To make FH2 look like it looks now, the devs also "just" added additional custom shaders to the BF2 standard and made them somewhat controllable and adjustable via the existing graphic options.

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