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General Discussion / MOVED: Making a Map.
« on: 18-02-2018, 23:02:07 »

General Discussion / FH2 Discord
« on: 29-07-2017, 10:07:19 »
Incase you missed it, since this thing happened quietly, we do have a discord server and everyones welcome to join it if you feel like it. Discord is a social program that is sort of like a Steam community system combined with voice channels. Check it out:

For any questions, suggestions, comments or feedback, please post here or alternatively on the discord itself.

General Discussion / MOVED: J├Ąger Poem
« on: 23-07-2012, 14:07:56 »

General Discussion / FH Game Night 22
« on: 24-03-2012, 00:03:11 »
Lady and gentlemen! I present you:


We will be playing only 32 and 16 player sized maps in this Game Night. I'd like it a lot if you guys could fill in the survey underneath this announcement!

Saturday 31st of March 2012 - 1800 UTC


Pointe Du Hoc 32
Hyacinth 32
Alam Halfa 16
Gazala 16
Bastogne 32
Giarabub 32
Mount Olympus 16

VOIP & Battlerecorder: Enabled


Big special thanks for our server providers at Forgotten Honor!

Off-Topic / Revolting Uniting
« on: 15-03-2012, 05:03:02 »
I might have gotten the title wrong but hey, lets not have that ruin our lifes (except those who loved U&R so much).

This thread is an experiment. It may become locked or deleted without notice!

You can discuss all sorts of things more freely here without going into off-topic in every other threads. If this thread maintains a "level" of quality when it comes to this jibba jabba of chitty chatty, then the thread remains open. We still dont look kindly at posts which has "+1", "this" and so on.

- One word posts arent allowed.
- Multi-posting many posts in a row by single user is not allowed.
- Try to keep discussions we already have threads for in their own threads and not spread them here.
- Hate speeches, flaming others and other stuff that arent allowed in the rest of the forums arent allowed here either.

If this thread wont turn into nothing but spam, then it remains open. So please restrict yourselfs from posting total crap and have more of a focus put into the content of your posts, whatever the subject may be.


To start off, I'll use my space here to reply to theta's request on getting me to steam yesterday evening: Sorry, I noticed that message too late and I was just about to hit the bed. I'll try to be on steam this evening at around 1800 UTC and so on.

Aight, I'll gotta run to work. Dont start any fires.

General Discussion / FH Game Night 21
« on: 18-02-2012, 18:02:24 »
Hello and welcome back to FH Game Nights! The year 2012 is already on its second month and after some hiatus, we are gearing up to return into our monthly schedule of Game Nights.

Last time we played was in december and we had a really fun Grizzly Hunt event to spice things up. Now we are going back to our roots and playing a regular Game Night with the maps you voted for.

Cut the chase, and go for the details:

Saturday 25th of February 2012
1900 UTC
1900 GMT
2000 Central Europe
2100 Eastern Europe
11 am Pacific
1 pm Central
2 pm Eastern

Server name:
FH Game Night 21

Pointe Du Hoc 32
Alam Halfa 64
Anctoville 64
Bastogne 64
Port-en-Bessin 64
Purple Heart Lane 64
Sidi Rezegh 64

Battlerecorder & VOIP: Enabled

See you there!

EDIT: Oh and wouldnt you know it that when posting in a hurry, you miss out some information such as:
Server is provided by Forgotten Honor !

Join can also join us on our Teamspeak 3 Server:

General Discussion / What would YOU like to play in FHGN 21?
« on: 07-02-2012, 21:02:30 »
Hi all!

February is here... erm, well, it has been for few days now. But anyways, february means the return of FH Game Nights and we are going to be playing our 21st Game Night later this month. Propably 25th at usual starting time of 1900 UTC but details of the event will be posted in 18th of February so stay tuned for them.

We are going old fashioned voting style here due to couple of reasons. First reason being that ever since 2.4, I am unsure if we have removed some of the size versions of specific maps, if some of the versions are bugged and if some maps even got other size versions rather than just the 64 player version. I need to verify this at some point when I got the time for it. Second reason being that I want your input when you vote.

So FHGN veterans knows how this thing works, you can name three maps which you'd like to play in FHGN 21 (vote even if you are not going to attend the event, because you get being-awesome points from it) in the fashion of "Sidi Rezegh 16" and so on.

The maps thats been mentioned most will get into the rotation, if theres not enough maps to fill the usual rotation (which is 7 maps) then I will handpick maps or ask fellow betatesters to fill the gaps. With this style of voting you can observe what others are voting and if you see even go as far as counting the votes yourself, you can try to manipulate them by either voting for the maps thats been already voted or pick something else. Remember that its pointless to vote for a map that has like 5 above votes because usually that means its already been picked so its useful for me and useful for you if you vote for something else rather than those maps thats been already voted a metric frakton (I had to steal that from you Kelmola).

What I need your input with? Well I'd like to know if you got anything to say about FHGN's in general. Suggestions, feedback, etc.

Start voting! Results and the whole announcement of FHGN21 will be posted in a separate thread in 18th of February.

General Discussion / MOVED: Help needed!
« on: 26-01-2012, 11:01:03 »

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