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Gaming / Battlefield 1918 v3.3 Release!
« on: 28-12-2020, 14:12:44 »

Battlefield 1918 v3.3 Release!

Greetings and Merry Christmas to everyone. We here at the Battlefield 1918 Development Team hope you are enjoying the holidays, and we also hope you will enjoy the latest version of Battlefield 1918 which releases today! Before we get to the link for this latest version of the mod though, we would like to show off one more new feature. 

Firstly, players may be interested to hear about some new uniforms that are arriving in V3.3. We already have shown off some of the Early War uniforms for France and Belgium; however, players may also be interested to hear that V3.3 introduces Cavalry uniforms for both Russia and Austria-Hungary:

These new uniforms will be found on a brand new map, the Cavalry themed Battle of Jaroslawice, which is based on the largest cavalry vs cavalry battle of the entire war.

Of course with a new release of Battlefield 1918 comes a new trailer and for thus we present to you the Official Guns Of August Release Trailer:


Important Instruction: 

With this all out of the way it is now time to provide links to the downloads as well as the full change log. This Game and Mod is working with the Operating Systems Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 [32/64bit]) We will be providing both a patch version of V3.3 for those who already have V3.2b as well as a full version for new players:

1.) Battlefield 1942

2a.) Battlefield 1918 v3.2b to v3.3 Patch Version (only for currently v3.2b Players): Download

2b.) Battlefield 1918 v3.3 (For new players, if do you don't got the previous last): Download

You need a Server to play?
Get one of the following both Server IP and put it into your Browser manually or use your Multiplayer "Server Refresh List" in BF1942:




 - France: added Zouaves(French colonial), improved backpack & equipment and uniform textures to 1914
- Belgium: improved equipment and uniform textures to 1914
- Serbia: improved uniform textures
- Russia: fixed shoulder straps


- The ZeppelinL30 model has been improved
- added two machine guns in french airship


- added Armored Train by eYe.ris (found in Gebirgspass and brusilov_offensive map)
- bullet velocity in vehicles MGs now matches real values
- slightly increased shell speed
- gun reload speed slightly decreased


- light mortars now rotate 360 degrees (<-a d-> button for rotate)
- bullet velocity in stationary MGs now matches real values
- add drum in Parabellum mg model
- tanks gun reload speed slightly decreased
- add hands in mg08 1p view


- added mas1873_revolver
- added reichsrevolverm1879
- added hotchkissm1909
- fix Flamethrower
- bullet velocity now matches real values
- deployed Hotchkiss and mortars returned to the player after use


- amiens: fixed spawnpoints and removed push-cages from COOP
- albania: added clouds
- battle_of_halen: fixed bots, removed armored cars, added German cavalry textures by HenryV1415
- battle_of_mons: added clouds
- Battle_of_Cer: added clouds
- battleaxe1918: added clouds
- bismarck_archipel: added clouds
- bosnia: added clouds, fixed bots strategies
- gallipoli: fixed vehicle spawns
- galician_fields: fixed
- Suez_Canal: added New Zealand flag
- langemarck: added bots, clouds
- raid_on_fort_pontisse: added bots, but something wrong with lags, so now it unusable
- montblainville: added bots, clouds, switch French to Belgians
- ramskapelle: added bots, clouds
- battle_of_the_nete: added bots, switch French to Belgians
- ypres_streets: added bots
- passo_di_falzarego: added bots, fixed fog
- champagne: added bots

- Battle_of_Leget: added (CQ+COOP mode), added clouds (Serbs vs Austro-Hungarians)
- Mackov_kamen: added (CQ+COOP mode), added clouds (Serbs vs Austro-Hungarians)
- Suvobor: added (CQ+COOP mode) (Serbs vs Austro-hungarians)
- Siege_de_Maubeuge: added (CQ+COOP mode), added clouds (French vs Germans)
- Marais_de_St_Gond: added (CQ+COOP mode), added clouds (French vs Germans)
- Kitcheners_Wood: added (CQ+COOP mode), added clouds (Canadians vs Germans)
- dukla_pass: added (CQ+COOP mode) (Russians vs Austro-Hungarians)
- Battle_of_Liege: added (CQ+COOP mode) (Belgians vs Germans)
- Battle_of_Jaroslawice: added (CQ+COOP mode), added clouds, added KUK and RIA cavalry textures by HenryV1415&Lopa4, added KUK dragoon helmet (Russians vs Austro-Hungarians)
- Galicia: added (CQ+COOP mode), added clouds (Russians vs Austro-Hungarians)
- Battle_of_Struga : added (CQ+COOP mode), added clouds (Serbs vs Bulgarians)
- tgw_stalemate added
- some fixes in maps

- aiming dot replaced with crosshair
- improved death screams and fixed missing sound commands
- improved AI by Dewiss
- added East European chapel from Battlefield Balkan 1991-1995 mod for Battlefield Vietnam by Laufer

Battlefield 1918 v3.3 was developed 2019-2020 till appear Christmas by Lopa4, Vatnik, eYe.ris , HenryV1415, Dewiss, Cicero, Ace1918, Laufer

With this all covered we here of the Battlefield 1918 Development Team once again wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and thank you for your time.

Autor: ACE1918


Gaming / Winamp meets Battlefield Vietnam + 1942
« on: 18-09-2016, 14:09:11 »

Today, we report on the Winamp player available on the market since 1997. The player was very popular among the PC users in early 2000. Unfortunately, it was less, so in between the development has been discontinued. A new buyer for Winamp was Glückliccherweise 2014. A last update came out early 2014, since then it has again fallen silent to the player. What's wrong, mainly the software will work as reliably as before. You are you sure questions: "why is today berichetet us a player? Are we blog here in a Battlefield 1942?" Right, but this player has a great feature. The skins can be changed very easily any. So the look of the player. As we long ago coincidentally about the "battlefield Viet Nam skin" are stumbled, we wanted to have that even for Battlefield 1942. Us has of course interested in who the "battlefield Viet Nam skin" has created and when he comes out. Unfortunately we could not find out.
The Winamp player plays all popular audio formats. Thus one can only tell us, get Winamp multimedia that player package with the integrated battlefield skins.

Installation tip:

Copies and pastes the two files in to your: "C: //Program files (x 86)" section. Created a "desktop" to "Winamp" here. Then, you can use the player with the new skins.
If you have the Winamp player gesrtet, then makes a "right click" on "Playlist editor", danachn gets you into the 'options', sometimes the option located top left small point, so just check it out, going to work already.

In addition to the one shown "battlefield Viet Nam skin", which we have found from the Web, you can expect "46 of us created Winamp skins", as a complete package with the Winamp player to the download. Unfortunately, we have our "Battlefield 1942 skins ' image technically not documented. But you can the "46 battlefield fan skins" discover yourself. Our created skins deal at random with the themes mods, clan, Battlefield 1942 and BF 1942 communities.

Let's assume below like area questions, requests or suggestions in the "comment" at the end of the article?

Our package gets her to german. Of course, even the language installation of the player can be subsequently change options in the player. If you do not clearly so, to change the language, we have a tutorial for you below. All current Windows systems (64 bit) so should be clear.

Winamp battlefield fan package (WinampmeetsBattlefield.rar): Download

To change the language of Winamp:

Note: In brackets laws terms refer to the English version of Winamp.

Launch "Winamp" on your computer.
Top of the tab, click "Options" (options), and then click the item "Settings" (preferences).
Now, a new window opens up. On the left side, select the option "Language packs" (localization).
Highlight the desired language and click on the button "Go to..." (Switch to...).
Then, you must confirm the following message with "OK" and restart Winamp.
For other languages, click on the blue underlined hyperlink "Other languages" (more languages).
From the list, you can download a desired language, and then set it as the default language.


General Discussion / Interstate 82 Event
« on: 21-09-2015, 22:09:12 »

You are invite to be one of the part of this great Fun Mod "Interstate 82".
The Event start comming Friday 25th September at 8 pm CET. It's
possible, that the most action goes 00 am CET on. Please take a look at
the begin of Friday and the end of Friday. For this event, there are
some content Download able, to have lot of fun on the tricky Parcours.
You can Download this Fan Package, what we have link for you and after
than you will be in game!

(BF1942.exe for find Server's,
do it if you don't find server in your Gamespy Browser):

Interstate 82 Mod:

Interstate 82 Mappack for the Event:

Unzip if necessary and put the map (file ending .rfa) in your levels folder: ..\Battlefield 1942\Mods\FH\Archives\bf1942\levels\

Server Name:
Server Address:

Already in the new Windows 10 games with SafeDisc copy protection will no longer work. Yesterday Microsoft has disabled the published update KB3086255 the SafeDisc driver, this update has now been included for Windows 7 and Windows 8 in the Windows updates. Reason for the forced update is that Windows 10 does not allow deep interventions more outside programs like the driver "secdrv.sys" (SafeDisc) for security reasons. Because like viruses are infiltrates through the "secdrv.sys" program. We ask ourselves, have games that require this service or program, thus now the look? Players must hope for an update of their game or purchase the game again at GOG? The answer is no, because there is help for you!

But there is salvation for Battlefield 1942, Sim City 4 and other games!

By entering with administrator privileges to the Service service can be reactivated. The commands for this are:

    By entering with administrator privileges to the Service service can be reactivated. The commands for this are:

    sc config secdrv start= demand (Service starts when required)

    sc config secdrv start= auto (Service always starts)

    sc config secdrv start= disabled (Disabling the Driver Starts)

    These settings are permanent and remain even after a restart condition. For short-term use of SafeDisc games but rich also these commands:

    sc start secdrv (Manually Starting )

    sc stop secdrv (Manual shutdown)

    Thus, the possibility of using games with SafeDisc, after all, still given under the older operating systems. Microsoft warns but not to activate SafeDisc because of possible attacks on existing vulnerabilities in drivers.

Please share this article on other networks and forums so that everyone knows what he has to do now?!

General Discussion / SuperDC v2.06 needs help?
« on: 03-09-2015, 12:09:13 »

"SuperDC v2.06" a modification for the Battlefield 1942 game.

The "SuperDC v2.06" creator "bbfplayer" needs help in:

- textures for complete vehicle models: btr90(for mec,russia) and VBCI (for France) from tactical war mod.

- In SuperDC2 mod practically all new weapons have such problem, i dont know how to work with animations, need help with this. He needs help by the load animation from the M21 Weapon, the problem is you change the magazin and drop over the actually one. You cannot see the soldier put the old magazin out and the new magazin inside the rifle.

If do you want to test and write a news about your finding bugs?

Or if do you can help please contact him here: click

Download "SuperDC v2.06", the best "Desert Combat" Mod for "Battlefield 1942": click

Watch here the WW 2 Iron Sights, the planes with exciting guns and more,
for the mother of WW 2 Games Battlefield 1942:

I send the news to this mod soon.;-)



Hi guys.:)

-=PFC=- Vincent from the MappingTeam have textured most of the parts he have on the holstein.

On the Picture you see the 3ds model he was given. As you can see there are parts missing like "the commander bridge". If you want the hole
Holstein textured you need to give him the rest of the 3ds Max Model.;)

contact and conversation thread:


Today we want to present you this Forgotten Hope 0.7 full release, you don't need the three parts and patching before. Because now you do it with one step all in one.

"The PFT team has prepared the new version of Forgotten Hope 0.7 link - all in one. It contains everything what you need to play on a newer system in HD resolution, only with the exception of Battlefield 1942. By this procedure we want to popularize FH and make the game easier." (PFT Tom)

Next step is to create a standalone Forgotten Hope 0.7 Mod, which don't need Battlefield 1942 anymore as basic. We the players know that from another games like Project Reality, Day Z or Black Mesa for example.

You don't know what is Forgotten Hope 0.7?

Watch it here:


Forgotten Hope is a modification for Battlefield 1942. This ALL in ONE version contains: - Forgotten Hope 0.7 installer - Battlefield 1942 NO CD/Widescreen FIX - Battlefield 1942 Win7/8 FIX - Battlefield 1942 Patch 1.61b.

 This ALL in ONE version contains:
- Forgotten Hope 0.7 installer
- Battlefield 1942 NO CD/Widescreen FIX
- Battlefield 1942 Win7/8 FIX
- Battlefield 1942 Patch 1.61b

Download Forgotten Hope 0.7 All in One Download

 Please open README!

FH 0.7 was made by Forgotten Hope Development Team:
(Released October 31, 2005)
Polish Fighting Team is only continuer of their work.

Contact and follow the PFT Team there: click



1st September 2015
19:00 GMT + 1

Following maps will be played:

- Westerplatte (custom map ->Toolbox)
- Fall Weiss
- Eastern Blitz
- Grodno (custom map ->Toolbox)

Greetings from whole -=PFC=- Community and the PFT clan suggesting this event (big thx to PFT Tom) !!! Waving Goodbye

Controversy could command the date.
It is to be clarified to portray the history of assault and defense in full its view.
Especially, we want to care about the memory of Polish Heroes.
It will be culmination of our (PFT mappers) 4 years effort.


Hello Guys, you are invited to the next "Charlie don't Surf" Vietnam Event.

    Friday, 07.11.2014 19:00 - 02:00 7. Nov / at 7pm, up to 8. Nov / 02am open end. Server Name: [] EoD Classic 2.51 Game: Battlefield 1942 Browse: Battlefield 1942 Servers Address: Port: 14567

If do you want to join the event, you have to need these things, Full Game, Fix Patches + favourite Mods:

    Basic Game: Battlefield 1942

    Download please install EoD v2.5 + v2.51 Hotfix: click Download

    Modified bf1942.exe for find servers to play: click Download

    Then you have to install the compatibility/screen Patch: click Download

Download your favourite mod. My tip for you got: Battlegroup 42, Forgotten Hope 0.7 + FHSW, Desert Combat + Final, Interstate 82, Galactic Conquest 8.0 C, Silent Heroes, FinnWars, Battlefield 1918, BF Pirates, BF 242 Redux, Battlefield Heroes 42. 

BF 1942 Mod Download Area: click Thread

After then you are back in the BF 1942 action for free.:-) You can invite your clan and your friends? All welcome to join![/b]


Liebe Gemeinde, heute möchte ich Euch die Toolbox empfehlen. Diese wurde von der Pixel-Fighter Community entwickelt um einfacher im Spiel dabei zu sein. Dieses Tool ermöglicht es, erforderliche Dateien für Battlefield 1942 und die Forgotten Hope 0.7 Mod zu laden und zu installieren.


    Wenn ihr eine Map für FH benötigt?
    Die Toolbox ist in vielen verschiedenen gängigen Sprachen erhältlich!
    Ein Sound Patch (verbesserte Sounds) oder Textur Patch (Orginal Flaggen) wollt?
    Wenn Ihr aus dem Spiel gekickt werdet oder schon vom Ladebalken in den Desktop fliegt?
    Es gibt für FH Fans ein neues Interface, welches über die Toolbox bezogen werden kann!
    Wenn Ihr im Gamespy Browser ("Internet" Knopf) keine Server mehr angezeigt bekommt?
    Wenn Ihr eine falsche Bildschirm Auflösung habt durch Windows 7/8?
    Wenn Ihr MAC Nutzer seid gibts auch dafür eine Lösung!
    Wenn Ihr FH spielen wollt, dann braucht ihr einfach nur die Toolbox installieren und Ihr seid dabei!


Was ist die Toolbox und wie sieht die Toolbox aus?


Antwort gibt es hier:

Toolbox Preview

Ihr könnt also wählen, ob Ihr das rundum Sorglos Paket "Toolbox" Euch ladet und installiert oder ob ihr Euch alles selber sucht, was Ihr braucht?!


Die Toolbox und wichtigsten Maps findet Ihr hier in diesem Thread: you make the difference!

Dear Guys,
There is a way to play BF 1942 again.
Do you can use BF 42 Origin to play BF 1942 Mods.
FH and FHSW works back again fine.
You can play each evening at the week!

Server Name: FH/RANKED
Server IP:

These are the steps to connect:

You have got BF 1942 Origin as "utorrent" (Copy and past the text into a new window):

Download FH Origin:

Then you have to install the Patch:

Tutorial to install the patch:
If there are mappack days on the Pixel Fighter Server, you can download the requesting Maps here:

After then it runs like the good old times!

Das Team um Battlegroup 42 bringt in wochenlanger arbeit wieder ein paar neue Sachen in die Mod mit rein.
Darunter Panzerfahrzeuge, Maps und einen neuen Flieger für die Ostfront.
Die Jungs haben wieder tolle Arbeit geleistet, schaut selbst.

Churchill MK3 (Modeller RuppDee)
Autoblinda 40 (Modeller RuppDee)
Panzerkampfwagen 1 (Sd.Kfz. 101)
Gecodet und in die Mod eingebaut wurden die drei neuen Modelle von Chefcoder Sarge31FR.

Sapun Ridge (Ostfront Map, gebaut von Sarge Surfat: sowjetische/deutsche Artellerie und Panzer Schlacht)
Dnieper Airwar (Ostfront Map, umgebaut von Sarge Surfat: Beleuchtet den Luftkrieg, trotz hoher Verluste konnte die Rote Armee die Linie halten.
Desert Persuit (Hier werden die deutschen aus Tunesien von den britischen Truppen zurückgedrängt, die Geschehnisse von Brega und El Agheila sollen hier veranschaulicht werden)

LA-5FN (Krätzer stellt das Modell zur Verfügung, somit vervollständigt sich die Luftwaffe der Roten Armee)

Wenn Ihr Battlegroup 42 unterstützen wollt, dann kommt zu den Sonntag und Mittwoch Events auf dem "[MOB] Server BG42 1.8beta" Server IP:

Detailliertere News und alle Bilder zu Battlegroup 42 findet ihr wie immer auf:

Battlegroup 42 1.8beta - 5 Parts + Hotfix Patch download:

Modding / BF 1918 3.2 map creator SEARCH for new stuff!
« on: 07-06-2013, 14:06:26 »
[size=150]Battlefield 1918 3.2 vision real[/size]

Hi guys,

We search a Mapper for the BF 1918 Mod.
Because i stay in contact with a guy which have modding some stuff for it.
He is one of the Devs from the ex 1918 Team (coding, skinning,modding).
He cannot mapping maps for bring all the new stuff in.
Thats why we ask the community for?
Did you have interest to mapping new maps for the new BF 1918 stuff?
The stuff created guy have the Promission for work on BF1918 and give you the green light for mapping new official BF 1918 maps, for a BF 1918n 3.2 comming Release.

Do you the right guy for this Job?

Dont wait, please write me a PM and i bring you in contact with this guy?!

Off-Topic / BF 1942 Event Guide and Swaffy Mod News!
« on: 14-10-2012, 00:10:36 »
FH 0.7 =PFC=  "MapPack 3 Event"

Hi all FH fans!

Our next event is coming up;
"MapPack 3 Event"

Sunday 14 Oct.  19:00 GMT+1

 You're more than welcome to join us!


Your PFC-Crew


News : Battlegroup 42

BattleGroup42 auf Facebook

FHSW 0.5 Event Sunday  14.10.2012

Battle of Ardennes

Sunday, the 14th October,
Time: 7. PM CET


1. Battle of the Bulge
2. Bastogne
3. Battle of Foy
4. Trois Ponts
5. Meuse River Line 1944
6. Operation Nordwind

(Source: fhsw-europe)
BF 1942: Swaffy's Mod News and new update comes

A new version is long past due. So I have plans to get a couple of things solid and I'll try to pop out the next version. My main issue is that once I finish a little project for my mod, I already began another one and I feel like I need to finish that one, the process just repeats. But I'm going to come to a good stopping point and release a new version.

Video Swaffy'sMod - Bren LMG (Battlefield 1942):

That were be a few facts about the Swaffy's Mod from the Modder SWAFFY!!!

Source Swaffy:


So if anyone thought we're sleeping, let me say you are wrong.

A handfull of dev's still is alive and kicking and playing the good old game, the mother of all battles

While browsing some old websites I found this news-thread (2003) on and remembered how I liked this Cessna L-19/O-1 picture.
Unfortunately the plane newer was released and so ike became the job for v2.50.

Here some renders what he did in the last months...

For a long time we didn't hear anything from Sgt. Killboy formerly known as Steve of Destruction.

Of course we couldn't hear anything cause he was working very hard and concentrated.
That's about the size of it

Here some renders what he did in the last months...

Wow, looking very awesome.


...hand- and selfmade Vietcong weapons...

...are bad for the enemies too...

...are they?...

This is the VC-Blooper

A shotgun...

...and a pistol to say 'here I am, come get some'!

Some steel to find a way through the jungle...

... and if this doesn't suffice take this one...

...or the bayonett!

A way to cross the rivers...

...and roads

Finally we have a render of all these weapons and some more that is still in work.
Good job men!



Hi ALL FH-fans!!


We on PFC are celebrating our 5 YEAR  Anniversary

Therefore WE GIVE YOU a special FUN-map day
With CRAZY gaming

- Car-Racing

 - Gravityfree fighting





19.00 gmt+1




[size=22]F|H Campaign 14 – Battle #4

The Foothold at Eindhoven

In broad daylight the three parachute infantry regiments of the 101st Airborne Division descended with amazing accuracy on designated drop zones in Nazi-occupied Holland. It was September 17, 1944, and the Screaming Eagles were to play a vital role in Operation Market-Garden. Once the Allied armies had broken out of their D-Day beachhead and through the bocage, or hedgerow country, of France, they advanced rapidly. Disorganized German units retreated before them.

Fixed fortifications, known as the Siegfried Line or West Wall, barred a direct strike into Germany itself. In the northern area of Allied operations, British Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery had devised an ambitious plan to outflank the Siegfried Line and facilitate a drive directly into the Ruhr, the industrial heart of Germany. Montgomery's plan relied on the First Allied Airborne Army, of which the U.S. XVIII Airborne Corps, including the 101st and 82nd Airborne divisions, was a part. The commander of this army was Lt. Gen. Lewis H. Brereton.

The U.S. airborne troops, who had participated in the D-Day operations, had been resting and absorbing replacements in England since mid-July. For Market-Garden, it was hoped that the Americans, along with the British 1st Airborne Division, would launch a bold strike across the Maas, Waal and Neder Rijn (Rhine) rivers in Holland that would pave the way for ground troops to advance swiftly into Germany and end the war by Christmas of 1944.

Key to the success of Montgomery's plan would be the seizure of bridges across rivers and adjacent canals by the airborne troops and swift movement of ground forces up a single highway, spanning roughly 60 miles from the Allied lines in Belgium to the Dutch town of Arnhem. The troops would hold the bridges until relief appeared in the form of the British XXX Corps charging down the single road, crossing the bridges successively and arriving at Arnhem as the vanguard of a larger force pushing southeast into Germany.

The 101st would secure the southernmost bridges, including one over the Wilhelmina Canal at the town of Son, a pair spanning the Dommel River at St. Oedenrode and then four more over the Aar River near the town of Veghel. Eindhoven was also to be captured while the men of the 101st held open 15 miles of the road toward Arnhem for the XXX Corps' use. By the end of their service in Market-Garden, the men of the 101st would refer to this stretch of road as 'Hell's Highway.' Farther north, the 82nd Airborne was ordered to capture the bridge at Grave, the longest in Europe. The 82nd would also take one or more of the four bridges across the Maas-Waal Canal, another bridge over the Waal at Nijmegen and the area around the town of Groesbeek. The final leg of the XXX Corps' drive involved a dash from Nijmegen to Arnhem, where the British 1st Airborne was to capture and hold three bridges across the Rhine.


Server Password:

Server - Battle
Server IP:
Date: Saturday June 23rd, 2012
Time (GMT): 19:00 - 23:00
Time (CEST): 21:00 - 01:00
Time (BRA) : 16:00 - 20:00


FHSW Europe Crew invites you to serie of World War II campaign!

FHSW Europe Crew

World War II Tournament

Chapter VI:

Saturday, June 30th, 7PM CET
European Theatre of War
March 1945 - May 1945

Bombing the Reich   March 1945
   March 1945
Spurning Fate
   March 1945
The Great Pursuit   April 1945
   April 1945
Seelow Heights
   April 1945
Berlin Outskirts
   April 1945
    May 1945


a FREE modification for Battlefield 1942 · Battlefield:Vietnam · Battlefield 2

Maps in Arbeit bei EOD42

Spieler mit einem Kleinen-Rechner und Notebook konnte nicht alle Maps spielen, die Karten verursachen Lags oder andere Graphik Problemen
Zum Beispiel Operation Kingpin.
EOD startete einen Thread in sein Forum.

Operation Kingpin


Das Battlegoup42-Team hat immer etwas neues in sein Forum

lack of explosions

[flash width=250 height=250];hl=de_DE[/flash]

[size=22]BattleGroup42 1.7 Map Browser[/size]

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