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The title should make it obvious, one of each from me -

I love vanilla Bocage. I get why everyone hates that map, I understand it, but the top flag (the little house to the north, which although I believe is a server side mod, both TDP and PFC use it) is my favorite flag in FH1. Whether you're German or American, there's a million different ways to defend that flag; Park a Jagdpanther in the trees to the east and light up any advancing Shermans, take a deployable MG and hold off any light vehicles, etc. I also love how when you can get two or three other people to defend the flag with you, there's a very Pavlov's House-ish feel to it, as you know you will have to deal with snipers, Stuka bomb/Thunderbolt rocket attacks, tank attacks, 222 raids, Schwimmwagen/Duck assaults, even arty assaults. In short, it's off the beaten path, but you're almost assured of action and you feel immensely proud if you hold out for the whole round at that flag.

On the other hand, I just cannot see the appeal of Pegasus Bridge. It seems like a country version of Arnhem to me, only without any of the Arnhem fun. Perhaps it's another map I don't fully experience due to the shittiness of this computer, but hiding in the bushes all day and having your head blown off by a sniper as soon as you peak out doesn't appeal to me. Yet time and time again, it's played over and over. Sometimes it feels like half the time I typed !nextmap Pegasus fh comes up.

What are some of yours, then.

FH2 Help / Support / How to make a shitty computer faster.
« on: 08-09-2009, 23:09:26 »
Right, I doubt anything can be done but it can't hurt to ask, so I'll keep this very short and sweet.

I have an 8 year old comp, used to be a family computer but it's mine now, 512RAM and a 2.0Ghz processor. I defragment as often as I can and run spyware doctor as often as possible, I shut off as many processes I can before I play FH1 but still for me it's literally impossible for me to play on a server with more than 20 people online. If I join a server like that, I have to aim at the sky to change weapon or to prone, if I get in a vehicle it takes 50 furious presses of 2 to switch to the mg position, etc.

Obviously I'm saving up and I am going to spend $1,500-2,000 bucks and completely overkill on a gaming computer so I never get so frustrated again, but is there anything I can do to this shitty computer to run things better?

I have every graphical setting as low as possible except view distance, which is at 75%. Sound quality is at medium. I try to keep the hard drive as empty as possible and I move all my music and shit like that to an external hard drive.

So - does anyone know anything I can do to make my comp run FH a bit easier? I'm still months away from a new computer, but should I just buck up the RAM on this comp to 2 gigs or something in the meantime? Is that likely to make a big difference?

It's just frustrating, like last night on Ramelle I had no lag until the tanks showed up, and then i was getting killed again and again because i literally couldnt fucking move, and then naturally I respawn on the other side of the river and we're back to perfect fps.

Thanks for any help.

And please don't tell me I don't need to spend 2 grand on a computer, I know that. I just want something that will play FH2 with decent graphics and I never want to spend another night on FH1 or FH2 with 10 deaths every round attributed entirely to me having a shittier computer than everyone else. I want to die when I've been outsmarted, not outbought.


- Andrew

General Discussion / Times in FH you've been really ANGRY!
« on: 08-09-2009, 02:09:16 »
It's too cheerful around here. So here's a thread to balance it out.

Even though I keep telling myself it's just a game, sometimes I get so pissed off playing Forgotten Hope it's not even funny. I know I made a pet hates thread but this is for times you've been legitimately ready to throw your keyboard away and smash the monitor.

Two I can think of -

Once, on Market Garden. I was in a Churchill tank and just west of the church, when I (using the 3rd person camera) spotted an enemy soldier getting into a Cromwell. I knew EXACTLY what he was going to do. He was going to drive up the little hill behind me, and fire at my rear. Just then THREE planes flew over and begin a faggy dog fight, and whenever that happens my comp lags so much its not even funny. There I was, moving my mouse to the right faster and faster and my turret would just move and inch and then move back. I was literally at a point where it was like watching a slideshow instead of playing a game. Naturally the guy in the Cromwell killed me, and I made some stupid comment, and I just wanted to smash the dude's face because he was all arrogant like he'd been brilliant or something.

Second time happens quite a lot, on Ramelle. One of my few true skills in FH outside of sniping and tanking is my zook skills. I was standing the building where the Browning is, across the river, and the Tiger + Stug were at the Ammunition Dump flag. And I calmly took aim, launched a zook across the river, which fell perfectly on top of the StuG and blew it up in one shot. For the next 20 minutes the gay camper in the Tiger, seeing what I could do, stayed just out of reach of my zook, countless rounds falling just inches short. And he kept killing me, because I need to stay in the window to see if where my rounds were falling.

I know that probably sounds like a smart strategy on his part but I was so angry. As usual my comp was lagging like hell and every time I tried to cross the river I would be killed because I get insane slowdown on that map, so I kept trying from that building and had no luck.

Knocked the stug out at the bridge though, later. That cheered me up.

Some of your stories?

I wonder if someone can help me - for some reason last night, playing Bulge on Pixel Fighter and burning around in the Sherman Jumbo I had a bit of de ja vu, and I could have sworn that there was a very awesome winter map with Jumbos and Tigers and Panthers on it, and that I hadn't played it in a very long time. Which makes me think that it was possibly from 0.65 or something and was never even in 0.7. It's not Nordwind, Foy, or Meuse, but from what I can remember there was a Axis and Allied main on opposite sides of a big lake, with 3 or 4 cappable flags scattered around the lake.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Used to be played loads on WOLF a few years back.

General Discussion / The 'Tiger Ambient Sound' in FH1.
« on: 29-08-2009, 01:08:33 »
Right, been bugging me for a bit so I might as well make a post about it. In the last few weeks, as I find myself playing on PFC every night and quite often we play both Ramelle and Arnhem, I'm always Allied on those maps and I've noticed something a bit weird - whenever I'm burning around Arnhem with my Bren or mining the roads on Ramelle, it seems that every now and then, whenever an enemy gets into the Tiger tank (no matter where on the map that tank is) I hear a weird, creepy and quite awesome ambient/environmental sound, and I was just wondering if anyone had any information about it.

It's hard to describe if you've never noticed it, but I'll be just chilling at one of the flags on Arnhem at the start of the map, and then suddenly I'll be able to hear it, and it's almost like a warning that a Tiger is approaching. It sounds like a combination between random terrifying experimental music and tank tracks squeaking and clanking.

I'm only asking because I've been messing around with sound packs recently and I was wondering if it was intentional or some kind of glitch, or if everyone already knows about this and I'm just a bit slow.


General Discussion / Why did you choose your nickname?
« on: 28-08-2009, 19:08:47 »
Alright, what's your story?

Mine is because of the epic mathcore band Fear Before the March of Flames, but that wouldn't fit in BF1942's profile name thing so I just went with Fear Before. The underscore is because of my taking 3 attempts to register on another forum due to hotmail being retarded, and each time I tried to re-register the previous name I tried to register with would show up as being taken, so I just added an underscore, and then it just sort of became a tradition.

General Discussion / Traditions/Weird Habits/Dicking around.
« on: 25-08-2009, 22:08:25 »
Settle down, last thread I will make for a while, just trying to get some nostalgia juices flowing.

Any of you have some weird habits or 'traditions' when playing FH? A few of mine -

- Always Allied on Ramelle-Neuville, and I always make a point of shooting the radio at the second flag.
- As the tickets run down when the last enemy is killed, if I have a rifle and grenades I will jump and throw a nade as high as I can, then whip out the rifle and try to time my shot to be just before the grenade explodes.
- Whenever I'm in a jeep I usually go into 3rd person camera and move the mouse up and down so it looks like I'm rocking out. Although that is far more funny when you can get a full jeep of people doing that.
- Whenever bored and the battle has already been lost, I will often get in a jeep and drive around the enemy flags or bases, honking the horn madly and sometimes spamming some of the audible voice commands. 'CHAAAAAAAAAAAARGE!!!!'
- 'Dancing' or jumping around when waiting for a vehicle to spawn.

Anyone else do any of this shit?

Being the lazy sniper and sneaky tanker I so often am in FH, I seem to find myself almost nightly in a situation where I am the last on my team left alive. Usually I am killed immediately and the enemy team empties their clips and throws their grenades into the sky, but occasionally I have moments where I manage to - in epic fashion - secure a flag for my team, and it fills me with a sense of pride, which is a strange thing for a game to instill in you.

So, this thread is for you to post up quick stories, reminiscing about the times you simply owned someone in ridiculous fashion, times when you played far beyond your usual abilities for a few minutes, shit like that.

Probably my finest moment -

Last Brit alive on Arnhem, in that little alley where you can pick up the deployable MG. I've got a PIAT kit with 2 rockets left (hadn't used any pistol ammo). I decide to try and take the second flag in (the one with the 6 pounders and Bren guarding it, with the sandbags). I'm running down the alley, revolver drawn, when a Puma comes roaring by, and by pure bad luck he happened to be looking down the ally. He fires his main gun, I'm down to about 60% health. The Puma reverses for the kill shot, I whip out the Piat, crouch down, fire and destroy the Puma. I instantly get a 'feeling' to pull my revolver back out immediately, even before reloading my final Piat round. I pull out the revolver just as a German comes running down the alley. I fire two shots and kill him. I decide that I should just try the southernmost flag first and I take off the other way down the alley. I decide at this point it's better to be safe than sorry, so I duck into the little bit where the alley turns (right next to the MG kit). Just then, a German with an Mp40 comes running by and up the alley without seeing me. I put two more No 2 shots in his back and kill him. Again, 'something' told me not to pick up his kit and stick with my Piat. I reload the Piat, reload my pistol, and take off for the flag. I go to hide behind the stairs, but there's a German there. He hits me with one Mp40 round (I'm now at about 20% health iirc) before I score a very lucky single-shot kill with the revolver. I crouched behind the stairs and the flag had turned white when I hear a tank approaching from my left. I crouched, changed to the Piat, and moved just slightly out enough that I could fire it. I go into iron sights, knowing I will have just one shot, and as luck would have it I aimed perfectly - the Panther appeared, firing it's MG into the bulding, I let loose with the Piat, and the round slammed into the side of the turret, and the tank exploded.

Sadly, it was still a complete rape from that point onwards, but what the hell.

Anyone have stories like this? I don't necessarily mean that 'zomg headshot' shit, either.

Playing FH1 a lot lately and I've come to the conclusion that I feel much more badass when I'm rolling across Normandy in a Sherman Firefly than if I were in a Tiger or Panther, and the only tank I feel as awesome in is the IS-2.

Expanding it to include weapons, the sharp crack of the G43 and SVT40 always fill me a feeling of immunity, and slamming a fresh clip of death into the side of the Johnson LMG on Caen does the same, whereas guns like the Sten, MP40 and basically all of the Italian hand weapons make me feel like I'm a little schoolgirl that got lost and wound up in Tobruk.

What are yours?

So after a few weeks abscence I've been back playing FH1 with a bit more regularity and I thought I'd start a thread so we can discuss all of our favorite things to do in FH. A lot of my list is based partly on necessity as much as fun (living in Canada, on a comp with 512 RAM and currently on a wireless internet connection), so a lot of times even if I wanted to just rush into Pavlov's House I couldn't. Regardless, here is my list, add yours too.

- Taking the Thompson/Exp pack kit on El Alamein, booby-trapping the south flag and then hiding on the ridge opposite (at the bottom of the map) and blowing up the flag whenever it turns grey. Loads of fun, considering it's a 30 second hike back to the flag to Exp pack it again and collect two points.

- Blowing up trucks and jeeps with anti-tank rifles. The Boys rifle is one of my favorite in the game and it's great fun on maps like Crete to hide behind a rock until some monkey comes burning by and a jeep and BANG!

- Hauling a Marder to the little group of houses and trees north of the British airfield on El Al and blowing up everything that tries to make it to the north flag. Extremely good fun until some knob in a Daimler figures he'll sneak up on you.

- Taking a trench flag on Karelia armed only with my trusty Ruby pistol.

- Sitting in the sawhouse on the far west of Bulge with a Springfield and waxing anyone stupid enough to stand still anywhere between the windmill and the American river bunker flag.

- Taking the house flag at the end of the German airfield on Fall Weiss with the flamethrower. Sneaking through  the forests and rivers, all the way across the map, just to prone in the bushes and wait for some poor sod to spawn there and then I light the whole house on fire.

- Being an Italian scout on Tobruk and hiding in those little bushes on the ridge. Three bunkers spread out nicely in front of you, sniper heaven.

- Defending the north flag on Bocage, specifically because there are loads of ways of doing this. Be a grease monkey and just keep repairing the Vierling, haul a Jagdpanther up there and hide it in the trees, taking the scoped G43 and sit in the barn, take deployable MG42 and filled any attacking jeeps full of holes, etc.


FH2 Help / Support / FH1 - Maps suddenly not loading.
« on: 01-07-2009, 05:07:34 »
Been playing FH1 for months without problems, but recently I have been having trouble - about a week ago, I tried to join the Pixel-Fighter server, and the map I had to load was Arnhem. Instead of the usual loading bar at the bottom of the map page, the loading bar quickly flashed 100% loaded, then went back and slowly loaded to 5% before not moving at all for about 10 minutes. I pressed escape, tried again, and all was fine. However, just now I once again tried to get into Pixel-Fighter, this time the map being Iwo Jima, and despite exiting and rejoining several times I had the same problem. I tried joining another server and no luck with that either.

Anyone have any idea what's going on?

General Discussion / Dream kit.
« on: 20-06-2009, 11:06:20 »
Another dumbass 'for fun' thread, here's how this works. It's quite simple, if you could create a pick up kit (using all 6 available slots, weapons from and use as many differing nations as you like), what would it be?

Feel free to use weapons from FH1 and/or FH2.

The rules -

Slot 1 - Edged weapons.
Slot 2 - Pistols/sidearms.
Slot 3 - Fully automatic weapons (submachine guns and machine guns).
Slot 4 - Semi-auto/bolt action/other weapons.
Slot 5 - Anything that isn't a gun or edged weapon.
Slot 6 - Anything that isn't a gun or edged weapon.

Mine -

Slot 1 - Puukko knife.
Slot 2 - Ruby.
Slot 3 - Suomi KP/-31.
Slot 4 - SVT40 (scope).
Slot 5 - Stick Grenade.
Slot 6 - Binoculars.


Off-Topic / Weapon names.
« on: 17-06-2009, 13:06:38 »
As we all know, tanks and airplanes were commonly named by their crewmen/pilots, and on occasion infantry weapons and the like received similar affectionate monikers. The question is then, if you were to name your tank/plane, infantry weapon or whatever, what would you name it? I'm not talking about the given names to a model of weapon (Spitfire, Garand etc.) or the names given to ships, just the informal paint jobs on tanks and planes, and the loving names an infantry soldier calls his first line of defense when alone in a foxhole (if certain war movies are to be believed).

Personally, I've always thought Redeemer would be a cool name for either a sniper rifle or a tank, as would In Fear and Faith. I'm an atheist, by the way, so I don't really know why those two come to mind. Sticking with the musical theme (perhaps someone gets the references) Between the Buried and Me also seems like a sweet name for a rifle.

So, let the bad jokes begin, and get ready for an assault from the weekend comedians. Hopefully someone far more clever than me can come up with a few good ones.

Off-Topic / Gaming rigs.
« on: 16-06-2009, 01:06:42 »
I don't know anything about computers, but I do know that if I have to endure laggy, ugly FHing for the summer I'm going to have a stroke. I'm still job hunting but I have vowed that once I manage to secure employment I will not spend a dime of my paycheck until I have 4 or 5 thousand dollars ready to drop on the best gaming computer I can buy for that kind of money.

My question to all of you is, naturally, what is the best approach? I hear a lot of people saying that the best way to go about this is to build my own system, but I have no idea what to believe. Basically, I want a computer that could theoretically run FH1 and FH2 at the same time on the highest graphics possible with 10 copies of Spyware Doctor open, 10 gigs of porn downloading through torrents and the ability to suffer no slowdown.

So if there's any brands you would recommend I go after (or stay away from), any advice, etc. I'd like to hear it. I really, really can't take having to disconnect from Pixel Fighter every time we go to Orel or Prokhorovka because my computer can't handle it when there's more than 20 people online. You have to understand the frustration of not being able to put up a fight 90% of the time, the massive annoyance of, instead of seeing someone run into a building, over to you and knife you, seeing part of someone in the door, someone half ways across the room, and then just red red red and a message saying you've been killed.

Suggestions / Armor suggestion.
« on: 15-06-2009, 22:06:20 »
I don't even know if this is possible, but if it is, I'd like to see if anyone would be open to people inside the tank being killed by anti-tank rounds that don't necessarily destroy the tank. Obviously, a variety of methods can be used to kill someone exposed (either in one of those 'sitting on the tank' positions or in the turret machine gun position) but what about the driver/commander etc. being killed if the round hits where they would technically be in real life. I haven't played FH2 so I have no idea of that but if you think of this in FH1 terms, there are tons of scenarios where a shot to your tank leaves you with diminished vehicle health but not actually destroying your vehicle, whereas in real life some or at least a single member of the crew would've been killed.

Thoughts? I'm sure this is something the devs have thought about anyway, just an idea I had.

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