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Off-Topic / Funny accident in my homeland, Croatia
« on: 26-09-2010, 15:09:33 »
A few days ago, on a military training, two MiG 21 collided in midair!
Fortunately both pilots ejected safely and some poor old women got hit by debris but is also fine.
Our airforce lost 2 MiGs that day (out of 8 total I think) so it's a big cockup!
Here is the news link:

General Discussion / Pistols!
« on: 29-06-2010, 01:06:53 »
I was just asking myself, which handgun is the best...and I really don't have an answer!
Everyone of them is special and has it's pros and cons.The ones that I like the most are the new webley (Thank you VERY VERY MUCH!  :-* ), sauer and the luger. You can't beat the classic, can you?  ;)
 The most awfull handgun is most definetly the Italian berreta. I would rather use a knife than that ugly gun.
So which do you prefer and why? And which one you always avoid at all costs?
 :-* :-* :-*

Bug Reporting / American pilot kits on Cobra
« on: 28-05-2010, 19:05:56 »
Some day ago I was playing cobra as American and I wanted to fly the new P-47  ;D
I was really surprised when I found out all pilot kits are german pilot kits (Bayonette, Luger,ger. smoke nade).
Get that fixed in a hurry ;)

Bug Reporting / Angry farmer kit
« on: 26-05-2010, 23:05:13 »
Not a big one but it says M3 knife and when you kill somebody, it says "Pitchfork".
It's not so much important but just to remind you  :P

Clans and Tournaments / hslan battlerecorder
« on: 21-05-2010, 11:05:35 »
I've seen hslan got a battlerecorder but the problem is every time I want to download a battlerecorder file, it says it's not existing. Is it a bug or it's just me?

Tactics & Tutorials / Infantry vs Tiger
« on: 12-05-2010, 21:05:02 »
I just want some advices how to blow a tiger using infantry weaponry!
So I'm looking for softspots (German armour doesn't have one  ;D , jk ) and some useful tips like satchel or piat;
gebalte or panzerfaust/schreck etc.
So let's get it started, shall we?

Off-Topic / eRepublik
« on: 23-04-2010, 12:04:41 »
eRepublik is about changing the course of history in a huge virtual society. As a citizen in this New World of 376,415 you have the power to make a difference and fulfill your economic, political or military goals like never possible before.Lead your citizens to prosperity as a country president or control the market as a rich company manager. With over 61 countries, 55,012 businesses, and varied country resources, your strategy and know-how can take you to the top.Become influential with the power of your words, win others over with your ideas, or interview celebrities - the choice is yours. By starting your own newspaper and networking with your fellow citizens the impact of your voice is up to you.Diplomacy helps, but when it comes to war you will need to get a weapon and defend your country's borders - or expand them. From showing your patriotism to being a mercenary, the future of the New World is in your hands.
Ok this is the official description but I wanna add some things.
It's a massively multiplayer online game, social networking and strategy web browser game developed by eRepublik Labs which launched on October 21, 2008 and is accessible via the Internet. The game is set in a mirror world (called the New World) where players, referred to as citizens, join in local and national politics, set economic policy, start businesses and wage wars with other countries.
It's fun and challenging to play and support your countries!
At the moment there are two major alliances:
EDEN:their top five being Poland, Spain, Croatia, Romania and USA
Phoenix:their top five being Hungary, Serbia, Russia, Brazil and Indonesia
So I'm asking you kindly to join the new world and help me earn some GOLD (because you can also earn gold by inviting people and gold is the universal currency there)
Here's the link if you want to register  ;D

Suggestions / Tracers
« on: 26-03-2010, 21:03:26 »
ok, now....
My friend told me that he noticed that the tracer colour's are incorrect.
Germans should have grey tracers and the americans red ones.
Correct me if I'm wrong and don't flame me if I am  :D

Suggestions / Radar stations
« on: 17-03-2010, 22:03:12 »
I was thinking (when bored) and I rememberd a scene from saving private Ryan when they capture a german soldier by a radar station.
So...I imagine (on some normandy maps) a radar which could detect airplanes and it should have a flak/bofors by it.It should be close to a flag (called Radar station) so the battle could envelope for the radar's power to observe the skies.
We saw radar stations in FH(1) but they were never of some significant importance.

Pls don't throw bananas at me ::)

General Discussion / FAQ
« on: 10-03-2010, 21:03:58 »
Just a little notice to the men in charge of the website.
Your FAQ is a little bit obsolete.
You should update it so it wouldn't confuse new players.

FH2 Help / Support / Uninstall
« on: 07-02-2010, 18:02:44 »
I would like to uninstall and install again but the problem is that i can't uninstall it!!
Please help

FH2 Help / Support / Achtung!
« on: 06-02-2010, 21:02:54 »
My frend is now going to instal FH2 so he is asking wich files does he have to download?
Please answer as soon as possible  ???

Suggestions / Normandy landings
« on: 30-12-2009, 22:12:47 »
Normandy landind maps are in construction, right?
I was thinking that the Allies could use DUKW amphibius vehicles instead of the bedford or GMC.
I was just watching some documentary video in witch they explaned that they had to use DUKWs instead of trucks because they had to transport supplies directly from the LCTs to the beaches.

Or are the devs already working on it?   ???

Off-Topic / PS3
« on: 28-12-2009, 23:12:07 »
1.  Hey if anyone has a PS3 console, you can add me to your buddy list.
Widowmaker_cro is my account

2.If you play Battlefield Bad Company, I would like to play it with the FH forum guy :D

FH2 Help / Support / Gray screen
« on: 13-12-2009, 21:12:40 »
I've tried to download the shader by rapidshare but it say's me that I should upgrade to premium and I can't download!

do you have any other links??


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