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Modding / Sound Modding Tutorial?
« on: 15-04-2014, 20:04:58 »
Is there an up to date sound modding tutorial for FH2 laying about? It's been nearly 2-3 years since i've played FH2 and would like to get back to my sound modding projects again. On top of that, the BF2 modding forum is down i believe.

General Discussion / BF1942 is now Free
« on: 06-11-2012, 04:11:03 »
As the title says:

The granddaddy of class based mass online first person shooter is now free to play. yay~

Also im not sure if this goes into general discussion or off-topic, moderators do as you wish.

Suggestions / Slower Firing Mode For Flakvierling
« on: 23-09-2012, 21:09:17 »
Mode 1: 800 Rate of Fire

Mode 2: 600 Rate of Fire

Can we get two firing modes for the Flakvierling? 800rpm seems a bit too fast for an AA gun, especially when the targets are usually near you or above you. I'd imagine this would be godlike against high flying bombers, but its lacks against fighters bearing down on you.

Why i ask this? Because the gun overheats pretty damn fast even if you do good ol' "Tap Mouse1" to slow the rate of fire down.
Why was it changed from 600 rpm to 800 rpm anyways? I didn't see a problem with the 600rpm.

Also that huge plume of smoke that comes farting out and blinding you after unloading a Flakvierling is crazy annoying.

[Pertaining to Forgotten Hope 1]
I'm currently at 1 hour and 23 minutes, waiting for Co-op Coral Sea to load (Does this for every map). Anybody have any idea on how to increase the performance for BF1942+FH1 for Win 7?

I installed the game correctly i believe.
Bf1942 Anthology pack>BF1942 1.61 patch>BF1942+FH1 Windows 7 Compatibility Patch(Unofficial)>Forgotten Hope 1

I'm thinking of using that Virtual Windows XP program that make a win xp startup inside a small window.

Update: Okay, 1hour and 30 minutes i must wait for each map to load in both co-op or multiplayer, awesome.

General / Increase Prone and Crawl Speed
« on: 13-09-2012, 23:09:48 »
Increase prone speed from that slug crawl and increase the crawl speed slightly. Don't know why the devs slowed them down, i don't think they were a problem at all in the past.

Or alternatively - make a limited sprint while prone or crawling. Not like sprinting speed while prone but it has to be faster than that wretched slug crawl you guys call a prone.

Just for people to understand why some people would want this. How fast would you be prone crawling or crawling if you were being shot at. I personally would haul ass into a ditch while on the floor, who'd be stupid enough to stand up and sprint to a ditch. Those who do that get their butts killed, which the players are stuck to that lame tactic until someone does something about it.

Add an extremely small sprint duration while red screened. Maybe barely 2-3 seconds of sprint, then your stuck with perma-walk.

Why add this? Well seems logical enough for a man just being shot to GTFO of there if he was capable, which in this game, you are.

This will just add survivability to players and will allow players to fall back like a mofo. It balances itself out because if the player uses the med pack once, he'll get red screened (If he's lucky enough) and will bleed out.

Don't tell me this will be OP because almost every player gets insta-killed by a gun and ONLY occasionally get the bleed screen.

Modding / Warsaw Uprising Feedback Report
« on: 01-09-2012, 15:09:08 »
Hiya Destroyer, Here's just a collection of feedback suggestions in this topic. I really REALLY like where you are going with this map. It takes me back to the good ol' berlin+Stalingrad rat wars. Also i really like how limited the weapon supply of the polish resistance fighters are to mere rifles and smgs with little ammo. It makes you think of better strategies for sure (Switching kits with enemies, using pick-ups more) And lastly i really like how you Place the pick-up kits NEAR THE FLAGS. You hear that FH2 devs! NEAR THE FLAGS!


*If you ever get the chance to hire a modeller or have experience in modeling/coding/texturing, i recommend replacing the Thompson SMG with the Blyskawica SMG

*Replace the Church bazooka spawn areas with possibly 2-3 panzerfaust in the general vicinity. It's more probable that Polish resistance fighters would get their hands on Pzfausts than bazookas during the uprising. Move that bazooka to the last flag so the players would have to go back for it instead of giving it directly near the German's main base.

*Replace the Pak36 with a Pak40, the pak36 is glitchy and cant move through rubble at all.

*Add a few AT grenade kits. As the Pak 40 and the Hetzer would absolutely destroy the defenders with their HE shells

*Have a map version that does not have a tank. I've got a feeling that the tank would rape with a full 64p server.

*Review your gun spawns as alot of the have the gun spawning almost entirely in objects or in walls.

*Note to Self: Invite a few player to test the capabilities of the Lewis MG emplacement placed under some Metal Sheet in top left flag.

*Vickers MG in the North Eastern most flag is blocking the walkway.

Map: Right Click on Map<View Image for full view
Okay, It seems that the street/roadwork layout is quite strange in this map (Refer to the Map below). I've marked where the road is possibly is. Notice that the top road comes out of nowhere and does not connect to the rest of the city's road network.

I suggest that you add more of an indication of where the roads are supposed to be, like adding fire hydrants, destroyed sidewalk benches, street cable poles etc. Also the roads weren't too cluttered so don't over do it too much. (refer to these historical pics for inspiration)

Connect the upper road to the alley way road on the far left so the tanks have somewhere to go. Also Remove/Make Destructible the concrete barrier marked with the green D on the left side of map.

Mapping Oddities: Be sure to view minimap in every screenshot to find the location of each glitch.

1. Fortify the German's back alley way with sandbags and boxes. This alley way encourages sneak attacks on the German spawn, which is bad due to the extreme lack of cover on both sides of this alley way.

2. Add a few cars and small bits of cover along the road, but not too much where the tank/AT gun can't move through.

3. Add more rubble to this destroyed building complex, too little rubble for cover for germans or pols to use. Looks too uninteresting.

4.  Small Details

5. Slopped ground over doorway stairs - Very hard to enter house.

6. Northern Plaza Area needs market carts/boxes/rubble/ small trenches. Just something that will give the germans cover for advancing on the north eastern flag (Look at Map).

7. Instant Kill Flaming Houses. Is there a way for you to give a slow killing mechanic to these flames than making them insta-kill you?

8. Make these Concrete Barriers Destructible for german engineers to blow up.

9. House Clipping into another house issue (Look at minimap for where it is.)

10. Add secondary routes to last flags in buildings. DO NOT make single doorway chokepoints. Even if the germans have flame throwers, this is bad for public 64p servers.

11. Problem with height falling damage. It seems that if you fall barely 8-10 feet to the ground, you die. This also is applying to the hetzer tank because it takes a fuckton of damage while driving through the rubble.

12. Don't abuse the fog effects (Fog/smoke crawling on the floor). Most players that have low-end comps can't handle the amount of smoke that is used in the map.

13. Remove the oddly placed well in the middle of the road infront of german back alleyway. Place it somewhere that isn't inside the road network.

14. If you feel up to it, put additions to the city. Push back the german main base and spread out the polish flags.

General / Greyhound and Puma Turret Turn Speed
« on: 31-08-2012, 22:08:31 »
Is there a possible way to alleviate this wretched turning speed glitch? The Turret turns as if it were turning ontop of grimy cooking oil. Weren't these things made for reconnaissance and  have the ability to out maneuver tanks?

Plus the cupola MG's move slower than the normal US Halftrack

General / FlakVierling AA firing rate
« on: 30-08-2012, 00:08:27 »
Why is the FlakVierling firing so fast compared to the firing rates it had in the past patches? The gun over heats so fast now-a-days.

Is it possible for the devs to add a 900 rpm mode and a 600 rpm mode for the gun? Just have it act like the ammo changer mechanic for the tanks.

Modding / Changing weapon sounds
« on: 29-08-2012, 11:08:11 »
Anybody know how to do this? I just recently go this Cool Edit Pro audio editing program. I require assistance! The FlakVierling calls to me "Change my sound Cheesus!"

Nevermind i figured it out. 
*Lower your volume, immediately before you press the Youtube link.

Suggestions / D-Day Landing Craft Tank (LCT) alternative
« on: 25-08-2012, 02:08:38 »
Now i just found out recently that the FH2 devs inserted a particular mechanic to a truck in Falaise Pocket.
Just for people who don't know, they've added a canadian truck that carries an AT gun on the truck bed. To get it deployed, all you have to do is jump in the back and man the AT gun and it gets farted out the back of the truck.

Now to the suggestion:
Is it possible to insert this type of mechanic to 3 tanks inside of this ship? Obviously they can't be manned while the ship is being driven or the tanks will crash into the LCT's front door/walls and cause mayhem on the ship with its glitchy jumpy thing.

Suggestions / Passenger Planes Cabled to Airborne Gliders
« on: 19-08-2012, 01:08:07 »
Is it possible to attach the gliders to the passenger planes by cable like the C47?

I believe the use of gliders is now applicable to gameplay because the new angle mod added to the planes have allowed them to take more of a beating while landing on ground (Plus some landing sleds under the gliders should soften up the landing).

Also to increase the survivability of German fallschirmjagers in the Crete map, add gliders to the first wave of planes since from what i read, the first wave of fallscirmjagers were dropped in by glider, then the rest by chute.

Also when can we get a bomb run map? Just a long strip of land and AA emplacements rittled along the way to the objective(Factory Buildings)? Almost like the bombing of Constanta map by the WaW community

Suggestions / Separating Plane Wings as Individual Vehicles?
« on: 16-08-2012, 01:08:11 »
Just a small suggestion/question, but is it possible to have each wing of a plane to have its own health bar? And once that wing's health is at zero, it would pretty much get blown off, making the plane spiral uncontrollably to earth.

General Discussion / MG deployment in the Future of FH2?
« on: 14-08-2012, 22:08:57 »
Are the devs working on an MG deployment method for later patches? If not, why can't we just use a modified version of the Project Reality MG deployment, they might loan the code to the devs. (Modified as in when you deploy your MG, YOU CANT MOVE except crouch and prone.)

General / MG81z In Mareth Line
« on: 14-08-2012, 01:08:31 »
Is the MG81z supposed to have a really steep bullet drop? It seems unrealistic for it to go down that fast, especially for an AA mg.

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