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Gaming / Arma 3
« on: 28-05-2012, 00:05:44 »
I know there's some Arma players here. So I was quit surprises when there was no topic on Arma 3.
I had totally missed that there was a third game coming out. What I have seen looks amazing.

The light in the game looks awesome:

I never really played Arma 2, only the Demo, but I'm thinking about giving this one a try

Off-Topic / Gotland Game Awards
« on: 08-06-2010, 03:06:49 »
Today was the first day of "Gotland Game Awards", or GGA.
For thous that don't know what it is, GGA is an award for students studying Game development or Computer graphics and is held in Sweden, Gotland.

I'm a first year student at Gotlands University, studying "Computer graphics and animations"
The project I'm showing at the awards is an Id spot for the Swedish TV Channel 5 that I've been working on for the past months.
Here it is on youtube: Message on a Whiteboard

Please let me know what you think. It's far from the best and I don't expect too win, but I had fun during the project and learned a lot.

here's a pdf with all the CGA contestants: GGA10 Nominees CGA
Tomorrow will be the award ceremony, I'll post a link too the winning film

Off-Topic / Dream week
« on: 27-09-2009, 15:09:27 »
1 month ago I started to study "computer graphics and animations" at a university here in Sweden. so far it has gone quite slowly forward and we have only played around a little in 3ds max, but that's going to change next week.
Steven M. Ilous is coming to the university to be our teacher for the week, if you don't know who he is take a look at his web site here

And be sure to take a look at his Demo Reel and this music video he did

as you can see he has a quite impressive portfolio.

I don't know exactly what we are going to do, but I know we are going to spend a lot of time in the motion capture studio.

I'll upload any work we do during the week

Off-Topic / Dead Snow
« on: 17-08-2009, 00:08:24 »
Any one heard of this new film? it's from Norway.
Dead Snow trailer

Von Mudra, look at 2:44
Something you will like

Off-Topic / The downfall of the Swedish empire
« on: 28-06-2009, 02:06:02 »
Death at Poltava:

The clock has just past behind midnight Monday the 28 of June 1709. It has been one and a half year since the 44’000 strong Swedish army with King Karl XII in the lead crossed the river Weichsel and marched east through Ostpreussen and Poland.
They have the entire time been at the heels of the Russians army that’s led by Tsar Peter. The campaign has been surprisingly hard. The Tsar has used the burned earth tactic and leaves nothing behind. Where ever the Swedes turn they are faced with burned out crops, buildings and there’s nothing to eat. During the previous winter loads of Swedish soldiers froze to death in the blazing cold winter, some of them still sitting in their saddle with a tight grip around the reins.  The enemy, they rarely see. Like a ghost army they remain, only visible as dark shapes at the horizon, attacking at night by Russian riders that disappears as quickly as they appear leaving a handful of dead Swedish soldiers.
The Swedish reserve is running short and the black powder is getting weak (the black powder at that time had a limited time of usage). One big battle is what they can take. If they want to keep the army intact they have to use their last strength, bullets and black powder to defeat the Tsar and his army that has laid camp by the Ukrainian city Poltava. The war tired Swedish soldiers look forward to a real battle with a real ending so that they can get an end to this tiring shadow war. Even King Karl XII, the warrior king that has led the Swedes from victory to victory, is looking tired.

Today it’s exactly 300 years since the battle at Poltava where the crushing defeat of the Swedish army ended their role as one of the supreme nations of the world, only to be exchanged by the Russians.

The element of surprise is lost

At first the Swedish infantry doesn’t notice anything other than the compact darkness and the rhythmical sound of their own footsteps. But they can soon see traces of their enemy around them – smell of smoke, burning fire places in the woods, the sound of hammer-blows. The Russians are apparently working on the redoubts, a line of defenses that is starting one kilometer from their camp. Everyone is tense when the infantry is making a halt only 500 meters from the enemies’ outermost redoubt to await the cavalry – since some of them have gotten lost in the dark forest.  In the east the sky is bighting up.
Suddenly a shot can be heard. The echo lingers in the light morning haze over the plains. After that a drum roll – more drum rolls tune in. Shots and Russian commands can be heard. For a moment Rehnskiöld, the Swedish field marshal, is standing perplexed; his plan to surprise the Russians has failed and he is standing with 16’000 men against the Russians with over 35’000 men.

The Swedes have chosen to leave the artillery in their camp far behind them. The Russians on the contrary have numerous cannons. Suddenly the Swedes can see a flash that is quickly followed by a whining sound. With a tremendous force plows a Russian cannon ball right through two Swedish soldiers that dies immediately.
The Swedes has two options. Either they turn around and flee through a deserted and burned down land, which would probably lead to starvation for the most of them. Or they can risk it all and fight against a superior enemy.
 Rehnskiöld turns over to Lewenhaupt, the commander of the Swedish infantry.
“What say you, count leijonhufvud?”
“I hope with god’s help it will go well”, answers Lewenhaupt.
Rehnskiöld takes a quick decision and turns to the king.
“In the name of God then, let us go forward”
The time is four in the morning and the sky is as red as the blood that is already flowing on the dry ground on the plains close to Poltava.

Above is a translated quote from a Swedish history magazine´that I found were enthralling. I chose to only translate a small part of the beginning of the article, otherwise it would have been a to long post since the  whole article is six pages.

It's funny to think about how things could have been if we, the Swedes, didn't lose that day. and it's also funny when you think about how three great nations did the same mistake to invade Russia.
Sweden Was the first to underestimate the Russians then there was the French under the command of Napoleon that was defeated at Moscow when the Russians burned it down to the ground, and lastly the Germans under Hitler that was defeated at Stalingrad.

If any one wants to learn more about this battle I recommend you reading the book "Poltava 1709. Russia comes of Age"
You can read some of it on this web site:

Off-Topic / Unknown Soldier?
« on: 18-06-2009, 12:06:00 »
I guess every one have seen this soldier before and wondered how he is, I know I have

I have been doing some detective work on him and found this site:

The story teller writes about his half-brother that joined the German army and was killed at the Russian front. He also takes up the question about the man in the pic, who he was.
here's a quote from one off the comments posted on the site:
Got some more on him: “This man was in Kampfgruppe Hansen of the 2nd Company, I./SS-Pz.Gren.Rgt 1. His name is Walter Armbrusch, and he possesed the rank of SS-Schütze as an MG-42 gunner. Here he is seen after a successful attack on an Allied reconnaisance convy, with gear obtained from it. The picture is taken during the early days the Battle of the Bulge.”. See [33], where there are a few more pictures of him. Maybe you can find more info in the book by Paul Pallud, The Battle of the Bulge, 1986; ISBN 0-90091-340-1, where he even features on the title. Lupo 09:10, 7 October 2005 (UTC)

Those any one know if there is any truth in this and or you have some more information about this soldier?

Off-Topic / Guess the film
« on: 30-03-2009, 18:03:04 »
I remember we had one of this treads in the old forum, I don't remember who started it but I really liked it.
So the rules are the following:
  • The film has to be an international film (no local films that only people from that country or area knows)
  • It has to be an actual frame of the film (no movie posters or other photographs of the film)
  • If no one has answered correctly, in let say 24h, the one that posted must give a clue
  • Only the one that was first to guess the correct answer is allowed to post a new picture
  • If the person that guessed the correct answer hasn't posted a new film within 48h anyone is welcome to post in his stead
  • It's not allowed to write more than one guess in the same post, or to post several posts directly after one another
I'll start with an easy one.
oh, and one tip, make sure the name of the image link is not the same as the film name  ::)
Let the game begin...

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