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Off-Topic / Help, unknown badge ?
« on: 30-06-2014, 00:06:45 »

  While playing PR, I met another Brazilian who also likes to know about the WW2. In fact his family has a military history, and his grandfather fought in World War II with the FEB. It seems that he participated in the Battle of Montese.
  But anyway, after the war his grandfather brought to Brazil this...

 We both did a search on the insignia, but we found nothing (He has researched far more than I, but also found nothing about)  ???


FH2 Help / Support / FH2 won´t start after playing PR
« on: 21-04-2014, 18:04:05 »

 Looks like everytime after i play PR, i can't start FH2 anymore.  When i click the play button on the FH2 Launcher, the screen turn black (like when a game starts) but suddenly come back to the desktop again. And nothing happens.  ???

 Everytime this happens i have to start BF2 again, because he needs to make that "first time setup" , even if i already have done this. From here i can play FH2, but if i play PR i have to redo this step again.

 Maybe this have something with the way PR leaves bf2 when he closes, when PR closes a message apeears saying ( PR:BF2 has closed, cleaning up resources )

  How no one of this forum, commented yet about this movie... i was just checking trough my fb and saw this trailer.

     Stalingrad 2013 - Trailer #2

Another trailer, but with the charts in English ( The trailer 2 is most striking )
Trailer #1

 imdb - Stalingrad (2013)

How dare you guys, your WW2 Stalkers, don't saw this movie coming.  ;D

Another infos:
Use google translator...

Edit: Better than the first post. 8)

Modding / FH1 Battlecraft files
« on: 31-07-2013, 00:07:24 »

 I still create maps for FH1 ( For my personal use, and because i love to create scenarios) and right now i´m in need of the FH files to use in Battlecraft42 ( The FH.cfg and FH.lst files ), i need then to properly see and use the contents of FH in my maps. After some search i found one version of then made by  LIGHTNING [NL] and other 2 guys, but i can´t download then and as i remember this version is kin of outdated with the contents in the FH1 v0.7. Anybody have these files or have a new properly version of then to me download?

 Ah... and don´t suggest Editor42 to me, its good for surface painting and just that.

Off-Topic / Man builds World War I trench in his backgarden
« on: 01-12-2012, 16:12:23 »

   Saw this in my local news, so a had to show to you guys. And i thinks its deserves i'ts own topic. Also found a english version of this news to show to everybody...

Quote from:
Surrounded by barbed wire, sandbags and mud, this 60ft trench is barely distinguishable from those occupied by British soldiers fighting in the First World War almost a century ago.
The enormous dugout has been painstakingly recreated by an ex-history teacher in his back garden in Surrey, and the dedicated 55-year-old even spent 24 hours living in its confines with a team of volunteers as part of his efforts to experience life as a WWI soldier.
Andrew Robertshaw and 30 helpers spent a month shifting around 200 tonnes of earth to build the enormous three-room trench, which he hopes will teach people more about the horrific living conditions endured by British troops during the Great War.

Check this video and this site for more info- Video - his-back-garden
More photos here

I've dreamed of doing this in my backyard  ;D

General Discussion / Buying BF2 from Steam ( To play FH2 )
« on: 18-10-2011, 21:10:22 »
  So I'm going to buy Battlefield 2 finally  :D ( To play FH2 obviously ) , and i will be going to buy from Steam , but i still have doubts.
   Can you please try to clarify them for me ?

  Question 1
    From my Steam BF2 , I will able to join Non-Steam server with BF2 Non-Steam user ?   Doubt answered

  Question 2

    The installation of FH2 will be the same as in Non-Steam BF2 ?  Doubt answered

   Question 3

    I will able to open FH2 and join you online without any problems ?   Doubt answered

   A big thank you to those who answer these questions I had.

 This post was made ​​with assistance of Google translator.

   Like i see, the next patch will bring the Battle of the Bulge, and these day's i I was inspired by the Dogfight's (I saw a chapter of the Dogfights Series on the same day  ;D ). So I ran to the better WW2 mod that i know, but i didn't finded a already Massive Dogfight map on the mod, so i decided to Suggest Here.

  The history of this Operation :

  Operation Bodenplatte, launched on 1 January 1945, was an final attempt by the Luftwaffe to cripple the air power of the Allied Air Forces.
   The goal of Bodenplatte was to gain air superiority during the stagnant stage of the Battle of the Bulge, to allow the German Army and Waffen-SS forces to resume their advance. The operation was planned for 16 December 1944, but it was delayed repeatedly owing to bad weather until New Years Day, the first day that happened to be suitable.
   Secrecy for the operation was so tight that not all German ground and sea forces had been informed of the operation, and some units suffered casualties from friendly fire.
   The operation achieved some surprise and tactical success but was ultimately a failure. A great many Allied aircraft were destroyed on the ground, but the losses of the Allied Air Forces were replaced within a week. The Allies lost few airmen, since their aircraft were destroyed on the ground without pilots. Conversely, the Germans lost fighter pilots they could not replace.

   Aftermath and casualties :
   On the eight days of operations, between 17 and 27 December 1944, 644 fighters were lost and 227 damaged. This resulted in 322 pilots killed, 23 captured and 133 wounded. On other three days of operations, 23-25 December, 363 fighters were destroyed.


   The idea for the map :

   It would not be possible to represent one of the airfields attacked (Choose between the USAAF or the RAF forçes)(Here a list of the atacked airfields : ), and make a little, tiny field on the border of the map for the germans planes raise. (Like in Crete Map)
   And like this will be a Dogfight map the surroundings of the airfield can be locked with that "No trespass Zone for infantry",but the planes can fly over that areas. (Well i don't manage with the BF2 Map Editor(I tried :-\), but in some map with airplane i realize that some "No trespassing Zone" can be passed only with planes)
  The solution for non-fly-boys is just put planes for everybody. (64 players map, so 64 planes or i'm wrong with something  ??? )

Other Info :

Main aircraft's type of the airfield's :

Ps: [I don't speak english(I'm Brasilian), and 40% of this post was used with the google translator  ;) ]

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