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General Discussion / Favorite ______
« on: 13-09-2009, 17:09:29 »
I don't this has been done yet for 2.2 (I searched), but now that 2.2 is out I'd like to see what everyone's favorite weapons/vehicles are.

I'll start out:

Tank: Cromwell (speed).
Rifle (semi-auto): M1 Garand (ping!).
Rifle (bolt action): K98 (I'm just more accurate with it).
MG: MG42 Lafette Tripod (scope).
SMG: MP40 (easy to control).
Aircraft: Storch/Piper (love being commander in the backseat).
Anti-tank weapon: Piat (high arc trajectory).

FH2 Help / Support / Textures
« on: 06-09-2009, 16:09:52 »
Well, at first I had them set to medium and I was taking a significant performance hit, similar to how FH played on high textures pre-2.2.  So logically I decided to set it to low to see if it would help things, but it didn't, and what I noticed was the textures seem to be the same on low as on medium.  Then I set textures to high and they were still the same.  Is this normal or should I try a reinstall?

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