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Off-Topic / Formula 1
« on: 29-03-2014, 02:03:54 »
Searched a bit and discovered we do not have a thread about F1.. So here it is then.

Been a light fan for years but this year with these regulations got me hyped. Lots of people seem to dislike the new turbocharged V6 and while the sound is meek I think they are pretty damn cool.

Tried to get a ticket for Spa this summer but just check out those prices, 250 to 450 Euros. Bit too much a student for that  :)

Anyways, with Malaysia on the go as we speak, any more hidden F1 fans on this forum? What are your thoughts on the new regulations? Favourite driver/favourite team?

Gaming / Crusader Kings II
« on: 07-06-2012, 21:06:28 »
Surprises me there is no thread for this game yet, nor for it's predecessor. I confess I have never played CK I but I am playing CK II and I am loving it, very unique game. You are not a nation but a dynasty. Or rather just a family and when you pass away you continue playing as your heir. You need to keep this up for as long as possible until you die out.

Gameplay is very diverse in my opinion, you need to deal with your family, personal choices, vassals whining, peasants being the useless rabble they are, etc. etc. while you also need to research technology, build new structures, conquer more lands, destroy infidels, etc. and of course politics. Always marry your daughters to influential dukes/counts/barons and your sons to daughters of influential people. Power is power!

I also bought the Ruler Designer DLC, that's a lot of fun. I created the Duke of Saxony as an alter ego of myself with adjusted names to fit the German medieval situation. Really cool.

And the Game of Thrones mod was released a week or two ago; best thing I have ever played in multiplayer! The fun I had with some friends even equals the fun I had with the 130th in FH2. And that's very hard.

Here a screenshot of my current Duchy of Rostov, my goal is to make the Kingdom of Rus. Currently at 38% of the necessary regions. Will make it to 50%  :)

Gaming / Day Z (Survival Zombie Simulator)
« on: 16-05-2012, 17:05:42 »
Last week I saw that a friend suddenly bought ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead. He never liked ArmA2 and it wasn't on sale so I asked him why he had bought it. The answer was Day Z.

What is Day Z I hear you ask? You didn't ask..? Well I'm going to post it anyways! Day Z is a survival zombie simulator that is based on ArmAII and Operation Arrowhead. Some sort of disease infected a lot of people and turned them into mindless flesh-craving zombies. You, the survivor, are in Chernarus and the situation is bleak. You only got a Makarov, some cans of beans, a bottle of water and some medicines. You spawn randomly along the coast of Chernarus and need to survive. Basically, this game is what you see in shows like the Walking Dead, movies like Dawn of the Dead. You are just out there, paranoid and scared, trying to scavenge and survive.

That is the whole point of this mod, to survive. And it is not easy. You can't compare this zombie game to Left4Dead or any other zombie game you ever, ever played. This is the hardest game ever and the developers even stated that they did absolutely no balance, they avoided balance. Frankly I even think they hate balance.

You are out there all alone and need to move quiet and slowly, the wild nature is mostly empty. The Z's are all in the urban areas. But the problem is, all supplies are in the urban areas. And you need those supplies. Weapons, food, water, medicines, ammunition and vehicle parts, it's all there. And yes, car parts. Because you can fix up vehicles. Even helicopters. But the zombies are not the only challenge. The zombies are the easy part. You know what the hardest part is? Other survivors. You never know if you can trust them because it's anarchy and everyone needs their stuff. Some people might co-operate but others might rob you or kill you for your stuff. And did I tell you that there's no respawn? If you die, you die. You lose your stuff and need to start a new life. I told you it was hard.. But it gets worse.

Let me sum it up a nice list of the things that make this game hard:
- The nights are dark and full of terror. I mean it, the nights are pitch black and you can't see a damn thing and the flashlights/flares attract both zombies and survivors.
- There's no respawn, if you die you lose all your stuff and you need to start all over again.
- You can't see names above people so you never know who you are dealing with, this game makes you really paranoid and indecisive.
- You can sneak around zombies with crouch and prone but if you get busted and shoot one, many more will come. Zombies are attracted by light and noise.
- All supplies are in urban areas, guarded by zombies. But guess who are also in the urban areas? Bandits, the survivors that choose to kill others for their own benefit.
- You need to drink and eat to survive. If you don't drink and eat enough you will weaken. In the end you will starve to death.
- Servers run real time, when it's dark out your window, it's dark in the server. So if you are a Euro, join US servers. US other way around.
- Your character is saved and you can use the same character on every server you join.

This is one of the most intense games I ever played, I am continuously thrilled while playing it. Scared, paranoid, I am all of those things. And the immersion is fantastic. Sadly it is only in Alpha phase, the game is very buggy, hard to install and because it's so popular, all the servers are usually full.

Off-Topic / Make Fuchs rich by identifying firearms.
« on: 18-03-2012, 19:03:35 »
Yes, make me a billionaire! I can also live with being a millionaire but before all that happens I first need a proper identification on the following firearms so I can sell them for billions/millions.

These are two firearms that have been in my family for generations. My grandfather had planned to give these items to me on my 18th birthday but sadly he died before that. The small pistol was lost for 3 years but recently my grandmother moved out so we had to move out all the stuff and we found it back. Now it has been laying in my display since February and I'm still curious what kind of firearms these exactly are.

First item is the pistol. One of my ancestors found this one in the late 19th century in dried-up bog lands (back then they dug that out, dried it and used it as fuel). Before that dries up it's a swamp so my assumption always was that someone used this to harm someone else and then got rid of the evidence. This one has even been in a museum, hence the black writing on the bottom.


Second item is the rifle. All I know about this one is that my great-grandfather (or the one before him) used this to hunt small animals so it used to work. Still a fancy rifle!


Anyways, I hope I can get some identification on these firearms :) Both are deactivated and will never be sold but I'm just really curious what they are because just 'pistol' and 'rifle' don't do it. If someone requests more pictures, I'll upload detail shots of whatever you like except my penis.


Off-Topic / Computer crashing, bring me Bicycle Repairman!
« on: 10-11-2011, 00:11:56 »
Well, my computer has been crashing. A lot. So I wish to fix this and therefore I have come to you guys!

Let me explain the problem first. The computer crashes. It used to do this once in a while, like all computers do. But the past week it has been doing it once or twice a day and it is extremely frustrating as every time it crashes I am writing an essay/article or photoshopping something. Bam, all work gone.

How does it crash? Like someone pulled the power off. Out of a sudden everything just stops. The beast is then silent for a nano-second and re-starts. Windows tells me something happened (no shit) and I command it to re-start as usual. After that he just runs as he should. Until it crashes again a few hours later. Actually, I think it crashes like once every 2 hours.

I googled a bit around but computers, technical side, still make no sense to me but I read a lot about the power supply. Now I am certain it can't be outdated (it's from 2010) and I'm also certain it's got enough power as the guy who assembled it for me even put in a larger one so I could upgrade in the near future. I also read something about overheating but I really, really doubt this. The case I'm using has a massive amount of vans and the cooling is sufficient within the PC. I also send all illegal dust particles out once in a while and I checked the temperature with a tool thingy last year for like 6 months and it topped at 60 degrees Celcius. In my opinion very cool.

So, there's my story. I know we got computer geniuses here, help sad lil' Fuchsy out, will ya?  ;D

FH2 Help / Support / Voice Commands Disappeared
« on: 30-07-2011, 19:07:59 »
I don't hear any voice commands anymore. No one ever speaks in my FH2.

These are the simple, 'Los!' 'Cease fire!' etc. commands but also the announcements 'We're up shit creek!' when you lose a flag and stuff. The only human noises I still hear are the death sounds.

Didn't patch with beta patches, I took my public 2.3 folder and pimped it to 2.4.

Windows 7, 64-bit.

Never had this before.

It's not really a problem that bothers me but if I can get it fixed it would be great, I miss screaming Germans and Aussies.


Off-Topic / A glorious expedition to Bastogne.
« on: 01-07-2011, 17:07:37 »
Together with my best friend I shall set up a expedition to rebellious lands, to acquire intelligence about the area.

And after we have done that, some sightseeing. So what fun is there around Bastogne? And yes, we only go there for the war stuff.

Leaving July 15th, setting up camp. So we can go have fun on 16, 17, 18 and 19. On the 20th we return to our own lands. We at least want to spend one day digging, don't tell the coppers.

And if anyone went there before on a budget, what's a good campsite? If not, we will take a random one.

Gaming / Portal 2
« on: 19-04-2011, 22:04:52 »
Cave Johnson here!

I wonder why there wasn't a thread about this. But I know the answer... You are all too busy playing Portal 2.

So.. I just want to hear opinions/easter eggs/other interesting stuff. And just be nice to the slower people: don't spoil the story.

One from me:

Main Menu -> Extras -> Super 8. Interactive Super 8 trailer! Cool stuff!


The 8th Bersaglieri Regiment is an international English speaking clan based on Italy's finest, the Bersaglieri. We play together, as a team, to further enhance the joy of Forgotten Hope 2. Although we are pretty new we have many experienced members both with clans and in the game itself.

We do not have a strict discipline system, we are just a group of friends who want to play together. This also means we are not restricted to just Forgotten Hope 2. FH2 is our main game and obviously we will be playing it the most.

If you are curious to sign-up, read this list and if you can suit yourself with those points, register and post an application!

  • We are an English speaking international clan.
  • Our members are required to be atleast 16 years old. Those who are younger and consider themselves mature enough should feel free to apply. We make exceptions on this rule for mature people, we just try to avoid screaming little children.
  • A microphone or headset are required to communicate properly with your clan mates.
  • We are a-political, we don't want to discuss politics and we feel no sympathy towards certain regimes.
  • You need to own a legal copy of Battlefield 2™ with the most recent version of Forgotten Hope 2 installed.
  • We are a fun based clan without discipline features like a required attendance every week, we are just a teamplay based clan who want to have fun.

If you are not sure yet you can always join our TS3 and play with us, if you then seem to enjoy yourself you can always consider signing up.

Ok so I have been using MSN/WLM for years to keep in touch with friends, classmates and colleagues. I never really was a fan of the jump from MSN to that creepy strange WLM but still, Microsoft forced it.. Now I had done a movie project for school, all fixed it up on Premiere Pro but that decided to act real bitchy so instead of going on with a lagging crashing program I decided to add the audio with Windows Movie Maker, real easy right?

So they forced me to install Windows Live Essentials (Really, essentials?) and the sneaky bastards also updated my WLM while it installed Movie Maker. This new version is called Windows Live Messenger 2011. It is a malfunctioning WLM with a browser in it so you can look up news about Paris Hilton's new dog with a free sucky search engine thrown in too.

So after I finished pasting in my audio files I went to delete every trace of Windows Live from my computer, no Windows Live crap is present on my PC. Then I picked an older version, 8.5 WLM to reinstall but according to Microsoft it is still installed and I need to remove it first.

Even if I start this dreaded Essentials again it still says Messenger is installed! I Googled like crazy but nothing helps to remove this freaking program while it's already removed.

I am clueless and I want my Messenger back. Anyone that can help me?

Clans and Tournaments / Help me find a suitable clan.
« on: 12-10-2010, 15:10:47 »
Fuchs is sad. Why is Fuchs sad? Because he has no clan, well he has a clan but after many glorious and amazing years it died. There are still ghosts playing with the tags, including me but organized matches? Nope, not anymore. Maybe some screwing around in tournaments but I'm still not a big fan of those.

If I could I would just revive the 130th but it's hopeless, multiple attempts have failed, the patient died.

I seek a jolly band of bastards who are up for fun matches on public servers multiple times a week, have dedicated trainings atleast once a week and participate in clan matches or inter clan scrims. Obviously international with active members.

Who wants to adopt this puppy?

FH2 Help / Support / BF2/FH2 crashes with new screen.
« on: 29-09-2010, 16:09:28 »
Bought myself a brand new screen 2 days ago and now I wanted to play some FH2 with this awesome new screen but it crashes at start up.

I run as admin, screen goes black, back to desktop and FH2 crash report.

Does this has something to do with the refresh rate?

Running Windows 7 64-bit, never had any problems with BF2/FH2/PR/etc. on this OS and the screen is a HP L2151ws.

Thanks guys!

FH2 Help / Support / Forgotten Hope 0.7 on Windows 7
« on: 15-04-2010, 17:04:22 »
I searched for this but found no statisfying answers so instead of necroing I start this thread with the meaning of getting it running on Windows 7.

The good news is that it actually works right now, BF1942 runs and plays fine, patched up to date and then FH0.7 installed, I can start FH0.7 I can see the servers I can select but during the loading process it crashes, same routine every time.

So now I am wondering is there anyone with Windows 7 + FH1 who also had this particular problem and maybe even has a solution? Thanks!

Off-Topic / Gays caused Srebrenica Massacre!
« on: 19-03-2010, 11:03:57 »
Homophobic American general would like to say something:

A retired US general has said homosexuality in the Dutch armed forces was partly responsible for failing to prevent the 1995 genocide in Srebrenica during the Bosnian war

John Sheehan, a former NATO commander and senior Marine officer, made his remarks at a Senate hearing where he suggested Srebrenica was not defended properly because Dutch ranks included openly gay soldiers, who were deployed to protect Bosnian Muslim civilians.

He argued against plans by US President Barack Obama to end a ban on allowing gays to serve openly in the US military

Full story here:

I was amazed by his homophobic stupidity, it's so easy to blame a certain group for a problem and use it as excuse to ban them from the military.

Off-Topic / Reviewing and Discussing the Blitzkrieg
« on: 06-01-2010, 21:01:45 »
Me and Theta where pretty much being bad ass mofo off-topic whores in the favourite nation thread but this is a subject that interests me alot and I certainly want to read and write some more about it.

So bring up your stories, what went well, what went wrong, which country had adequate equipment, which didn't, which country used the right tactics and which country completely screwed up.

This discussion or story telling session ( :P ) is supposed to be about the German invasions 1939-1940. So Western-Europe, Poland, Scandinavia and the other nations I am forgetting, forgive me.

Just qouting the first posts off-topic from me and Theta after we got lurked into this by a troll:

Hey dude, do you know these dudes named Romans, they say they are from Italy and boy they sortof went like Hitler and shit. Only for a couple of centuries with total domination of the known world.

And do you remember the Franks? Yes, the old French. They kicked arse full time. Like professionals.

Ah what am I doing baiting a troll...

Anyway, Italy + France rock. France had the best tanks of the interwar period by far beating any other nation in design. They only used the wrong tactics. Plus their hinder was politics, agressive formation lay outs where politically incorrect. Italy had bad organization, bad funds, but good soldiers. Their morale dropped because their equipment sucked. Then you surrender.
If the maginot line was not build, things would have been far diffrent during WW2.

The amount of resources spended in it would have made France his army FAR and far larger and better equipped

Maginot line ruled, tad outdated but could do it's job very well.

Politics made it worthless with the open gap of Belgium. Why the Belgians didn't co-op with them and also made a wall and why the Dutch didn't think 'Oh shit then they'll get us too' and also made one. I don't know.. Political incorrect I guess.

France probably lost, to sum up some things, because ineffective tank cannons on most tanks, short barrelled 37mm is just not doing the job. Long barreled 47mm was a huge improvement but not enough of them around. Not enough medium/heavy tanks and all tanks where deployed wrong. Ineffective Maginot Line because of politics and not a large airforce to support the ground troops.
Our fortresses where not build for WW2. We all made mistakes. First of all, The Belgian goverment gave the order to a german company to build Eben Emaul. So ye, Germany knew everything about the fortress.

If the Fortresses did their job, they would have severly slowed down the germans. If the Maginot line stretched towards Belgium, and we Belgians did the same, it would have been far difficult for the germans.

The germans where very lucky aswel. Just as we attempt to blow up the Vital bridges, they knock out our cannon. When we sended 8 Fairy battle's to destroy the bridge, the germans JUST had aircover and AA fire.

We Lower countries dint do bad though. We Belgians lacked tanks. The Dutch, while very well motivated, dint had much equipment at all. And the French army dint had good communication and Tactics.

Still, we won the war in the end.Thats all that matters

Yeah ehm, so I hope some guys hop in with this  :D

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