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Failed popup appears when startin fh2.exe and it says as follows: Failed to move mods/bf2/ back to mods/bf2/ could not find the file. When this happens my fh2 menu font colors turn yellow like in bf2 and zooming in game becomes black and white with weird static movent in the corners.

Suggestions / Adding rifle to the mortar kit
« on: 29-09-2009, 13:09:43 »
I think there should be a rifle in the mortar kit cause 81mm mortars can fire only up to 5-8km hence the mortar squad was relatively close to the front lines. And i am quit sure that in ww2 this was the case also(that they had rifles). It would make operating the mortar kit more popular and so making the gameplay more intense. My argument is based on this web site and personal experience in the Finlands Defence Forces 81mm mortar team. The mortar hasnt changed much since ww2 and i simply cant imagine being part of a mortar team without a personal weapon. The thing is too heavy to carry around as ahole in irl so would it be strange to have another 4kg added? Tell me what do you good people in this forum think about my suggestion.

FH2 Help / Support / My in game voice commands dont work
« on: 27-09-2009, 20:09:02 »
Hello my problem is that i cant here my in game voice commands when i try to "say" something. Firts i thought that it was natural but then someone spoke to the voip and i could here the commands in the backround noise. If someone could help to resolve this problem it would be great.

Suggestions / One snipering adjustment.
« on: 22-08-2009, 13:08:54 »
Hello i am new here in the forum but i have played fh1 and fh2 for years now. My suggestion is that fh2 would adop same kind of snipering that PR has. I mean that after fireing your rifle you can hold down the right my button so that you can follow your shot to the target and reload starts when you lift your finger from the button. I know for a fact that same kind of thing is teached in FDF(Finnish defence forces) when you learn how the fire your rifle. It helps you to fire more accurately when you adjust your iron sight after the kick of the gun by holding the trigger down. This techic would be more realistic and more fun. What do you good people in the forum think about this?

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