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Off-Topic / Happy New Year FH2 Community
« on: 31-12-2012, 20:12:12 »
i wish you all a happy new year, keep on playing mods !

 :) :)

Gaming / FH2 Platoon in BF3
« on: 07-11-2011, 15:11:37 »
To alle our friends,

dont forget to join the FH2 Platoon.

see ya on the battlefield!

Off-Topic / Battlefield 3 Beta Download Mirrors
« on: 28-09-2011, 15:09:22 »
im too lazy to translate, have fun

Kurze und kleine Liste der Downloads für die BF3 Beta.

Files wurden nicht überprüft, runterladen auf eigene Gefahr. Wer noch Mirrors hat bitte hier im Topic posten.




1. Download and Install EA Origin
2. Unpack the archive
3. Copy all content to "X:\Program Files\Origin Games\Battlefield 3 Beta Trial\"
4. Open Origin. Enter Key to Origin.
5. Once authenticated, it will start "installing" BF3 Beta.
6. It will find the files on the folder and if there are no new updates, the game will be ready to play.
7. If there are updates, let it update, then start when ready.
8. If there are issues with the install, remove the folder from the Program files folder and restart origin and load the game through Origin download.



Download from FileSonic (One Link)

Download from FileSonic

Download from Wupload(Mirror)

Download via Rapidshare:

Download via megaupload:

PW: awesome


EDIT: Fixed ALL the links. All had extra http://" in the beginning and " in the end..

General Discussion / [762] Ranking #1 FH2 Server Maplist
« on: 15-01-2011, 10:01:24 »
Information for all players. here is the current mapliste of the [762] Ranking #1 Server. Suggestions and feedback are welcome. ;)

Off-Topic / EoD Gaming Event!
« on: 08-12-2010, 22:12:25 »
Saturday Night Gaming Event with EoD2, i hope i see a lot of you  ;D ;D

Version: EoD 2 - 2.o + Hotfix
Maps: Charlies Point (Night)

Date: 11.12.2010
Time: 20:00 Uhr

Server-Name: Kill-Unit Clanserver @ EOD2
Server-Port: 16568

Server-Name: EoD German Community
Server-Port: 9997
Server-Passwort: eod


Off-Topic / Battlefield 3 Beta
« on: 30-07-2010, 23:07:37 »
Electronic Arts has announced that the Limited Edition of Medal of Honor will come with an invitation to the Battlefield 3  beta. That comes on top of the weapons, ammo and camoflauge that the Limited Edition already offers. The offer is contingent on the beta coming within 12 months of the release of Medal of Honor. As that game launches on October 12 in North America, you can expect the beta to take place sometime in 2011.

This also comes as the first official announcement of Battlefield 3, which was previously only confirmed to be in development during financial talks. Battlefield 3 will apparently come to Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3. Xbox Live Gold membership will be required for access to the Battlefield 3 beta on Xbox 360.

Modding / Custommap Research
« on: 04-06-2010, 17:06:14 »

Hi all,

i need your maps for a serverproject.
we need working maps (fh2 2.26) for 32-64 players.
it can be desert, wood,  citymaps, france or maybe some fictionaly stuff.i know we have some mappers on board here (griffu, elander, snoox, ts4ever etc......). please post me here the links for the maps to download (if you wanna make it secret, send me a PM). we will sort out totaly crap, but be sure we make a mappack. the plan is to bring the custommaps to the community, set up a server and make ONE day a week a custommap night.
im sure we find more then 10 maps, that we can use but i need YOUR help.

Letz go!

Off-Topic / Battlepaint LSD Event, today!!
« on: 22-05-2010, 11:05:00 »
You are a BF2 Modfan?
Do you know Battlepaint? no?

you must play it, and a good time is this event today

Heartbears against Teletubbies, the most colored BF2 Mod ever, fantastic maps from fights on clouds and rainbows to dark caves.

The Event starts at 18:00 UTC ( will be in Europe 20:00)

follow this news for downloads:

follow this link for a video about Battlepaint:

Off-Topic / EoD2 Fightnight with new map, today!!
« on: 21-05-2010, 11:05:58 »
Today at 17:00 UTC starts a Gamenight with Eve of Destruction 2

exclusive with MeetTheKatzes new Map: Charlies Point Night

see the News for download and server ip

i will be there :-) hope, i see some of you

Tactics & Tutorials / kettcars Tank Tutorial (german)
« on: 17-05-2010, 17:05:08 »
Here is my tankdrives Tutorial, today the part 1: Basics

only in german, sry^^

kettcars FH2 Panzertutorial Teil 1: Grundlagen

Off-Topic / Battlefield: Bad Company 2
« on: 22-01-2010, 20:01:27 »

Today you have a chance to get a beta-key for Battlefield Bad Company2:

sry for translator errors^^

" Protects you your Beta-Key! \\\ " After already last week a sentence in infos all around the PC beta for Battlefield Bad Company 2 on the official German Battlefield side was to be found, gives now to apply the possibility for a Betakey. About the whole weekend all fans and players have to protect themselves the chance one of the popular Betakeys.
In addition you simply sign up on the form on The action runs through the whole weekend of Friday till Sunday, for reasons of the protection of children and young people in each case from 23:00 to 06:00 o'clock (German Time). The number of the Keys is strictly limited. The winners are selected by chance by EA. Therefore everybody has the chance of a Betakey. And here over again the most important facts to the PC BETA:

Runtime: 28.01. - 25.02.
Map: Port Valdez
Number of Players: 32
Game Mode: Rush
Also, watch the new Video of the BF BC2 Singleplayer Campaign

General Discussion / Forgotten Hope 2: Interview with toddel
« on: 25-12-2009, 01:12:50 »
Hi Ladys & Gentlemens,

Good news today for the community. The big battlefield-newssite BF-Games has today FH in a interview.
Only in german, but im sure you know how to use the google-translator, we get a lot of interesting answers from toddel about the work, the team and the upcoming Version 2.25 of FH2.

Please follow this Link and feel free to discuss here

 ;D ;D



Hi all,

We from SWIZZ make a BF2 Mod Pirates Event at this Wednesday 19 UCT
Hope i see some of you, to have a little Saylor-Fun, and play a nice BF Mod.
Also, we give some BF BC2 Merchandising, like a Fungranade, Lanyard..... to four People on the Server at this Day. Random :-)

News in german:

Download Pirates 2.1:

see yaRRR :D

Suggestions / "Reloading!" - in the CommoRose
« on: 19-10-2009, 12:10:48 »

i think about this suggestion for a long time. in the battle, in FH2, you have a lot Times reload your Weapons. When this happend, i search for Cover, prone behind and relaod my Rifle. I think it will be nice, if you have a Sound in FH2 in the CommoRose to tell your Teammates. It can be:

"I´m dry, Reloading"
"Cover, i´m Reloading!"

i dont know, is FH2 using the ´42 Sounds? And is there no Sound like this, it can be hard to have not a too much different Voice. Some Questions:

- is it possible?
- Files in BF2 always .ogg?
- Found only one Program, called Audacity 1.3 to work with Soundfiles, export them to ogg Files ect. Somebody knows about a better one?

In my Opinion, it will be e nice Feature and bring some great Feelings into FH2.
I put a File in this Post, i know, its horrible^^ What do you think about this suggestion, guys?

DL my horrible  Example:

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