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Suggestions / Some things and suggestions
« on: 13-09-2009, 14:09:28 »
A few anoyances.

What did you guys do to the tanks!

Playing a map in WAW yesterday with panzer4 f2's and panzer 3J vs Shermans, stuarts and daimlers.

How on earth is it possible that the high velocity f2 gun can't penetrate the sherman in 1 time and has a hard time to penetrate the stuart in 1 shot.

And than the part the the daimler and stuart are altered in a way that they can 1 shot the panzer 4 from the back from about 1 to 1,5 grid away and kill it or leaving it with only 2 bars of health. even to the front a stuart shouldn't be able to kill a panzer 4, not in 2 shots at least.

Haven't tested other tanks yet. But this are a few curiosities. Also the tank speeds are altered in a strange way. Panzer 3 and 4 tanks were relitivaly fast in real. Faster than a panther. But a panther can with ease overtake the panzer 4 ingame. That ain't right.

So in my opinion a few things to think of in next update (coming soon I hope)
- Fix the tanks speeds more to what they were, they seemed way more acurate.
- Do something about little guns killing tanks with ease, It is unrealistic.

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