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This started happening a few weeks ago.  I thought that the Forgotten Hope website was down.  It appears that I am unable to access servers while using Comcast home internet, but I have no problem accessing the servers while using Comcast Business at work.

Has anyone else in the USA experienced this issue?  Maybe a lot of people don't even know because they haven't tried anywhere else than at home...

General Discussion / Adjust brightness through console?
« on: 02-12-2014, 16:12:28 »
Is there a console command available where I can adjust the brightness of BF2/FH2?  There is no option to adjust this in the in-game settings menu, nor the settings in the FH2 launcher.  Thank you.

Hello.  I am getting a Kernell_Stack_Inpage "blue screen of death" when changing weapons.  It does not do this all the time when changing weapons, but sometimes it will, doesn't seem to matter in terms of a specific weapon or class either.  Melee, rifle, grenade, real pattern.  However, I am also getting the same "BSOD" every time I press the TAB key to see the score as well as the ESCAPE key to get back to the main menu while still in-game.

I am running version 2.4.  I have also just been playing single-player lately as it is giving me a CD-key error (unknown why, I have been gaming BF2 legally since 2005 lol).  Map doesn't seem to matter either, and I have only been playing 16 player and 32 player maps, no 64 player maps yet.  Running video settings mostly on high, some turned to medium, AA off, 1024x768 resolution, 60hz refresh rate, 80% view distance.  Audio settings are on high using Creative X-FI.  I haven't played Forgotten Hope in awhile (much less any other game.....I started gaming again when I saw the new version had been released!) so I am not totally sure if this is related to this specific release version or not, or if my issue is one-of-a-kind, or if there are others out there with this or a similar issue.

I also did a complete reinstall of Battlefield 2 and the latest patch about 3 months ago or so.  Windows XP is fully updated but is not a fresh install, it has been installed for a couple of years now.

Also, the video drivers on my system have not changed in over a year.  I am using the latest ATI "legacy" driver for my x1950 so that has not changed.  Last week I did update my Creative audio drivers, but this issue was also occuring before I updated those drivers, so the new audio drivers did not have an impact at all.

The specs of my system: (not the newest but not horrible either...a bit outdated but oh well)

Windows XP Home Service Pack 3
Asus A8N-32 SLI Deluxe motherboard
AMD FX-60 2.61 ghz Dual-Core processor
2gb Ultra RAM
850 watt Ultra power supply
Creative X-FI X-Treme Music sound card
ATI "Sapphire" X-1950 XT PCI-Express x16 256mb RAM video card
2 x 320gb Seagate SATA harddrives, not set to RAID. One of the drives has Windows and my programs on it, while other second drive contains my documents and other files on it.

Well I have been away from gaming for about a year to year and a I have come back once again, (glad to be back, of course!)

Battlefield 2 on my computer has never changed...still updated to 1.50.

About two weeks ago I download Forgotten Hope 2.3 and installed (after entirely wiping the previous older installation of Forgotten Hope 2)

Forgotten Hope 2 single player works flawlessly, however, whenever I try to connect to any sort of Multiplayer server, it instantly crashes back to desktop, regardless of the map or the server.

Any ideas?  Like I said I did entirely wipe the Forgotten Hope 2 installation that was previously installed by deleting the folder and all within the Battlefield 2 directory.

Well I registered on this forum about two weeks ago but never received the activation email...over this two week period I attempted to resend the activation eMail (it always said successful!) but I never received it in my SBC Global Yahoo eMail box.....all SPAM and filters are turned OFF.

Until tonight when I found you could change your forum eMail and enter your password, then resend the activation email....which worked!  Went back in to profile and changed my eMail.

Just a heads up.  I am not sure whose problem this is, I know there has been difficulty with other forums and such in terms of never or sometimes receiving eMails in my SBC eMail box, I am not sure why this happens, it only seems to happen with SBC and Yahoo from what I have read.

And also I was registered on this forum years ago.....went away from gaming for about a year to year and a half, and then came back, I guess the old forum registrations were deleted?  Regardless, glad to be back with this awesome mod!

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