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can I play FH2 online with new weapon models or animations?

It is possible, yes. Messing with coding (weapons, vehicles..) will crash your game on mapload. Texture/bundledmesh/sound/animation changes will work fine.

Yes, the texture pack is working perfectly fine. Been rocking it with both 2.53 and the latest 2.54. If you can't join an online server, it's definitely not because of this pack. Just sideload it as described a few posts above and don't mess with any other files.

General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 22-07-2018, 20:07:48 »

There's something about soldiers sticking out from tall(ish) grass

Soldiers from the 2d Bn taking cover by a destroyed StuG III Ausf. G, near Lebisey, July 8th, 1944 (colorized)

Sneaking up on the spotter

Love it when they fall out of windows. So cinematic.

Tanking on Ogledow  8)

Taking out them Marders SPR style

Siege of Tobruk / Re: Siege of Tobruk 32
« on: 22-07-2018, 15:07:59 »
Floating Italian arty.

Announcements / Re: The Road to Forgotten Hope 2.53
« on: 21-06-2018, 13:06:03 »
"Contested flags are now marked on the minimap by a flashing icon"

How does this one work? I haven't noticed anything different with the minimap in 2.53  ???

Operation Lüttich / Re: Operation Lüttich 64
« on: 20-06-2018, 00:06:03 »
Bump up the ticket count please, it's the same issue as with Lebisey - game ends in like 15 minutes on a full server.

Lebisey / Re: Lebisey 64
« on: 20-06-2018, 00:06:06 »
Needs way more tickets, 400 is far from enough to have a proper game going. I suggest at least doubling it, currently the game seems to end before the Brits can usually establish a foothold at the rear flags.

Edit: In comparison: A game on Ihanthala lasted roughly 40 minutes, next up was Lebisey (with the same teams) and that only lasted 20 minutes.

Suggestions / Re: The Minor Suggestions Thread
« on: 16-06-2018, 23:06:05 »
please PLEASE add more tickets to Lebisey and Luttich... they're cool maps, I like them but today a game on Luttich didn't even last 15(!) minutes before the tickets ran out.. game on Lebisey was just shy of 20 minutes.

Gaming / Re: Battlefield V
« on: 10-06-2018, 13:06:27 »
How they can throw around words like "realistic" and "immersive" when describing this is fucking beyond me. You couldn't have guessed this was WW2 if you tried.  ??? Obviously one can't expect FH2 level of authenticity from a AAA title but this is just ridiculous.

General Discussion / Re: Which OS do you use to play FH2?
« on: 02-06-2018, 16:06:19 »
Win 8.1

Gaming / Re: Battlefield V
« on: 23-05-2018, 22:05:34 »
One word - Sad.

Gaming / Re: Battlefield V
« on: 22-05-2018, 14:05:58 »
Do they really want to add a battle royale mode?

I thought that was the new CoD?

What did sergeants do?

Love the fact they went for Market Garden! :D

Oh. My. God.


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